Seeing a Loved One After They Passed Away

lulie___wayneMarch 17, 2005

I have heard a few stories of people who have actually seen and visited (telepathically) with loved ones after they have passed away. I know that this type of occurance is very private and sacred to some, but I would love to hear the story of anyone who may have been lucky enough to have experienced such a visit.

I think that hearing these stories are helpful to others who are grieving to reinforce the fact that there is an afterlife and that death is not just the end of it all.

Any shared stories would be respectfully welcomed.


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there are entire cultures who rely on their guardian elders stretching back through the generations to bless and protect their children and homes...

of course, in my own (jewish) culture, the classic spirit archtype (dybbuk) is that of the classical nagging parent, but that doesn't make them entirely unwelcome in the home- in fact, there's something comforting about knowing that they really did nag because they cared ;)

somewhere along the way, I picked up a Japanese term they use for the elder guardian spirits - Kami, who can be relatives, or not- in some cases, they don't need to have ever been human.

when you hear a violin in a house where no one plays, and the TV is turned to CNN- some people reach for q-tips, but my dad takes it for granted that one of his parents are stopping by- Nanna, most likely, she was the stubborn one.

outside of the 'ghost kittens' we hear tumbling down the stairs now and then (most fun is that the LIVE cat will look up from his place on the couch when they do)

the one that springs to mind was DH and I going to see the Lord of the Rings movies- the books were a special bond between him and his aunt Isabelle, who died a good decade ago (out of the four copies we own, the set she gave him is the one in the big bookcase)

haveing never seen a picture, it was still impossible to miss the lady with the big pile of hair on the top of her head sitting two rows down, and two seats over- when I went to elbow Tom, he was already staring at me.

she left about the time Bilbo fell asleep again in Rivendell. but it was enough.

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I posted this on another thread, but thought this may apply here as well. I'm not the type to usually look for the supernatural but when my cousin told me that she had asked her mother (who was in a nursing home) to leave her a sign when she passed on, it kinda stuck in my mind so that explains my thinking in the following story.

This is my story. Our 2 cats were both strays who must have been dropped off on our road. One found us 18 years ago and the other 8 years ago. The older one was female, very quiet and unassuming. The younger one is male, energetic and demanding. They got along as a rule but the younger one always pestered the older one. She tolerated this for most of her life. Last fall she became ill and we had to make the decision again to do what was best for her. The weekend after she left us I was feeling very sad and in my mind wondered where she was and if she was OK. Basically, I thought if I could have just a sign to know she was still with me. Well wouldn't you know, less than 1/2 hour after I was thinking this, the younger cat showed up at the door, soaking wet after falling in our little pond (which has never happened before). Now some would say this was just a coincidence but I'm convinced this was my sign. It was like she was saying "Here's your sign Mom, I'm here and I'm OK" She was a quiet, unassuming cat but she had spunk. I'm convinced she pushed him in for payback. I laughed the whole time I was giving him a bath.

One other incident sticks in my mind as well. I was in hospital after having surgery. I was back in my room sleeping very soundly for most of the day. Every once in a while I would wake up long enough just to realize where I was and then drift off again. One time I woke up and I felt a presence with me and somehow I knew it was my Dad, who had passed away years before. I didn't see, hear or smell anything, I just had an overwhelming feeling he was there. All I remember is thinking in my mind "I'm alright, don't worry" and immediately I felt he was gone. I'm convinced he was there checking on me. I can't explain it any other way.

Hope this is what you're looking for.

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I visit here everyday I love to read the posts. It will be 6 months since out son has passed away on the 27 of this month . This forum kind of took my eye so I thought I would share this. About a month after my son's death I told my daughter I only wish Darryl would send me something to let us know he is okay, and it seems she is getting them. One day I'm not sure on the exact time after his death my daughter was driving to the mall, there was a car ahead of her then she noticed a truck just like the one my son use to work on he worked with a security company. Anyway she lives in the same province as I do which is Nova Scotia and my son lived in New Brunswick, that day she noticed the truck ahead of her , the car in front of her branched off into another road so now she was in back of the security truck. She said in her mind oh my i wonder if that truck is going the same way as me sure enough on comes the signal light and turns in the same direction as my daughter. She turned into the road and just as they came around a turn a rainbow came right over the security truck then left. That was a big surprise to my daughter. So she was still in back of the truck when she thought wouldn't that be something if he is going to same mall as me sure enough on goes the signal light to turn into the mall she was going. You see My daughter didn't see any of these trucks in the area until after my son's death. When she got home she called me to tell me. It was almost like Darryl was sending her a sign so she could tell us he was okay. Anyway just thought I would share Thanks To everyone for being here Darlene

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I was never close to my Mother, she left when I was 5 so I was raised by my Dad. We saw each other every now and then through out the years but there was never much of a bond between us. We got along good, just no bond there. About a year ago we were finally able to maintain a steady relationship. She had been in poor health for years. Last October she passed away, I was holding her hand. One morning a few weeks later I was laying in bed awake but with my eyes closed. I felt 2 warm hands on each side of my face, it was so real I sat straight up in bed. I know it was her reassuring me one last time that she loved me.

I think it was the closure I needed because of the past. I'm a firm believer of the afterlife and of our loved ones watching over us and even an occasional visit.

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Our 15 yr old daughter Jennifer was killed 15 years ago. A few weeks after her death I was wide awake in bed and saw? felt? her toward the end of our bed. She said? "I am happy - and tell everyone I am OK". I don't think I could hear her with my ears but more "felt" the words if that makes any sense. It was very reassuring and I am told common to receive visits from our deceased loved ones, especially with messages of well-being like the one I received.

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My Dad passed away unexpectedly last March 18th at 66 years old, a week before Mom was retiring and they were heading from Ohio to Arizona to visit me on thier very first trip in the motorhome they'd just bought. Guess that's why I'm visiting here, because yesterday was the one year anniversary of losing him and it was a rough day for all of us. My Mom and I believe that Dad has visited both of us. My Mom has had several visits. The first time was a couple of weeks after he'd passed away. She was laying in bed trying to get to sleep when a tall (like my Dad) shadowy figure appeared at the foot of thier bed. Twice within a few minutes it drifted past the bed to the window. Another night she had gone to bed when she felt someone come into the room and climb into bed next to her. (Dad always stayed up later than Mom.) She said she just assumed Dad had come to bed. A few minutes later it dawned on her... Dad was gone. Another time she was trying to get to sleep when suddenly his face very clearly appeared hovering above the bed, looking at her fondly. She reached for him but she couldn't feel him. She's told me that every visit was comforting, like he was trying to tell her that everything was okay.
My visit was quite a bit different, but I'm sure it was Dad. Inside my Dad's coffin was a special little drawer, so Mom, my sister, four brothers and I tucked in little notes to Dad. In my note I told him I wasn't ready for him to leave me and I asked that, if possible, he show me that he was still around watching over me. My husband became a long-haul truck driver about a month after Dad died, so I was in bed alone. I'd been married almost 23 years and had never been away from my husband, so nightime and a dark house without him was a little scary - wimpy me. All of a sudden the comforter was tugged down towards the foot of the bed. My first thought was that one of our dogs - who always sleep in my son's room - had come into our room and plopped at the foot of the bed, catching the comforter and pulling it down. I got up and turned on the light - no dog. I went back to bed thinking I'd imagined it. Then the comforter was tugged again, only much harder! I got up again, turned on the light again and still no dog. This time I headed down the hall to my son's room where I found him with both dogs sound asleep in his bed. I instantly knew it was Dad. Dad loved practical jokes so he brought a smile to me because I just know he was saying that he indeed is still watching over me...

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My husband passed away Aug 30 from a brain tumor. He was 35. A few weeks ago I was driving and listening to music. I have a radio that has a digital display. It tells the radio station name and station number as well as the song being played and the artist.

All of the sudden the song I was listening to stopped playing. The digital display went blank. Then the words "Love You" appeared. No station name, no music, etc. It lasted a few minutes. I have no doubt it was Matt. Then - it flashed off as quick as it appeared. The station information and song information showed up again and the end of a song was playing.

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:) see? there really are 'ghosts' in the machines...

and isn't it nice to know that, with all the enticements of eternity- the people we love most still manage to take the time to contact us?

and I think that most of them do try- but it can be like trying to get someone's attention in a theater when they don't know you're there...

:) I'm glad you got to see that.

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I love reading all of these stories, but shoregirl, yours really hit home with me. My son also got a "CD Player/radio communication from his sister. I'll have to ask him to recount it for me before I tell it here. I want to make sure that I tell it correctly.
Thanks everybody! Keep em coming!

Here is a link that might be useful: Christin Cosby Memorial Web Site

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Sorry to butt in here, but this thread caught my eye. While I've never actually physically seen any of my loved ones, they do "visit" me in my dreams sometimes. I know-everyone dreams and they usually make no sense and anything can happen in them, but these dreams are so vivid and real-like! The other thing that convinces me that they aren't just ordinary dreams is that some of these are relatives that I never knew-they died either before I was born or shortly afterwards. I had one where my grandfather (who died when I was 9 months old) came and had an entire conversation with me how he liked my house and stuff like that. At the end, he told me he had to go, and I asked him if he'd be back. He said he'd try, but it was hard for him to get away and that he might have to go somewhere soon. Then he hugged me, and I swear I woke up and could still feel his arms around me. I've also had dreams about my dad, who died 11 years ago, that are as vivid as that, but those I can understand-I knew him in real life. In one of them, the same grandfather was there, trying to get him (dad) to come closer to me, telling him he had to talk to me, and again, I was touched (this time by my dad) and when I woke up, I could still feel it on my arm. I think they are a form of communication, but even if they aren't, whenever I have them, I don't miss my dad quite so much for awhile. I also feel like I actually got to meet my grandfather.

On a side topic, anyone who doesn't believe in an afterlife needs to invite a young child into their lives for awile! Both of my sons insisted there was a little girl in our bedroom when they were about 3, and one of them "introduced" me to someone in their bedroom when he was about the same age. Could be imaginary friends, I guess, but it sure didn't seem like it at the time!

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When my grandson was only two years old, he told us that his Aunt Christin came to him and kissed him and told him to be careful on his bicycle. He is now four and continues to stand by his story. He was born after her death, but speaks of her as if he knows her well.
I have also had two people who said that they actually SAW Christin when they were in dire need. One was awakened from sleep behind the wheel on the interstate as she was heading for trees. She came to them and helped them and reassured them that she was alright and that everything would be okay with them. These two people are not relatives and they are separate instances.
I surely wish she would appear to me or my husband or son.

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Lu -
Shortly before my dad died (in his 80s), he mentioned that he had talked to his sister several times that week and she wanted him to go with her. His sister had been dead for several years.
I told him that going with her was a good idea, and that the next time she came, he should go with her. He died that night.

My favorite cat visited me several times after he died ... I would feel him jump on the bed and walk up to the pillow and settle in. It was usually on a rainy night.


