Right size for round table

bunnyluvshorsesNovember 4, 2006

What is a good size of big round table that will seat six to eight people? I was really thinking of six people, and while surfing the web for answers, I found an article on a furniture retailer's page that says a 56" round table seats 8 people.

When I measure that with my tape measure it seems very cramped!

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Our table is 49" and just seats 4. I agree that 56" is much too small.

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We had a 60" round and 8 would have been crowded especiall with our chairs.

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It really depends on the chairs. If the chairs aren't too big you can seat 6 around a 48" table, but when nobody's sitting there it looks nicer with 4 chairs.

For eight you'll need a 54-60" table. To keep 8 chairs there all the time, unless they're narrow, probably a 60" table is best. Good Luck!

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I have a 52" round & can seat 6....my chairs are upholstered parsons chairs so they are compact & work well. I think a 60" would work with the right chairs.

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I hade a 56" round table with 4 chairs. If I had to put 6 around it I could, but you would not be able to get 8 around it unless you want your dinner guests bumping into each other. That could get kind of messy.

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My 54" table is great for six people, we can squeeze 8 but it isn't comfy. I LOVE my table, purchased from Sam's club of all places, it is all hardwood, sturdy, and with the 6 chairs cost less than $650. We added glass from Pottery Barn since we have children who would be hard on the finish.

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