need new ideas for Christmas gifts for 16 grandchildren

disco336December 13, 2002

We have 16 grandchildren ranging from 1 year to 20 years old. We decided this year to spend $20 on each one. The older ones we will give cash and the younger ones we will give gifts. We decided last year to buy one nice gift for each of the little ones and they seemed disappointed they only got one gift. This year we can't think of anything different.

We need some new ideas for Christmas for the 16 grandchildren. Any ideas.

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Disposable cameras! Kids of all ages love them. They are often on sale, some come with flashes while some come without. They are way less than the $20, but you could buy a little photo album and/or a gift cert to the store to cover the processing cost. (This is exactly what my parents did for their 13 grandkids and it was a big hit).

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Hi: With my young grandchildren, ( up to 7 or so) I take them to our local Dollar Tree and give each of them $1.00. Then I watch to see what they put back on the shelf but still want. Usually they fall in love with a few things. Also, I have found some great gifts at Big Lots for the younger ones. All my little ones seem to want some form of microphone that they can sing or talk into and have it broadcast. I found one at Big Lots for just under $10.00. Would never have guessed the boys wanted something like that, but they do. With your older ones, Best Buy or gift certificates are a good choice. My grandsons are all very blessed in that their folks can give them everything. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Monica in TX

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Teach them that Christmas is Christ's birthday, not theirs Pick out any charitable organization and make donations in their names.

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I feel a young child doesn't need the burden of the donation to an organization he/she knows nothing about. IMHO I wouldn't want to receive a gift like that myself. I think it is better to just give to the org and leave the others out of it.IMHO
I have given a gift as small as $5 that was a big hit. I tightly rolled up each $1 bill and tied a red string around it and then put 5 in a tiny box. the kids were delighted. The promise of a trip to the Dollar store to spend it if they want will also go over big.

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I like the disposable camera idea--I know that the thrill of being the one to pick what to take a picture of what a neat thing.

As far as the "disappointment over only 1 present" problem goes, you have 2 paths: 1) let them adjust; 2) give them 2 presents.

Your choice, I think; either is fine. You can make the second present something silly and inexpensive.

(I give my kids a box of cereal for Christmas each year--Cocoa Puffs, or Rainbow Rice Krispies, or something else that I might not get them anyway. It's big and colorful and sweet, and it goes away after they eat it, and they get to have fun eating "their present" for several days. If you're a member of a warehouse club, a HUGE box is about $7; at the grocery store, a regular large box runs about $6)

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