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This is not exactly what you are talking about, but when our son was between two and a half and three (actually 32 months old, on vacation), we were visiting his godmother in Florida. I walked him out to the end of her dock, and he looked down into the water. this was his first experience with water other than a pool. He looked down into the channel and said, "Oh! This is just like where I DIED! I went down, down, and down, and then I went up, up, and up and back out of the water and up and up.This is just like where I died!"

His godmother and father and I were kind of spooked! It was the first very long sentence he ever said, as he was a very watchful child but not a very verbal one.

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Hi - I'll chime in here. My paternal grandmother lived with us from the time I was 6 until she died when I was 19. We were very close. One night, several years later, I had a dream that was so real it woke me right up and I sat up in bed and turned on the light. In the dream I was talking to an elderly woman. I can't remember the conversation, and don't know if I even remembered it then. But at one point during the dream conversation, I suddenly realized that it was my grandmother that I was talking to. I said, incredulously, "Nana - I almost didn't recognize you!!!". And she said "I know - that's why I have to come back every now and then so that you won't forget me".

Wow. I wasn't scared when I woke up, just mildly spooked, but very happy.

My beloved Dad (her son) died last September. I sure wish he'd come and visit.

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I believe most people at least make an attempt to visit loved ones after they have passed away. Many times it is the living who reject the very idea that the visitation took place at all.

The first time my Papa (Grandfather) came to me. I was cleaning the bedroom and had just finished washing the window and pulling the shade down when suddenly the sheers billowed out. Assuming I had not closed the window I raised the shade, but the window was closed. I turned away from the window toward the bed and Papa was sitting on the bed holding my 18 month old daughter!

We visited for a few minutes then he handed me the very real baby and was gone. It all seemed so natural, that it was actually several minutes before it occured to me that he had been dead for two years!

My Dad died in '96 and he has made several visits to me and to my son. I have never seen him nor actually heard him speak. His particular smell will fill the room and somehow he gets his message to me. My son has seen him multiple times and had conversations with him. I know he is looking after us. And wants to know we are okay as well as let us know he is fine.


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I believe our loved ones who have passed try to reassure us that they are safe, happy, at peace, and are watching over us.
Many times my son, who died when he was 21, has appeared to me in dreams that were so vivid. Once, upon awakening, I could actually smell his scent in my room and feel a warm spot on my shoulder where he had touched me in the dream. Over the 23 years since his death I have seen him in my dreams watching over his younger brother and sister, who were 11 and 6, respectively, when he died. I have kept a dream journal of all the dreams I have had of him and indeed there seems to be a message. Some of my friends have told me that it is just my maternal yearnings for a child taken much too soon. But it brings me much comfort to feel that his spirit still moves amongst us at times.

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I dreamed one night about two weeks after my mother's death. It was the most vivid dream that mom and dad were here, I was looking out the window and could see them getting out of the car, I recognized the clothes they were wearing. I recall feeling so happy, and thinking, " Mom and Dad are here!" I woke up and was speaking, saying, "No they're not, they're dead." But the dream showed me that they were together and happy, again. I felt such comfort from that dream. My Mom had been so lost without my dad, he'd died 3 weeks after their 50th anniversary, and we were all convinced he'd held on until after their anniversary.
I've also felt, and smelled my sister in the room with me since she died. Not very often, but it was Carol. I recall a post from some time ago, where the poster was telling us how her son viewed life after death visitation. He thought that our brains work with chemical electrical impulses, and the electricity never disapates, so the loved one uses the electricity as a means of communication. Think about that, how many instances of visitation are by using some electrical device, the car radio. Interesting. God bless you all and I hope for all of you to continue to heal from your grief, as posting here has helped me to heal from mine. Thanks for reading and responding. Jan

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I lost my mom Easter Sunday. She came to me in a vision 26 hours before she passed away.

I was talking to my daughter when mom suddenly came to me. Here's what happened. She came to me in a vision. The vision was her laying in a coffin. She didn't speak visibly, but the message was clear that she was at peace.

I immediately called the hospital and talked to the nurses station. They assured me that mom was doing very well and would be released and go home on Monday. We lost her very suddenly early on Sunday morning.

It is very comforting to have the memory that she came to me a day before to say goodbye and let me know that all is well.

I haven't seen a vision since, but I feel like she guiding me in everything I've been doing the past days and weeks. I still have her flowers on my front porch, they haven't wilted yet. All the other flowers from her funeral are long gone, but 2 baskets of cut flowers on my porch are still fresh looking. I think that I will have completed the mission she has me on before the flowers wilt.

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Lulie, did you ask your son about that story?

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One morning as I was waking up 3 months after my son's death, I heard his voice. He said "I'm sorry Mom." I know I wasn't dreaming; I really heard him. He had really hurt his dad and me. His wife made it very, very difficult for him to have any contact with us, and I think it made life easier for him to just go along. I think he was letting me know that he felt bad about it. I know in his heart that he did, for I found out later that in a conversation with my brother, he had said that she made life impossible for him whenever he tried to include us in anything. I hope he'll come back again. I dream about him a lot, sometimes as a little boy, sometimes as a high school or college kid, sometimes as a grownup. One time, he was riding in the car with me; neither one of us said anything, but what a comfort I felt upon awakening just knowing we'd been together. Once in a great while, I dream about his little girl who died with him; I'd like to see her more in my sleep. I miss them both so very much.

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Sorry, Susan. I haven't asked Todd about the story with Christin and the CD player. I will, though. I remember it pretty well, but want to make sure that I get the details right before I tell you all.

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My mom passed away 7 years ago today, when I was 19. Several days after she died, she came to me in a dream. It was the most vivid "dream" I had ever had. In my dream, we discussed things that were relevant to the situation. She told me how she died (we didn't know yet). I woke up, sat straight up in bed, and wrote down everything that happened in the dream. She also came to several other friends and family members within the few weeks after she passed away.
Love everyone's stories, shoregirl, you made me cry. That is so awesome.

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Today would have been our granddaughter's eighth birthday. She and her daddy were killed four weeks after her 6th birthday on June 17, 2003. On the year anniversary of their deaths, my husband and I took the day off work and spent it together. We went to Dave's high school and walked the grounds. He had been a really good baseball player and so naturally we ended up on the baseball field. We walked over to third base(his position) and recalled some of his great plays and some of the hits that he and his teammates had. We recalled all the times we had been at that field watching him play. School was out for the summer, and of course the field was empty. We went into the home dugout, and there sitting on the bench was a baseball. I think Dave left it there for us. Dave had written a note to his dad on Father's Day (only 2 days before) thanking him for all the time his dad had spent with him teaching him hitting and fielding. He recalled a home run that he had hit a couple of weeks previously(he still played recreational baseball) and said that he'd like to have gotten the ball for his dad, but"I hit it so hard that I think it's still rolling." We think that baseball was the one Dave hit. I'm sure he was trying to contact us. We miss him and his little girl so very much.

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My father has been gone for 24 years. About 10 years ago I started dreaming about him on a regular basis. Strange thing is I dream the same dream. He is always dressed as he was alive, long sleeved french cuffs with cuff links, dress slacks and a cigar. He is sitting at the head of my dining room table with one arm over the back of the chair. We have a nice conversation, not about his death or his life but about business ideas and advice, which he freely gave when alive. It is so stange but I always wake up feeling great and happy. It is so real like.

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My beloved Father In Law passed away in 1990. After 3 years of infertility treatments, I was finally pregnant in 1995.

Because of my age, I had amniocentisis to make sure the baby was okay. When I went to the doctor for the results, he kept me waiting in the exam room for a very long time. I could hear him going in and out of other exam rooms talking and laughing with other patients. It was now 5PM, way past my appointed time, and I knew the office was closed at this point. I was freaked out thinking that he had terrible news to give me. I was sure he had left me there so that no other patients would be around and he could spend time comforting me when I heard the news. I was frozen in fear on that table.

Suddenly, I felt someone sitting behind me, giving me support and place to lean. I knew without seeing him that it was my FIL. He felt warm and solid and I instantly knew that everything was okay.

When the doctor came in he told me that I was carrying a healthy baby girl. My FIL would have been so excited about her, his first granddaughter. I will never forget how he felt next to me.

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The ShoreGirl~~ All I can say is WOW!!!
Everybody's stories are so touching and reassuring.

Here's mine (sorry if some of you have heard this before): My mother died Jan 10, 2004 in Calif. I had spent 2 months there and had just returned home to Georgia on a Thursday. The following weekend I had to work. I am a nurse and work 12 hour shifts. I mention this because at work I must wash my hands about a million times a day and do not wear perfume or perfumed lotion. After a very emotional weekend back at work I was driving home. I reached up to adjust my glasses and i could smell White Diamonds perfume on the back of my hand. That was the only perfume that my mother wore for years. It was so strong! I could smell it all the way home and after about 30 minutes of arriving home it was gone.Immediately I knew that my mother had touched my hand to let me know that she is alright,that she is no longer in pain and that my pain will get better.

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Been thinking about you. With the Epcot boy, who is similar in age to my son, I've really grieved over his loss and his family's loss, but it also keeps making me think of you, no child should die before their parents, ever. I pray a special prayer for you every now and again lady.

Afterlife? I know it exists. While giving birth, my son and I were both dying, blood pressure dropping, dying. When he was two years old, he told me he met Jesus and he knew who He was because he smiled and felt love when he saw him. Too dumb to know anyone can hear and believe at any age, I hadn't talked about Jesus to him ever, so he couldn't have known what we think Jesus is like. We lived in a somewhat secluded settting and I KNOW my husband didn't tell him, nor did he attend daycare/preschool. Only one way he could've known. And he knew he died and came back to life. His words, at two. At three and four, he would often talk about his brothers and sisters. I attributed it to imaginary friends, but he always insisted they were brothers/sisters. I've had four miscarriages, and have often believe two were girls and two were boys.

And the other story I've told on more than one instance on GardenWeb, the last girl who I miscarried, Katherine Ann, named years ago, communicated through a movie. DragonFly. It is a movie about the afterlife and a baby girl, and it is dedicated to Katharane Anne at the end. Yes, there is an afterlife. I know it.

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My grandma, "Granny" passed away when I was 17 and my sister was 13. Granny was very special to us and her death was not peaceful. My sister started having very strange things occur a few weeks after Gran's death. She would tell my Mom and I that she was afraid to be alone. It started with things like the toilet flushing when no one was in the bathroom. Our dog's ball rolling down the hall, a front door opening and shutting when no one was around. We never doubted her, becuase her fear was geniune, but felt badly for her because no one else ever witnessed it. Finally, one day by mom was upstairs, and my sister was in the basement and the garage door opened (very loud in our house) and the front door slammed. Paige and mom met in the foyer to see who is one was there. Then my boyfriend witnessed an occurence. They were in the kitchen and we had one of those garbage cans with the rotating lid. A wall phone hung above it. They were in the kitchen far away from the phone and they looked over and the chord was swinging and the can lid was spinning around. My sister felt so much better now that someone had witnessed it. Freaked my boyfriend right out!

