flooring question posted in decor forum as well

arac21June 5, 2014

Finally I have decided to replace my floors. My foyer entry area has marble floor and my kitchen has some white beigish dingy tiles both have broken tiles. Rest of the first floor is hardwood oak medium stain and we have oak trim. We have been slowly updating the house. With floors we debated between hardwood and tiles. However tiles won because of cost and no we will not do engineered/ vinyl.
Also when we do that, we are thinking of replacing the backsplash in the kitchen. Please see pictures of the granite and cabinet and trim.
Can you guys please suggest a tile that will look good with our trim and wood and granite which is too busy. Also if you can suggest some ideas for backsplash. I am very clumsy and need something that is not to high maintenance. Thanks for your help.

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another photo showing trim and door

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Can someone please help ? thanks so much

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I am so surprised and disheartened that no one thought of helping me. I have always received so much information from this forum before may be I just got used to it.

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I think you're asking too much. Considering that your taste may be far different from that of others, and that products others might like may not be available where you live, you're not giving people enough to work from.
I'd suggest you shop locally, borrow some samples, post the pictures then ask for opinions.

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Just put in a nice, matching wood-look ceramic tile and sin no more.....

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