What can you tell me about this chair?

work_in_progress_08November 30, 2011

Found what I think to be a unique style chair while shopping around yesterday. Do any of you furniture experts know anything about this type of chair? The style? Manufacturer? Anything? Picture attached isn't great quality, but you can at see everything on the chair but the very bottom of the legs. Nothing adorning the bottom of the legs. The back is havily carved (the top reminds of me of a crown), and the arms are attached to the seat portion by an open carved piece of wood on each side. I really don't know a thing about furniture, just saw the chair and thought it was kind of cool.

Probably has been reupholstered. The seat is horsehair stuffed with springs under a burnt velvet-type fabric. I think it may be cherry, but it could be another wood. That's about the extent of what I know about this chair. Do you think it was once a part of a DR suite?

DH thinks it looks like a high-school woodshop project, lol. While I have no idea of the history of the chair, when it was made, or by whom, I do think it is an interesting chair and would like to know more about it.

Has anyone seen a similar chair, or have any thoughts as to what style it would be, where it may have been made, or an approximate age?


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just did a short search and found this chair on ebay...

Here is a link that might be useful: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Oak-Highback-Quarter-Sawn-Dining-Room-Chair-Set-/110784519163?pt=Antiques_Furniture&hash=item19cb459bfb

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