My folk started trying to figure out how to help my sister deal with this and learned that girls that are pre-pubescient (sp?) or have not begun their periods yet are more receptive to these ocurrences. We suspected it was Granny trying to say goodbye and held a family meeting and told her that we loved her, missed her, and that she needed to move on because my sister was scared.

The strange things stopped except for a few random things throughout the years. My sister, 30, still won't talk about the experience because it scared her so much.

I'm a believer.

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My mother passed away last March 23 from heart disease. She was only 70. I miss her so much. On July 1st I brought her some flowers and 3 balloons to her grave site for her birthday. Her birthday is really on July 2nd. I had to bring them to her early because of plans for the 4th of July. Well today, July 5th I came back and went to water her flowers with my 14 year old son. The 3 balloons were still there. I went to go and fill the watering can up with water (the water hose and can are very close by on the cemetery premises). When we came back one of the balloons were missing. Two of the balloons had Happy Birthday on them and the other one said I Love You on it. The one that said I Love You was missing. It was very strange because my son and I didn't see the balloon go. It happened so quick. We even looked around for it to see if it got caught on something. But saw nothing. My son said that grandma must of taken it. We both think it was my mom telling us she loved us.
It was so comforting.

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It was interesting and reassuring reading those stories. While I haven't actually SEEN my mother when awake, or felt her warm hands on my face, I have had what I think are signs. Or what I believe to be signs.

Shortly after she passed away (May 30, 2005) I had a vivid dream. I was standing by the kitchen sink watching my dad wash the dishes. My mother walks in dressed in formal attire and makeup done perfectly. As if she was going off to a party.

Any how, I don't recall what I said exactly. But it was something to the effect of "Hey! You're here!" and I gave her a real hug. The kind where you can almost "feel" you are hugging that person in your dream. As it would feel if you were doing so for real. I don't know if that was a sign or if I was just missing her too much. Seemed like a sign.

Then there was the time I was using my mother's PC (yes I know I mentioned this on another forum on this site), had just shutdown it down, and was about to leave her study.

I suddenly caught the scent of Chinese incense (I'm Canadian-born Chinese btw) for a brief second. Then it was gone. It was so very real. I couldn't believe it. I wondered if it was some of the old books in the shelf next to the PC. But they have a totally different odour. Don't think I was imagining it. As it seemed too real. So i'll take as a vivid sign.

Thing is, my grandmother was a devout Buddhist. Always sat in front of her "red box" with lit incense. So I'm wondering if it wasn't the spirit of my grandmother instead. Either way it was welcome.

Then it happened again. This time I was leaving the family room. Caught the scent of what I believed to by of my mother's gas (fart). And no I'm not trying to make a bad joke. This is true. Or seemed so to me. Any how, the scent was gone within a second or two. I know it wasn't mine or my dogs. Couldn't explain it. I mean if that didn't show me it was her...

Then there have been times when my dog would bark at the far wall of the kitchen. No one was there. And I don't believe I heard any noise outside. Then again a dog's hearing is many times more sensitive. Did he hear somthing from outside? I don't know.

He barked in the same direction on another day. This time he was out in the hall. Another time he barked at "nothing" but in another direction. Then sat quiet on my feet as I was washing the dishes. It was like he was spooked.

I'd love to have even more vivid signs she is visiting. Tugging of my comforter on my bed. See her when I'm awake (though, I'd have to wonder at that point if I wasn't loosing it). Or maybe the bellowing of the drapes when the window was closed. Anything. But I do know she is around. :)

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my husband passed away on july 3rd, in a motorcycle accident which is very hard because you always wonder if he had pain or if he was scared,and i dont know if its just me wishing he was here or not but alot of wierd thing have happened.i had a very real dream where he was sitting on my mom and dads couch i walked in and was so happy to see him i ran to him and sat on him and was hugging him so tight and he said i am sorry and i am ok. i asked him if he was in heaven and he said yes but i will always be with you. my dream was so real i really believe it was him we had a conversation for what seemed like for ever then i woke up. there has been noises in my house , one day i was crying real hard saying i just wanted to be with him and not here anymore and then a picture of our children fell of the wall. i take that as a sign he wants me to stay and take care of our children. my sister and i both saw a shadow in my house but as my son was coming out of the bathroom it disapeared i think he didnt want to scare son says daddy was in his dream and said to tell mom sorry for driving stupid on the bike and he loves him.i know my husband is here. there have to many thing happening to all be in my head. i love all the stories, tracy

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My 29 year-old niece died from cancer three years ago, making us promise to take care of her Mom (my sister), her brothers, and her husband and two little boys. We've had a lot of visits, sometimes just a feeling that she is sitting by us. About a year and a half ago, we felt she was extremely agitated and had some message to get across. We couldn't figure out what she was trying to say!

We discussed this knowledge a lot, and even her brothers had similar feelings. We asked - What are you trying to tell us? Just come out and say, Please!

Then one day after a few months had gone by of these agitated visits, my sister called, thinking I would believe she was nuts. She had a dream where her son-in-law was in church with the little boys and our younger sister was with them, and they were all very happy together. My reaction was Oh my God! That's what she's been trying to tell us! They'd be perfect together. We approached the two of them about the idea, and they were receptive to the idea of a semi-blind date. (They had met once while my niece was sick) Our sister was divorced and lonely and had no luck dating. The son-in-law was slowly grieving himself to death. They had their date after Sis drove nearly 1,000 miles. The date became a long weekend. Then she went back home, she'd be returning for good once she sold her home. She'd been trying to sell for a year and a half.

It sold in five days after her return! Results, they are now happily married. The little boys are happy and now call her Mom. My sister and I didn't say anything, but we felt my niece's presence and happiness at their wedding, and in some of the pictures of the bride and groom, there is a misty white cloud over their heads.

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yesterday was the first ok day I have had since my husband passed away on july was so great. I have had alot of strange things happen to me since then as I explained before but none as big as this.I was up cleaning my house ( the first time since he passed)I finished about 3:30 am then I layed down in bed with my 6 month old daughter( she now sleeps with me).she was sound asleep and so was my 6 year old son.I called his phone like I do every night before I go to sleep so I can hear his voice, rolled over facing my daughter and closed my eyes. right then I felt someone jump in the bed I thought it was my son saying he had a bad dream. when I jumped up to see what was wrong there was no one there.I started to get scared but then I thought this was my time to talk to my husband.I told him I love him and I miss him then my fan started blowing faster, and I rolled over to look at it then I felt a tickle on my neck. It was such a good feeling. I could not go to sleep all night just kept talking to him telling him everything ive been wanting to say. It was the best feeling I have ever had.My husband slept with me last night, Instead of laying in bed all day crying I got up today took a shower, combed my hair, put my daughter in a cute outfit, and did her hair. It was just such a uplifting feeling I now know that my husband is here and he always will be , just like he said in my dream.I wish everyone could have a experience like this. good luck !!! tracy

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Tracy, that's wonderful!! And I loved the matchmaking story above, too.

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I feel that if you have meaningful experience you should share it. So here's my story.
My father passed away Sept. of 2005. My father lived in anoher country and his brothers were taking care of his funeral arrangements. I took the first flight out the day after he passed away, but I did not make it on time to the burial. I wasn't able to see him one last time, all I saw was his grave with his name on it. I felt no closure. I went back home with only the satisfaction that he is in a better place, but I still felt incomplete. I wanted a sign that he was okay. About three weeks later I had a dream with him, I knew it was him, but he looked younger the way I remembered him as a child. He was showing me around the new business he had set up and told me I could have whatever I needed. Then towards the end of my dream I realized that he had passed away and that I was in a dream. I asked him, "why did he leave me?" and he answered that he never left me he's with me all the time. Then when I went to ask him another question he disapeared and I was standing alone in his new business.

Even though I only asked him one question it soothed my soul and let me know he was still around in some form. If you are lucky enough to have a dream with a loved one that has passed away you should share your experience.

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That was a very nice story. Thanks for sharing.

My momma passed Jan.30,2006. She was blind for the last 15 years and was in ICU 6 different times over the last year. But she made it for Christmas and we had a wonderful time. I fed her her last meal on Jan.11. Shrimp Scampi. She had to have bypass surgery. We knew the risk, but really had little choice. It was that or she would die for sure within weeks if not days. It was a tough decision and in retrospect would have chosen not to do it. But anyway, you always want to second guess choices when they don't go the right way.

I have had several dreams of her already. I gave her a hug in the first one. It seemed so real.

Then 3 nights ago I was out in the kitchen in the middle of the night and heard a female voice call my name 'Duane'. I was half asleep ....but I said 'what?' ...thinking it was my wife. The voice came right from the new picture of my mom I had put in a frame by the front door. My wife was sound asleep in the bedroom. My mom called my name! She sounded so much younger though. It wasn't her raspy voice she had after being on the respirator all that time.

I loved her so much. I still love her. Some days I am just a wreck..but I know she is with her dad and mom and brothers...but I want to call her so bad!

Damn. God's plan is just so hard to understand down here on Earth.


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Several years ago I was very, very ill and in fact, really thought I was not going to survive the night. I sent telepathic thoughts to my mom, who had died many years before, and told her I needed her to be with me. I dozed off and then woke up, feeling a presence in a chair that was near my bed. I knew it was my mom and she was there all night. I woke up the next morning and although I was still really sick and went to the ER....but I know my mom was with me either to help me cross over to or to keep me safe.

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I've had several dream visits. My dad visited and was a young man in his army uniform many years after his death. I suprisingly asked how he came here because he was dead and he chuckled and said it was all right.
My neighbor's husband came to me the night he died to tell me he was dead but he was OK. I thought it was wrong because no one called me to tell me but somehow I was overlooked and read the obituary that next night.
When his wife died I was called right away and wished she would come but she waited until almost a year later.
The latest dream involved my dear pony that owned my heart for 24 years (well I guess he still owns it). I was at an open grassy area in town and was holding him by the bridle. My cart was hooked to him and he was beautiful. Mom (who is still alive) came by and she was supposed to take him driving but she did not get in the cart and drove off in her van. So there I stood holding the pony, slightly annoyed and then I realized he was dead. I woke up crying. I guess I should be glad mom did not get in the cart.
I had one false alarm dream though - a friend of mine has a husband who has cancer and I was sure he had died. He is still alive though.

