Rude grandmother

SAG1December 18, 2002

My sister's MIL is rude to her stepgrandchildren (my sister's kids). She deliberately ignores them or blatently tells them to be quiet around her. At family gatherings she makes a point of telling everyone they are not family members. She does not buy them gifts or even send cards, but she spoils her "real' grandkids with gifts. She even called on of the stepgrandkids a 'fat a**.' My sister's husband has spoken to her but she feels justifies in her actions.

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Your sister's first responsibility is to her children. IMO she should not allow them to be exposed to such a hateful person and refuse to associate with the MIL. If her hubby doesn't like it, he'll have to decide whose feelings are more important, his mother's or his wife's. If he choose mommy over his wife, she and her kids would probably be better off without the whole clan. I'm sorry for being very cynical but I would not allow such treatment of my own kids either. Life's too short and our children are too important.

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I agree with Dingbat. If you allow ANY one to mistreat or verbally abuse your kids, your not doing your job. Your job is to be the best Mom you can be and to be an advocate for your children. Lose the MIL. If your husband objects, lose the husband. Life if hard for kids, they don't need trouble from Grandma.

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