Need gift ideas for 82 year old new grandpa

jennDecember 18, 2001

I'm looking for Christmas gift ideas for my dad who will be 82 on New Year's Eve. He is healthy, very active, very busy, and has a new grandson. He belongs to clubs and other organizations, and says he doesn't need anything. So, I thought I'd give him a box of goodies, things I know he'd like or can use. So far, I have: $25 gift card for Office Depot (he goes there frequently); a tie with the American stars and stripes (he's a very patriotic WWII vet).

I'm thinking of adding some postage stamps (he does a lot of mailings), a can of Almond Roca candy (his favorite), a phone card (he spends a lot of time on the phone).

He says he has enough sweaters and shirts (the truth is he has enough old ones which need replacing, but he isn't into clothes anyway)... can you think of anything else?



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Sounds like he is really enjoying life. Besides what you have listed, you might give gift cert. from local grocery stores, restruants, and if you feel you would like him to "update" his clothes, a gift cert. from his favorite shop, like Penny's Sears, etc. Also a couple of pictures of the new grandson with/without GP. Does he write letters" maybe some note cards. Both KMart, Walmart and Hallmark have really nice ones. Also check K Mart in the card department, sometimes they have really cute stationary pads that all you do is fill out the blanks, or put check marks.

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