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This topic as been active for about 1 year now. It seems to have gotten many postings.
I had the blessing of a vision the eve of my fathers death 1 month before 9/11. It was a visit from a total stranger who perished in the second plane to hit the twin towers in N.Y.. He needed me to tell his family he was just fine. It took me about 3 months after 9/11 to act on the visit and contact his family. His wife and I have exchanged many a phone calls and a personal meeting.
I was also visited by a dear friends daughter just 3 months after her untimely death while she was a budding collage student. Many of you know her mother as Lu who visits this site regularly.
My son Darren, has been gone 3 months now and I have had 2 very real dreams since his motorcycle accident. The last one was just a couple of nights ago. In the dream he was coming to visit myself and many family members. We were all on the country road anticipating his arrival. A glow came from the sky and I began to tell my grandchildren, "look Uncle D, is coming " . He showed up as a beautiful bright blue eagle. He was the size of a human and could wrap his wings around everyone. I truely felt his warmth and soothing comfort as he wrapped me up in his wings. We were smiling and felt at peace. His smile was on the eagles face and it looked so natural. I awoke as he was leaving and felt the warmth he left behind.
A couple of his close friends have had a visit from him in their dreams since his passing. If you are interested anyone can log on to My and go to Darren J. Bennett. The freinds have their message posted there.
I feel the visions I had before my sons death was connected to his own untimely death. We never know how we will be or are connected to people all throughout life, it is surely a mystry.
Lauren ---- D's mom

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Seeing this thread active again, I went back and read what I and others had written. You may have seen the story about the baseball we found on the year's anniversary of our son's death. I need to update you, that last June, on the 2nd anniversary of his death, I found another baseball in the middle of a deserted baseball field. If this wasn't a sign from our wonderful boy, I can't imagine what else it could have been. I don't run across baseballs any other time but these 2.

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About 10 years after my grandfather died(when I was 20), I was still feeling guilty about not being able to talk to him while he was in the ICU before his death. I still cried about it sometimes and prayed that he would forgive me. One night he came to me in a dream and told me that it was ok. When I awoke, I felt completely calm and rested and happy! About a year later, I decided to tell my mom about it. She was mixing cookie dough at the time and had her back to me. When I told her that grandpa had come to me in a dream, she turned around with tears in her eyes and said that he had also come to her in a dream! It was amazing!

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Hi everyone. My name is Tina, and this is my first time to this site. I have read thru this post and just want to say that God blesses us all in some way or another, even when we don't see it that way, He does. All of your stories have touched my heart.

Duane - I really miss my mom and want to pick the phone up and call her so badly as well. Maybe they are talking to each other about think? ((((Duane)))

I lost my dad Sept. of 2002, which just seems like yesterday.
He sufferd for many years from emphozema (sp?). He had been sick for quite some time, and honestly, we had expected to lose him many years prior. But yet, it came so unexpected when he finally did pass on. The phone rang at 2:23am, and I knew it was my mom. The ambulance had just pulled off to take him to the hospital. He would not let her go because he KNEW she wouldn't be able to take it. He told her to call "Bug", which he had always called me since before I as born.
My husband and I woke the kids and got them in the car, dropped them off with mom, and continued to the hospital. He was unconscience when we arrived. He had flatlined 3 times on the wy to the hospital, and was not expected to make it. He kept going into seizures and we was told IF he was to regain conscienceness, he would be brain dead.
Now, my dad had told me for many, many years, that I was NOT to let anyone put him on life support. The doctor gave him less than a 10% survival rate, but insisted that we hook him up. I told them no several times, but against my word, they hooked him up. At 9 am, I finally got them to unhook him. I sat down beside him and held his hand. 9:22am, his chest rose real high, I said "there he goes", and he took his last breath. I fell to the floor.
Seeing him in his casket was very difficult. Two days prior to him passing, he had asked us to stay and sit down and visit for awhile. I said no, that he needed his rest, and we left. I carried this quilt with me, and feeling I killed him, for quite some time. Then one night 6 months later, I had my husband take me to the cemetary at about 2:30 am, and I sat down and started talking to him.
I guess I shoud mention that he was a stubborn man, and smoked until the day he died.
While I was sitting there, a big poof of smoke came from the ground. I felt that he was telling me that all was forgiven and that he was home now. He was ok, and I should be as well.
We had bought a new house by this time and mom had moved in with us. We went home, and I woke up my mom and told her that I had talked to dad, and that everything was going to be alright. She gave me a hug, said "I know", smiled and told me she loved me.

Last June, on the 22nd, I lost mom. Again, I wish I would have done SO many things differently. I didn't think I could hurt worse, or miss someone antmore than I did my dad. He was my guiding light. But I miss my mom so much. I waited and waited to hear from her. 2 weeks and 3 days ago, I did.
I was laying in bed, half asleep, and my husband walked in and put two 7 week old puppies down on my tummy. Just as he let go, I heard my mom and hr silly grin, and the way she breathed. I could smell her. I pulled the comforter from over my head, and she was gone.
She is pleased with the puppies. :-)
A few days later, I was cleaning out my closet, and I could feel her and smell her again. So, I started talking to her. I got so many answers that day, as well as I think she did too. I can't wait for the next visit.
There are times I the entire livingroom will fill up with the scent on my dads cigar, and I know he is there. And, when we go to visit them at the cemetary, we all (my husband and 3 children and myself) can smell my moms purfume. She always liked to go out to see my dad, and would wear her favorite perfume when she did, so, I know she is there with us, so we don't feel so alone.
I hope all of this made sense?
It is so hard to put across your emotions and feelings over the internet. I love and miss them both so very much. They are together again, without pain, and home with their maker.
That is the important thing. Maybe since I have been thinking about her so much today, she'll come visit later this evening!

I have picked up the ohone on more occassions that I can recall to call her. I've even dialed her number before realizing. My daughter has done this twice as well. She has been in tears the last week missing grandma. Maybe mom will help ease her pain soon? I don't know, but I would like to think so.

Thanks for letting my share with you all.

God's Blessings ~

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Oh, Tina...I was crying reading your heartfelt words. You have a real gift and seem like such a nice and sensitive soul. Here's a hug right back (((((Tina))))))

My mom respirator!! Of course, after surgery she had to be on it...and we told her that...she was not happy about it at all.

Then she was off it after surgery..but had to be put back on...for almost 2 weeks. They took her off and we thought that was a good sign, but I think the doctors knew there was no hope ...just didn't want to say it. Mom died the next morning....we didn't make it in time to say goodbye. That hurts a lot. And they left her there with that part of respirator sticking out of her mouth. I bet she had a premonition about that.

I will be so glad when mothers day is over. That is all I hear day and night, and it hurts to think I will never be able to celebrate with her again in this world.

For all of you who still have your mom extra nice to her tomorrow...and everyday for that matter. Life is so fragile and can be taken anytime.


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My dad was having pain on the morning of sat. March. 24, 2007. I came home from security grave shift job. I got home about 9 a.m. and I asked my dad if he wants me to make coffee and he told me his stomach is hurting so he have some tea. I then asked my dad if you want to make son linguisa and he didn't want any. I made some meat loaf and would warm it for dinner and i got some sleep. I Woke up about 5 p.m. and finish the potatoes and some peas, and my father was sitting on lounge chair and i said, dad's dinner is done and my father got up and got his meat loaf and potatoes and peas and he ate dinner. Atfer dinner my dad was having pain under his right rib cage and he ketp holding his side of stomach. I left for work at 7:40 P.M. , I had to drive 52 miles from santa clara to Emeryville for my security job. I called home at 10 p.m. and my Mom said my sister and her husband drove my Dad to V.A. Hospital in palo alto, ca. Any I was relieved he did go to emergency to see why he was having pain. I wish I took him before I left for work but I didn't know it was that serious. Anyway I got home Sunday morning and my father wasn't in his bed and I asked my brother he's not home frome hospital and they had to do more tests. anywqay I wanted to go visit him but I slept I GOT UP AND TOOK BUS AND BART to work. I called our house at 1030 p.m. and my niece said my dad had gallstones and they took them out thru his nose. I felt aliilte relieved but it was more serious. First my dad's 88 years old and he still drove our new 2006 camry and he drove from santa clara to palo alto v.a. hospital on his Mar 8 check-up. My dad did have high blood pressure but he kept under control with his medicine and lots fruits and vegetables. Anyway my dad went on life support and the gallstones got in his bile duct between gallbladder and pancreas and inflamed his pancreas and he develop acute pancreastus. I was very mad because my father faithfully at least 8 times a year for 26 years been going to v.a. hospital for all sorts of tests and why not one doctor saw these gallstones and had them remove before they got in the bile duct is uncalled for. Well my dad for the first week was on ventilator and anti-biotics and then it affected his liver and kidneys. The second week my dad was in the I.C.U his tongue was half purple and it's right side, and they weren't keeping his tongue moistion up ,me and my ten brothers and sisters let the lvn and the doctors his tongue shouldn't been cut theres no excuse for this and other care we saw my dqad not getting. Anyway I went outside on tuesday April 3,2007 I was going to cry thinking all this could have been prevented with better doctors from all his visits they fail my father. I look up in the evening sky and all these ice cirrus clouds were blowing over the hospital from the west and kept thing these and the angels coming to take the next group of people to heaven and I was still not happy as view these clouds some hace wings on them. Anyway my father died on Good Friday at 4:50 P.M. AND I and my newphew went in my dad room and all monitors and everything was shut off and the nurses and doctors said he just died and it was 4:53 p.m. I told my nephew to go to waiting and tell everyone that your grandpa has pass on. Anyway they lost his glasses after going around hospital to different areas and they couldn't find them I was really mad because there's no excuse to lose your love's things. Anyway on May 27,2007 I was dreaming and my father was briefly in my dream ; in the kithchen I saw my dad next to sink and he said I had alot of infections and I said dad you know you died and we buried you and shuffle over to the chair where he always sat for any of his meals and I woke and told my Mom and brother. The next day Memorial Day I WAS GETTING SLEEPY driving home from work it was getting light so Pull off 880 freeway and went to parking of this corporation and just closed my eyes about 10 minutes and my dad's voice came over loud and clear "D" my nickname and I woke up and went shopping at Food Max and got some groceries for Memorial day and I stop at my father grave and said dad I love you and appreciate all you did for Mom and his ten kids. My Dad taught 6th grade fpr 36 years in san jose, ca and he enriched alot of his students life also. I LOVE YOU DAD AND WILL ALWAYS SEE EACH IN OUR DREAMS, THOUGHTS, AND IN OUR ETERNAL LIFE.

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Dagwood, thank you for sharing your story. Your dad is still very much with you, and I agree: You will always see each other in your dreams, thoughts, and eternal life.

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Dagwood, thank you for sharing your story. Your dad is still very much with you, and I agree: You will always see each other in your dreams, thoughts, and eternal life.

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I heard my father llast wednesday at 3:30 a.m. he set the house fire alarm two times. he is wathing over our family. Also thank you to alisande for your reassuring words.Happy Father's Day.

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I told this story on another thread but I want to tell it again. My husband died in so much pain that we never really got to say goodbye and we never had a goodbye kiss. Only a few weeks after he passed I had a dream that I was laying on a lounge chair and a man with a cowboy had covering most of his face, bent over me and gave me the sweetest kiss then he walked away with me shouting after him "please come back, I recognize that kiss". I believe that my DH knew that I missed a goodbye kiss and came to me.

