Need a grandmother name?

debbiemc77December 8, 2007

My daughter is 5 and I lost my Mother 2 years ago. My father has remarried and I call her by her name, but I think it would be nice for my daughter to give her a nickname. She is Cuban and I was hoping someone could let me know what Cubans call their grandmothers.

If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate this.



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Cuba was once a Spanish colony, so the name for grandmother is abuela. If she is petite, you could have her called abuelita, little grandmother.

We lived in Germany a long time, so our grandsons call us Oma and Opa. Gives all the alternatives to the other grandparents.

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I like the Spanish word Abuela. Our family used Grandma Judy, Granny Judy, or Grandmother Judy. There were 3 grandmothers in my extended family and that helped to keep them straight.

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