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Leaving work at 5 a.m. in the morning on july 3,2007 as I was almost to my jeep the headlights begin flashing on and off all by it self. I got to the car and turn off security alarm but this had nothing to do with my headlights flashing on and off. This was a sign from my father who passed away on Good Friday 4/6/07. This is physical activity from my dad letting me know he is alright and he watching over our family. I told my mom about this and we know if my father trying to communicate with. Next week we our having a seance and someone bringing a ojuia board to contact my dad.

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peace to the whole world and all pray to jesus for the war and suffering in iraq and africa and middle east to end and begin a new beginning on earth, love and peace.

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Two weeks after my brother's sudden death, I dreamt about him. In my dream, I was in a crowded store, and I saw Bob ahead of me. I hurried to catch up to him, and when we were walking beside each other, I turned to him, crying, and said, " I miss you so much." He mumbled, "Yeah...well.. its only been a couple of weeks."
This dream was so vivid, and so comforting.

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A few weeks ago, I heard this story from a young woman I met at a garden club get-together.

Beth's husband Chad's older sister Lisa had taken care of Chad his whole life, & when he & Beth married, she "adopted" Beth too & was very close to both of them.

Lisa died in a car accident before Beth even realized that she was pregnant with her first child.

Lisa had lived in Hawaii several years before, & had become close friends with a guy named Mel.

In the crush of events, no one thought to call Mel.

Late one night when Beth's new baby Gemma was 2 weeks old, her phone rang.

It was Mel.

He said, "I'm sorry to call so late, but I've just had the oddest dream, & I can't reach Lisa; I must have an old phone number. Does Lisa have a niece named Gemma?"

After explanations & commiserations, Mel said that in this dream, Lisa had just dropped in on him at his home & visited, just like she always used to do, & told him that she was looking after her niece now & that, when the niece was older, she wanted her to come to Hawaii & enjoy all the things that she, Lisa, had enjoyed. .

Then she said she had to go, she had to go back to Texas to look after her niece Gemma.

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hope everyone is healthy and treating thier family and friends with respect.

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hope everyone is healthy and treating thier family and friends with respect.

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I just found this forum and my heart goes out to all of you.
My father passed away at home on April 21st of 2007,the day before my son's 14th birthday.My son and I live with my parents. My father had been sick for years.On liquid oxygen for 3 years at 9 10 liters.His lungs were dimished capasity since his double bi-pass back in 1993.
It was the most tramatic experience watching my father take his last breath. I don't think I'll ever get over that.
This is hard to write because I miss him so very much. On the day of his funeral,which turned out to be on his 77th birthday,I had just driven in to the cemetary with my mother.The radio was on low and as we made the trip thru the cemetary to where my father would be laid to rest,the radio got louder as a song started playing. The song was.."I believe I can Fly,I Believe I can touch the sky"....the radio would not turn down and we had to open the windows because it was so loud. When we approached the burial site everyone started raising their arms to the sky and swaying to the music.It was a beautiful sign from my father.He had been tied down to an oxygen air hose for so long and hardly left the house for so long. But,here he was telling us that he was ok,and he was free from everything that held him down.
When ever I get overwhelmed with trying to make it thru the day,that song comes to my mind and I make it thru.
Thank You Daddy
You are missed.

Thank You for letting me share my father. Bless you all.

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Speaking of seeing a loved after they have passed away. About 4 nights ago I had the most vivid dream about my deceased mother of 40 years ago. I was walking to my apartment building and saw my mother standing outside waiting for me. I looked at her in the eyes and said "You're alive?" She just looked at me and asked "What?". Then I felt something was wrong so I asked her what's the matter. She stepped aside and showed me a box behind her and in it was my darling little dog Lucy. She told me Lucy is very sick and dying, but she's not suffering, she kept talking to me very quietly and reassuring me she's not suffering. I ran over to Lucy and grabbed her and started sobbing. It was then that I woke up sobbing my eyes out. I don't really understand the meaning of this dream, but maybe it's my mother coming to reassure me that when the time comes for me to lose my darling little dog, she'll be there to take care of her.... what's your opinion

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That's the way I interpreted it, Sara. How wonderful to know that your mother has been with you, watching over you, for 40 years. Of course, that's what our loved ones do, but it's so nice to have confirmation like this.

Best of luck with Lucy. I have two elderly dogs, and it makes me sad to think about what's ahead. But I know when the time comes my daughter Jill will be there to take care of them on the other side.

Julie, thanks for sharing that marvelous story!


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Thanks Susan for agreeing with my interpretation. I do believe that our loved ones are always with us. I actually feel my mother talking to me sometimes in my head when I'm worried or upset about something, it's a strange feeling, but a good feeling.
Well we have to be strong when the day comes that we'll lose our faithful furry friends also. But I do believe they have a place on the other side with us because we give them part of our soul when they are alive.
Thanks again Susan

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I have loved reading each and every one of these posts. I know there is an afterlife of some sort, and I believe if you are receptive, things will happen. It's a beautiful thing and I only wish it would happen more often to me!

I lost my Mom 12 years ago, when I was 26 yrs old, from a very aggressive brain tumor that killed her 3 weeks after her fist symptom. We were very close, like sisters, and when she passed away I suffered greatly for more than a year. It was the hardest time of my life.

Mom died in March. Our first Christmas without her, I went "home" for the holiday to spend Christmas Eve with my Grandmother, my Mom's Mom. Before I went to her house, I stopped at the cemetery to visit my Mom's grave. It was a cold snowy day in Massachusetts and I was feeling very sad, lonely, and depressed, still grieving. I stood at her gravesite and told Mom how much I missed her and how much I needed to know she was watching over me. I asked her if she could give me a sign, or let me just see her one more time, I really needed that. I cried so hard, and I was looking off in the distance hoping to see her. Or hear her - something. Nothing happened.

I got in the car and drove down the road to my grandmothers. It was early afternoon and we didn't need to be at my Uncle's house for a few more hours so I laid down on the bed and rested while my grandmother sat on the couch. We were both having a tough time, being the first ChrismanÂs without her, but neither of us wanted to talk about it. I didn't even tell her I went to the Cemetery because I didn't want to make her cry.

So I rested for a few minutes just thinking about Mom.

Suddenly - the tv across the room turned on. By itself! I looked at my Grandmother and she simply smiled and said "Angels". I smiled back and said "Yes, I know". We were both thinking the same thing but that was the extend of our conversation. The TV is fine, it had never done anything like that before, and the remote control was on a table no where near us. That was the sign I asked for, and Mom delivered. It felt very special and it had a soothing effect on me for rest of the Christmas season.

I am also visited by my Mother often in my dreams and I truly believe this is her way to keep in touch with me and just to generally let me know that she's around. She came to me again in a dream two nights ago.

I usually dream of her in the house I grew up in, but this time it was in my house, which we bought 4 years ago. I was in my kitchen trying to call the dog to let him out, and the dog kept looking behind him and didn't want to come down to the bottom of the stairs. I kept calling Freckles, and FINALY he walked down the stairs. And Mom walked down right behind him! I ran across the room and threw my arms around her and gave her the biggest hug! I cried and I said - "MOM - You're here?"

She hugged me back and said - "Of coarse I'm here".

Thanks Mom. I miss you and I'll never forget all of the memories we've shared.

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After reading all of these posts, I was hoping to find a similar occurance that myself experienced and one that myself and my grandma experienced, but I found nothing. Perhaps my grandma and I are getting different signs.

Here's my story.

I lived with my grandmother for most of my life. I never really had a father so my grandfather took over that role. He got me into good schools and was always there for me. My grandpa gave up smoking after many years of doing it but to only get slammed with lung cancer that the doctors missed on several occasions. They determined that he had "shingles". But after several other visits he was determined to have cancer and was givin a year to live.

I slept in the living room with my bed ridden (sp) grandpa and took care of him during the night. ie getting him water or adjusting the oxygen tank. One night he was calling for me but I chose to ignore it b/c to tell the truth it was getting to me, mind you i was maybe 15 at the time. Another night i chose to sleep in my bed and my sister watched over him. According to my sister he was complaining about not getting any air so she adjusted the tank to max yet he still didnt feel any air. She told him let me go get grandma "nana" and he said no there is no need to disturb her I'll be fine. He didn't make it through the night. Did he know that it was his time and didn't want his wife to be there b/c he never wanted her to suffer b/c he was suffering?

A few weeks after his passing several occurances happened to me and I took them as signs from him.

The first ouucrance would be I would wake from a dead sleep and see a shadow human figure refleced on my television, I would turn to the hallway to see the figure but it would be gone, i would turn back to look at the tv screen and I would see the shadow figure slip off into the hallway.. Now I am taking that as my grandpa watching over me at night,, perhaps b/c I watched over him at night is he doing the same for me?

The second occurance both my grandma and I have had happen to on several occasions but only late at night. I would yet again awake from a dead sleep and hear the radio playing, i could make out the songs and the dj talking like it was live.. i thought ok im just messing with myself but then I heard the next song play. At this time I got out of bed and went to the entertainment center, only to find out that the radio was not on. So i go back to my room and as soon as I lay down the music starts again!! I just stay in bed and fall asleep at this point. The next morning I ask my grandma if she ever heard the radio at night after we all are in bed. She then answered you hear it also? This confirmed that I wasn't losing my mind. So I told my grandma that grandpa "her husband" is still in this house with us watching over us and the radio thing he is either playing a joke on us "b/c he was a jokester" or that it is a sign that he is ok.

I have since moved out and don't know if my grandma still hears the radio late at night.

Please tell me what you think of all this :)

E-mails will be appreciated since I cant always get on the internet.

My e-mail is :

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Add to my story that my grandpa fought cancer for 6 yrs

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My aunt is nearly 90 now, so she hardly has any contemporaries to lose, but in her younger days, she sometimes mentioned, in a matter-of-fact manner, conversations she had with her 2 brothers, both of whom had died years before.

She'd say things like,
"John came to me last night & told me not to worry. He's taking care of everything."

& then we'd learn that someone in our family (at that time we were all over the country) had died.

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I just want to start off by saying, all of your stories have touched me so much that it has brought me to tell mine.

My brother passed away when I was 6 yrs old and he was 21. I was much too young to understand all the details. All I knew was, he was very kind, generous, and far too young to die. My mom always told me how much he loved me and cared for me. I am 3 yrs older now then he was when he passed. I was told he died of leukemia, but was misdignoised and with diabetes and that lead to his death. I still remember the day my mom got the call he died. She let out a scream that will be with me forever. I remember we moved back with my grandparents bc my mom couldn't deal with all the pain. One thing I remember the most was being in his room and always feeling like I wasn't alone and being scared. My mom always told me never to be afraid of him. So, soon after he passed I remember my mom told me years later that she went back into his room and she put her hand on the light switch and then she felt something cold on her hand, but only for an instant. She also told me that every year on his anniversary she has a dream of him as a young boy and then she wakes up at the exact time he passed away, every year. The only real dream I remember of him was when I was about 21 (around the time he passed) and in the dream I am walking alone on a desserted road with a bare field surrounding me. There are railroad tracks ahead and all of a sudden the crossings come down and there is my brother telling me to follow him. Although there are no words that are spoken but I still know what he is saying. He tells me to follow him to the cemetary. There all of sudden there are flashes of pictures that represent what he is trying to tell me and what he is trying to tell me is, he didn't die the way my mom told me he did. The dream didn't make much sense to me until months down the road when I was at a relatives house and my cousin and I came across a picture of my brohter at a younger age and I said something along the lines of "It's so sad how he died" and my relative said, "why, how do you think he died" and I told him, but the look on his face explained there was much more to the story!!! In fact it wasn't at ALL close to how he really passed away, but when I tried to get my answers I was only left with more questions. But one thing is for sure I NEVER thought that dream could be real, until I found out the truth, which leads to believe loved ones do communicate with us, one way or another! However, I haven't had many more dreams of him since, or atleast none that I can remember.

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My brother and I just walked to my Dad's house and visited - A really nice visit - My Mom just passed away in November. My Dad was never very social - When we had family gatherings at our homes - My Dad never came - My Mom always did though...
I just got home and the phone rang - the caller ID showed it was my Dad/Mom's house - There was only static on the line. So I called him back - And he said, "No, I didn't just call you." He wasn't using his phone.
I'm sure it was my Mom glad that my brother and I were just visiting with my Dad. I'm sure...

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My sister has been gone since April 17, 2005. There are a couple of things I will share with you. The first is actually on the day she died. I had been dating a guy for a short time and was thinking of going over to her house just to say hello and have her meet him. (I swear this is true!) I actually heard her voice in my mind saying, "No. Don't waste your gas as you are coming over tomorrow anyway." So I didn't mention it. The next day, I went on my job interview and then to my sister's as planned. That is when I found her. I believe she was already gone when I heard her voice and she did not want me to find her and then have to try to go on a job interview the next day. The second thing is I was dreaming that I saw her. I woke up from the dream and she was standing by my bed. She held her hand out to me. I asked her, "Sheila, what do you want?" And then she faded away. I to this day am totally unsure as to what that meant. My dad died in 1973 and for years I would not accept that he was gone. My mother had a closed casket funeral so I never really got to say good-bye. I dreamed of him 4 years later. he was at the bootom of a flight of stairs beckoning to me. Then he went through a door. I went down the stairs and oepend the door. He was in an open casket with candles all around. I started screaming and crying in the dream and I woke up screaming and crying. I believe he was showing me he was truly gone and it was okay. I still sob for him to this day sometimes. I loved my daddy dearly.

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i want every one to know my father came to in early dec 07 in the spirit of a butterfly. the colors were black and yellow spots, just like the shirt he always wore. also there are no butterflys in the month of dec. anyway it was my dad watching over and reassuring me he was around and alright.

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i want every one to know my father came to me in early dec 07 in the spirit of a butterfly. the colors were black and yellow spots, just like the shirt he always wore. also there are no butterflys in the month of dec. anyway it was my dad watching over and reassuring me he was around and alright.

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My brother took his own life 11 months ago today. It was a mere days before his daughter's third birthday. Of course, my neice does not understand my brother's passing and why her daddy is no longer around. Two days after his passing, she woke up from her nap and matter of factly told her mother, "Mommy, daddy's happy now." It gave us all great peace.

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My Meemaw passed away March 7th. When she found out she had cancer her one wish was to make it to her 70th birthday. The night before her 70th birthday the Hospice nurse said she would probably be gone in about 20 minutes (at around 10:30 pm)so we called the whole family over. Half an hour later she was still breathing so we kept saying we thought she was going to make it to her birthday. The nurse just kept looking down, not having the heart to tell us it wasn't possible. But she made it! She turned 70 at midnight and she passed away at 12:15 am. I just thought I'd share that part because I think it shows the spirit she has.

The real reason for writing is that when she found out she had cancer and even before, I always asked her to please come to me and let me know there was life after death when she died. Death scares me so bad and I thought if I got a message from her I would be okay.

The day she died I had to pick my husband up from work (about 30 minutes from our house). On the way back I started crying hysterically. My husband was like "What... what?". I said "I think I just got my message". The car in front of us... the whole ride home... their license plate was "ShrlyAn". My meemaw's name was Shirley Ann. He actually got out of the car and asked the lady for permission to take a picture.

My main reason for posting this is selfish. I believed so badly that day that it was my Meemaw telling me what I wanted to hear. Since her death (more than a month ago) my world seems to have crumbled around me. I have no faith in anything anymore. I am so depressed. I think what I need is reassurance from people that truly believe that what I saw what a message from Meemaw. Because my depressed mind can't help but think it was just a coincidence... and I hate thinking that way. So what is everyone's honest opinion? Feel free to email.

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Roxann, Why couldn't it not be a sign?

My husband died Nov. 24, 2007 after being disabled for 3 years and 2 months of illness. I took care of him at home and was with him when he died. Per his wishes, he was cremated and there were no services. I felt sad & without closure that I need that services provide in the grieving process. I know that I could have gone ahead and had a funeral, but I was so tired, I don't think I could do it.

My daughter came from Texas a week later to help me with some doctor's apptmts for me. It was evening, she drew the drapes in the living room, turned and walked back to her chair, I turned to go into another room. We looked up just as the drapes and rod both came fluttering down from the holders! We both just looked at each other and said, "that was Gary!" He was telling us he was ok ! We both agreed on this.

I have NEVER had any "signs" from departed loved ones before and not expected one from Gary. He did not share my religious beliefs and I had privately grieved and prayed about that before he died. But I do not discount what others have experienced either. I KNOW that God works in mysterious ways!

Yes, a curtain rod falling down in an old house COULD have been coincidence. But I choose to believe it was not. The screws were not loose, no wind, nothing else but his way of showing me he was ok and moving on.

How many times have you seen that license plate? Take it as a sign from your grandmother. She is alright. Honor her with being happy and the best person you can be.

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I tend to agree with Jan. Since there is no way to prove it for sure either way, then why not believe it was meant for good and that she gave you this as a sign?

I think it is wonderful!

My daughter visited this evening. She had a vivid dream of our Papa (my Daddy) who recently passed on. I have yet to dream of Him. She was crying. Everyday she is reminded that he is gone and cannot see him again. We cried together tonite.

It is sad. But, these little signs and dreams...give us the confidence that our loved ones have gone to a "new" place and are happy. It also adds new hope in a certainty that we will be reunited with them.

I don't think any one adjusts to the death of a loved one. We probably continually process it as we draw closer to our own natural demise. As people get older they are continuously adjusting to all kinds of losses. People lose their youth, often times their health, their children move away, even their homes if finances and failing health don't allow for it. In the end, people often times are alone as spouses, parents, siblings and friends pass on. How painful life can be. I would think that as people pass thru their lives there is much of the "physical" that leaves them. What could sustain a person in the midst of these challenges but their faith and love. That is what is left in the end.

Your Meemaw gave you what she could, a sign of her Love. Think of it as her gift of faith to you and proof that she still exists because of her Love.

I know my Daddy loved us. He is still with me inside me. His face, voice, mannerisms and all the other personal things that make up a person, are still crystal clear in my mind. I don't think He will ever fade from my memory. I cannot see Him physically and that hurts, but I know Him and will never ever forget Him. He is the same to me as when he was alive and so is your Meemaw. Nothing can change that ever.

Best wishes, Roxann.

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My, what a long thread..and so valuable.

My visit occurred BEFORE my mother died. She was terminally ill with cancer and being cared for by hospice and by my brother and sister-in law, clear across the country from where I live. I had no option to go help, but had been out to visit a couple of months before.

About three days before she passed, I had a vivid "waking dream." In this event, I was taking laundry from the dryer to my bed, which is where I do all my folding. There she was, in a print blouse and dark slacks, dark socks and no shoes, with a bandana on her head tied like women in the 40's used to do them. She got up, gave me a HUGE hug (unusual for her in life), told me not to let my son and my granddaughter forget her, and then said "I've got to go be sick now. Don't touch my face, it's not set yet." She died of squamous cell cancer that basically destroyed her face. In the dream, it was perfect, but had that pink, slightly shiny look of skin which has had a scab come off. She and I were never close..fought like tigers ever since I hit the ground. But she loved me, and I loved her.

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I saw my mother after she passed away, I am not sure if I was asleep or awake, I opened my eyes and saw her setting in a chair beside my bed, I knew that she shouldn't be there, so I asked her, what are you doing here and she said , I just wanted to come and see how you were doing. She smiled at me and then she was gone.

I wasn't sure about what had happened, if I were just dreaming or did I really see and talk to my Mother, after she had died. I really wanted to believe that she did, in fact come to see how I was doing.

I lost my brother about two months ago and, a couple weeks ago I woke up and saw him standing beside my bed. I saw him very clearly, he always wore a black cowboy hat and he was wearing it the morning I saw him.
This time I was wide awake. there was light in my bedroom, coming in from the street lights outside and a light that was always left on down the hallway, and there was no mistake that I saw him standing there.
He just looked at me, with a look on his face like we had been in a conversation and it was my turn to say something, I started to speak but I was aware that I was awake and not dreaming, i just looked at him and wondered what was going on. I kept looking at him and he just stood there like he was waiting for me to speak. I kept looking at him and kept trying to tell myself that he couldn't actually be there and finally he just kinda faded away. I looked at the clock and it was 4:11 am, I never went back to sleep, and got up.

A few days later I realized that the day he appeared to me was his birthday. I really don't know if there was any significance to that but then I was wondering if it had my mothers birthday when she appeared to me, I guess there is no way I will ever know since, it was several years ago that I saw her.

I am a very logical person, I have no superstitions and I don't believe in ghosts and I have never encountered anything like this before in my life. This just seems real to me.
I just know that it meant a lot to me that they appeared to me, and I was very pleased to see them, There was no fear involved at all and I would welcome them back again anytime.

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Thanks so much for sharing EVERYONE ! I lost my Dad 2 weeks ago and oh what I wouldn't give to have "something" from him.........

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I finally dreamed of my Dad. He passed a few months ago. He was eighty-six and looked "good" for his age. Always kept him self in shape.

In the dream, though, he appeared to be much younger. Maybe forty or so as I remembered him as a child. I was outside of a house. Not sure if it was mine or my childhood home. I was around family. My Dad was in a car and he beeped. I looked in at him and recognized him to be my Dad. He kind of gave me a little smile. In the dream I was not suprised at all other then thinking how good he looked. It was just a very brief glimpse of him and I woke up. It seemed so natural for him to be there. Not unusual. As if he stopped by unexpectedly to pay me a visit.

It was brief but nice to see him. Oddly, he was much younger, healthy and vibrant looking and very much alive. I think he stopped by to let me know he was doing just fine. I'm so happy that came to visit me in a dream so I could see he was doing just fine as dearly Loved Him.

I miss you Daddy.

"Daddy's Little Girl", click to listen

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I have to share some of mine. My daughter was pregant with her baby and I kept having a dream and someone was telling me that I was going to raise the baby. I don't know who but I had it many times in those nine months. She was born a healthy baby to a healthy 22 year old. Michelle (the mother) went missing one night and that night I had a dream and saw her in blue pants and a white shirt that had stains all over. I wouldn't let the face come into focus but did see the hair was in disarray. We had the police looking for her because the last people that saw her said her boyfriend was screaming for her to stop her car and she did. They found her dead the next afternoon. The next afternoon we were almost 600 miles away taking our other daughter to college.

Two days later my daughter that was in college said her answering machine kept going off and it was Michelle talking to her. She got up and the answering machine was not plugged in.

About 10 months after that my husband was taking the dishes out of the dishwasher and was looking up and talking to someone. At that time we were getting ready for the trial (domestic violence on Michelle) and in the middle of a custody battle for her baby with the father's mother. It was his step-mother that was talking to him and telling him that all would be well with the baby. We aren't going to lose her. We called his dad and his mom had died hours earlier.

My dad died in July 07 and my mom said the light in her kitchen that never worked under the cabinet went on a few days after he died. She looked and it didn't have a bulb in it.

Sadly my mom died it May on my other daughters birthday. She lived across the state and we were getting ready to go out a few days after she passed and my car doors kept locking after I unlocked them and I couldn't figure what was going on as they never did that and the car was only 3 months old. Usually when you lock or unlock you here the click but not that time. I don't know but took that as a sign that my mom was around.

Forgot to mention when it went to trail they said that she had on blue pants and white tee.

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As you mentioned about the light under the cabinet turning on without a bulb, I read that people experience such things. Some hear the radio playing and when they look it is not turned on.

My Aunt called to let me know that she had a dream of my Dad. We were at a funeral and he was in attendance well dressed in a suit looking dazzling. She mentioned to Him how well he looked and then He hugged her, my cousin (her daughter) and me and my daughter.

Wonder whose funeral we were all at?

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maybe his?

I've heard that a lot of-visitations, I guess- involve electrical appliances, light bulbs, & battery-operated gizmos "acting up".

something about the nature of the energy of the departed one.

Many years ago, I lost a client to whom I had been very close.

After I went to bed that night, I heard music in the living room.

A musical Christmas card, the kind that plays when you open it, was lying on the sofa table, fully closed, playing its cheery music.

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On Valentines Day, which was my parents wedding anniversary my Dad's Playstation would not turn on. He is 70 years old but a longtime video game junkie. It drove my mom nuts. He tried and tried to get it to work....nothing. A little later he decided to clean up the place a bit and vacummed the carpeting. The game system came on all by itself! My mom had to say 'now you got the housework done you can play your game'! Just like momma!


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I've seen my grandfather setting in my dinning room, it was pretty freaky and found out that it was his birthday. I wish my Mom would come to me it would be so comforting and now that I've seen my grandfather I know there's something other then this life.

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I just came across this forum while searching for seeing past away family again. I have read most of the messages here and my heart goes out to all of you. Shoegirl, I really liked your story about the radio! I am currently 23 years old.

Anyway two weeks ago today I lost my Great Grandmother who I was pretty close to. She passed away at just one month and three days shy of 95 years old. Up until October of this year she had been in great shape. Although she did have lung cancer, the doctor said that it was moving so slowly, it wasn't even a real threat to her, and something else would get her long before the cancer ever did. So despite the cancer, she was doing great, and I always believed, both before and after her diagnosis with cancer, that she would easily make it to 100 years old. She was a very stong and tough woman, and had been through so much in her life and was still going strong!

Well, back in early october, she fell and broke her hip. She went through a surgery for it and ended up with a partially artificial hip in the process. After both breaking her hip and then the surgery to fix it spelled out the beginning of the end for her. Not only was the medication she was given making her tired all the time, the whole process caused her cancer to spread. It was now in her bones and her brain.

Although I was very close with my great-grandmother, I hadn't seen her much over the last year. I worked all the time and lived on the opposite side of town. I regret this VERY much now that she's gone that I didn't set aside more time for her, or at least to call her, but I did see her every single weekend after she broke her hip. Why did it take for her to break her hip before I did that? Oh, regret! Also, I spent the whole entire day with her at her bedside before her passing, even though she couldn't talk to me by that point, she knew I was there with her, and did find little ways of communicating with me during my visit.

ANYWAY, I am very sad and depressed at her passing, but she has given me so many signs and comforts that she is still with me. I am going to share those with you now.

One was at the reception after the funeral. I was alone in a room in my uncle's house and all of a sudden I could sense that she was sitting in one of the chairs she always sat in when we were over there. It was such a strong feeling that I literally walked over to the chair and kissed the thin air over it and said "I love you grandma!" Nothing more or less than a feeling, but it was very intense and real.

Another time was one night as I was getting into bed. I said out loud "grandma, I love you and miss you so much and I just want you to know that whenever you feel you want to visit me to just go ahead and do it. Any time at all, I won't reject a visit from you." No sooner did I say that my cat jumped up on me, gave me just a little nudge with his nose, and started purring very loudly. He was unusually calm and lay perfectly still as I started to pet him. I said "you're here now, aren't you grandma?" and the cat gave me another soft nudge right away. Such an awesome and powerfully comforting moment, and as I started to fall asleep the cat lay with me, perfectly calm and still, again extremely unusual for the little guy.

I had to work from 8 to 2 on Thanksgiving Day at my store, and about an hour before the end of my shift, a lady came in who was looking for bubble bath. She was on the completely opposite side of the store from where she should have been looking for it, and saw me and asked me. So I took her to it. On the way, she said that she normally doesn't go into stores on holidays, this was actually the first time she's entered a store on a holiday in many years, and she hadn't even been heading towards the area where the store is. She had just heard about how we had recently opened and she came in because bubble bath sounded good to her and she was almost out at home. She asked me how I was doing and I merely said "alright."

Well, we get to where it should be, and we're out. I appologized to her and she said to me "like my great-grandmother used to say, don't be sorry, be care filled." I told her that it was funny that she brought up great-grandmothers, as mine had just passed less than two weeks ago. She instantly threw out her arms and gave me an enormous hug and went on to say how she does not believe in coincidences, everything happens for a reason, and her reason for being in a store on a holiday for the first time in years, and happening to bump into me and ask me when she knew it wasn't way over where she was looking to begin with, and the fact that she even went out of her way to go there when she already had bubble bath at home anyway, and was merely running low, was to give me some comfort from my pain when I needed it. We had a nice talk about families and such, and she was a very nice lady, and the whole experience just really lifted me. She gave me another hug before she left and said that even though it's tough now, it will get better. Of course I already knew that, but the whole experience and nicety from a complete stranger was just very awesome.

There have been several other occassions as well, where I'll be sad and crying, only to stop suddenly and have a very comforting feeling come over me, as if she was there. A few times I have "talked" with her but only in my head, and sometimes I wonder if I'm really only imagining it. I have yet to see her in any dream, but I sure hope to some time soon. I've seen other past family members in dreams before and I'd absolutely love to see her in one. In a dream I could actually give her a hug again! How very nice that would be, to be able to give my great-grandmother a hug once again! Someday I'm sure that I'll be visited in a dream by her, I just hope that it's sooner rather than later, and more than just once, even if they do end up being far and few between.

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My father passed away last April 25th at 73 years of age. My sister and two bothers and I were with him at the hospital when he passed. My sister and I live on the other side of the country and my boyfriend flew us both there to be with him when he passed. My dad was sorry that he would never get to meet my wonderful boyfriend who made sure his daughters got there in time. He was very worried about dying and had what they call end of life issues. Mumbling a lot about what will happen after he goes and very afraid. He eventually passed peacefully as I had them up his morphine...

One of my brothers mentioned that dad had been really getting into Pink Floyd in the months prior, and that he asked my brother, who also was a PF fan if he knew how to cue The Wizzard of Oz to play with Dark side of the moon. Now if you're not a Pink Floyd fan let me explain. It's kind of an underground cult thingy that fans have discovered and that is that if you watch the Wizzard of Oz with the sound off and start Dark side of the moon in just the right spot they are in sync and it's really trippy. Anyway my dad and brother never figured out how to time it before my dad passed...

After he died and the funeral home picked up his body, we all drove dads car over to the funeral home. We had been driving that car all week and the radio on always. A few times we had attempted to insert a CD but when we hit eject the little door would open and close quickly and not accept or eject a CD, so we just left it on the radio...

In the meeting with the funeral home they asked us what song we would like played. We all looked around blankly and said we would tell them later. When we got back out to the car I said "I can't believe we have no idea what song dad wanted!" When we turned on the car the radio was complete static. My sister said, "Hit his presets and lets listen to his favorite stations. We hit button number one and a Pink Floyd song was playing. My brother said "OMG it's a sign from dad" to which I replied "Um, ok, but we are NOT going to play Pink Floyd at a funeral! That's just not ok!" and as soon as those words left my mouth, the song ended and the next one started. It was Pink Floyd's "Wish you were here". I turned it up and we cried all the way home knowing we found the perfect song. (at this point I still just thought it was a coincidence and WE just happened upon a song WE liked....)

So, the first night after he died my sister and I slept in dad's bed and my brothers slept in other rooms. At six in the morning we were awoken to a loud noise and shot up out of a dead sleep. The iron that was on the iron holder on the back of the door was swinging back and forth very aggressively, and making a huge racket. There was no denying it was a supernatural occurrence as nothing on earth could have made that happen...

We found dad's PF cd and played "Wish you were here" at the funeral. (Dad was a music lover and had a CD collection at home and a portfolio of burned and cataloged copies to listen to in his car) The next day set out to the lake in his car to scatter his ashes. We wanted to play the song on the way there so once again we attempted to insert the CD into the uncooperative CD player which at first did it's regular refusal to accept or eject a CD. We really wanted to hear it so we got more forceful and pulled the little door open and out popped a CD....

It was a burned copy of the exact CD we were trying to insert. The Pink Floyd CD with "Wish you were here" on it. It was the last CD dad put in there and listened to when he was driving. If we had hit "Play" instead of his number 1 radio station that day we would have heard the same song. Dad was telling us what song to play for him, and it was perfect. So we also played it when we scattered him over the waterfall he took us to when we were kids...

oh and one more thing....On the day my dad passed, my boyfriend was at home when a friend that lives an hour away showed up unannounced and unexpected. He just wanted to give my boyfriend something and left his car running as he didn't intend to stay. He just felt like bring this thing over to him and that was it. It was something my bf and his friend had never talked about before. It was a fan made bootleg DVD of The Wizzard of Oz with Dark side of the moon as the soundtrack lined up in just the right place.

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Thank you for all of these beautiful stories, they help be believe what has been happening in the recent weeks since my husband passed away.

It was unexpected and he was young, 37. We were just trying to start a family and had moved into our new home together.

I was in complete shock and hysterical for several days, and the first major thing that happened was to my sister. My husband was from Italy originally, and my sister - much to her surprise (and she was actually shaken pretty deeply by this) out of the blue she had complete phrases in Italian pop into her mind. She did her best to write them down and using a translator she found out the phrases meant several things including that he was happy and enjoyed our loving marriage etc. not simple I love you's but full phrases - I felt if she was pulling even a well meaning hoax it would have been much more simple Italian.

I've had several dreams of my husband, one in which he took me dancing at a wedding in a small village in northern Italy, visited apple orchards in full bloom and simply enjoyed each other's company as we had before. He told me he was happy and having fun - these dreams were so vivid and real I can see them in my memory as if they really happened.

One night I was knitting the blanket I was working on for us before he died and I suddenly felt a heavy warm presence across the entire front of my body shortly after which our TV suddenly turned off and on about 6 times. I went to bed.

Another night at 4:32 in the morning my laptop, which was closed (and in sleep mode) tucked under our bed started playing piano music at full volume. It was the music from my husbands memorial site - specifically from the page where I had written the story of how we met and shared some of the most beautiful stories of our relationship. I pulled the laptop out from under the bed, opened it, had to log in and then open the page with his site (it wasn't the top tab left open) the music was playing at full volume - something I've never done with my laptop (doesn't sound good and it is LOUD).

The last strange thing that happened was I asked our puppy (who is a year old) spur of the moment 'Where's Daddy?' Our puppy was in the kitchen with me while I was making some tea and he just turned and looked out of the kitchen towards our dinning table at the only chair that was pulled back from the table. I thought that was strange and I said playfully 'hey where's daddy?' and our dog walked over to the chair sat down facing it, looking at it and then looked over his shoulder back at me - with quite a serious expression (not his typically excited bouncy puppy look).

I often feel like he is here, I often feel I am getting a hug and he is telling me he is happy and OK. Sometimes his nicknames for me pop into my head out of nowhere.

I love my husband very much. He was a beautiful man and will be missed by so many. I hope he is always with me.

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First of all thanks to all for posting their thoughts, which makes me feel am one among you to get these bizzare thoughts.

I am 22 now. As a kid I was bought up as a very strong girl and very independent by my mother. I never got any thought of loving anyone in my life though I had many crushes. Miss Independent girl.

I had been studying with Prav since three years. My life wasn�t going well then. I was quiet in college which isn�t my nature. I was a believer in astrology and had subscribed for my horoscope. It used to get delivered to my e-mail on a daily basis. My friend Prav by then was started getting very close. As I never showed my lovable personality I never had a doubt that he was following or loving me. As per the horoscope, someone already had entered my life and I am going to enter a new Phase of life. I tried hard to figure who it could be as I don�t allow and haven�t allowed anyone to enter my life. I just accepted prav but never said him about this. Prior to that I had started seeing sign of heart He clearly showed his love to me from his behavior. He didn�t tell me as he was scared where I will reject him. Later after some months of going around with Prav I finally proposed him and gave my heart to him. We became close and started dating.

He was a chain smoker and so were his friends. I never encouraged this habit but I didn�t bother him much with it. Soon after our college got over, we had met twice. The last day we met was May22 2010. We both later got busy in our new careers. We loved each other so much that I can�t pen it down in words.

In August 2010 he was diagnosed of cancer. Prav never said a word about it. He kept it in dark till May 22nd 2011. He used to ignore my calls saying he is getting treatment- chemotherapy and operations. But he never made any doubt come to me as he had cancer. I used to message him in face book and in mobile and rarely he would reply me. When I asked him he always told me to message him every time and not to get angry with him. He said he loved me a lot. I used get a doubt that something is really out of box. But the thought of death never came to me and I wasn�t ready to accept it.

I continued seeing the heart shaped signs of our love in my bathroom and in my room and would get consoled that all�s well in our life.

I was in office on 20th may11. I got a call from my classmate saying Prav is in supporter and has 2-3 hrs to live. That was the hell I had seen in my life. My friends and I rushed to hospital. Prav looked like never before. I was shocked to see him like that. I was just inconsolable. I then understood why he never wanted me to see him, why he ignored my calls and changed his mobile numbers. I stayed with him for some time by his bed. I was lucky that his family members were�nt there. It was luck that badly wanted after haven�t not seen him for a year. I held his hand and said to him "I will always be there with you". He was sleeping unconscious. After coming out, I saw his mom crying. But I couldn�t console her. I went home crying all the way. I prayed and told him to give up if it was paining a lot.

On May 22, 2011 he breathed his last. Exactly a year after we met. He left for a better place. I still see our signs of love but not so frequently as before.

His mobile ringtone is a song which is tightly based on our life which tells at the end even the creator of universe can�t separate us. He had put that ringtone months before�.

It�s a true saying that a moment with your lover can make you live life a lifetime. How true�.I will never get a lover as my Prav and as for cancer I will never forgive it in my life even if it gets me.
He didn�t deserve to die so young.

I still love you Praveen(prav).

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My husband passed away recently at the age of 25. He was my true love and I will have him in my heart for the rest of my life. I saw a dream about a week ago that I believe was very special and I think it was a message from him. In that dream I went to the hotel me and him stayed at many times in the city that we first met at the oceanfront. There were 2 beds in the room and one of the beds had something laying on it. Once I came closer I saw that it was a photo album and also a letter without an envelope. I recognized his handwriting right away. At first I opened the photo album but to my surprise it was empty except for just one photo of us in the middle of it and 2 little notes written by him. They said that he loved me. Then I started reading the letter. I cannot remember all the things that were written in it, but I read the whole thing and I remember one sentense very clearly. It said "Darling, what you and me had was true love". I believe this to be a message from him. I love you, Chris.

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Thank you all so much for your postings. They make me feel like I'm not alone or crazy.
I had been dating Jay off and on for about 3 years. Even though we liked each other very much I think we were both afraid to really pursue more because of past heartaches. The summer he died we had started seeing more of each other and the last time I saw him he had come to my house to see me and we talked and talked. When he went to leave he held my hands and looking deeply into my eyes and asked me to consider being in something serious with him> He told me that he loved me and wanted me to love him and for us to be together> I agreed to call him later in the week to make plans for the following weekend. I remember him running back up the steps to my back porch and kissing me goodbye. Two days later he died suddenly. I wasn't close to his family or friends and learned through his aunt's webpage that the cause of death was unknown.
I grieved very badly for him. Shocked ...he was 37 years old..vibrant..happy..energetic. A week after his funeral I prayed for peace in my heart and mind and finally I fell asleep. Around 5am woke up for a brief moment and dozed back was then that I dreamed I was walking in a white mist (it was familiar to me as I had been in the same white misty place 20 years before when I nearly died from a blood clot in my lung). Across the mist I saw him, he looked radiant with a smiled beaming from ear to ear and all dressed like he was going out for the night. He saw me and raised his hand to wave to me and though I didn't see his mouth move his words came to me and he said "Hey girl..I'll be seeing you". He looked so happy and peaceful I will never forget it. I woke up with such a sense of peace within me that it lasted for days.
A few weeks later or maybe a couple of months later I was still grieving and thinking of him constantly. I could feel his presence in my house. Especially when I would park and walk across my back yard to the back steps. Sometimes I would smell his cologne as I was coming up the steps to the back door or at night as I lay in bed reading.
Again I dreamed of him in the white misty place, only this time he was among a group of my passed on loved ones. I could hear their voices in unison and yet separately too and they were all telling me to not dwell on his death because if I did I would miss something important.
Fourteen weeks after Jay died I received the coroner's report on his cause of death and after reading that he died from a fatal cardiac arrythmia caused from undiagnosed heart disease I went into another period of deep grieving. One night I was sitting on my couch watching a movie not even thinking of him when I saw him ..his spirit form..sitting on the love seat where he sat during his last visit to me. His spirit got up walked the two steps to my side leaned down and kissed my cheek and then vanished. I haven't felt him in the house since that night but I know that he loved me and that he worried about me and that he's happy and safe now.

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It's been 10 days since my mother passed away suddenly at the age of 53. She was a alcoholic for my entire life and always refused help. I know she had a rough life early on, but I found myself angry with her soo often. I just hated seeing what the alcohol was doing to her and feeling that she didn't really care. I knew that I would end up losing her at a young age because of it. Over the years the alcoholism led to other health problems but in the end none of the were the ultimate cause. He body had just become some weak that she died of heart failure.
I can't help but think that if I had just tried a little harder to make her get help, that maybe she'd still be here. I am also struggling with the resentment though, for being so angry with her all the time.
I have have two dreams/experiences though in the past two nights. The first was a dream. In it, was my great grandmother (passed several years ago), mom and myself. Grandma was giving us bras, yes, bras, and mom and I were commenting on how much support each one gave. Weird, I know. I'm taking from this that she and my great grandma are going to support me through this...The other experience was lastnight. I thought it was just a dream but it was so vivid I just don't know what to make of it. In my dream I was laying in bed on my side facing our master bath door. But, in the dream the door actually led into a hallway. I was cry and kept repeating mom, mommy, where are you? Then I felt the feeling of someone hugging my from behind. Almost like laying in the spooning position. I instantly had a sense of peace come over me. Then as I was still crying I said "I love you mom" and heard her say I love you back. Then I said "I miss you soo much" and she said "I know, I didn't want to go". That is all I remember but I wish I could have that feeling every night. Something to reassure me everyday that she is still here with me...

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My grandmother died in 1967. We were very close and I still miss her terribly. One night in 1976 I was asleep in the room she lived in until she died and I felt something come into my room. I told them that I was afraid and for them to leave. She told me it was her and she wasn't going to hurt me. I felt her sit on the corner of my bed, we talked and she told me she loved me and was gone. A few months later I married and my husband's grandmother who had died just after we met, I never met her, came to me in a dream and told me in no uncertain terms to take care of him for her. They were very close as well. I have not had any encounters with either of them again. I still talk to Mammaw, but don't hear from her. My son passed away 3 months ago today and I have wanted to hear from him. So far I have only dreamed of him once and it wasn't that kind of dream, he just happened to be in the dream. I guess it says something though, because I do not dream. The only dream I ever had since he was born came true the night he died. I would dream that I was sitting in a hospital room waiting on a doctor and he would come in and tell me my son didn't make it. The night my son died, that's exactly what happened. Although I talk to my son all day long, everyday, I don't hear from him except for finding money. I do not find money, or didn't until my son died. Since his death I have found all denominations of coins as well as paper money. I want to believe that it's him telling me he's around and giving my husband, his Pop, chump change.

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This thread is similar to "Do You Believe in the Afterlife?"

thought it would be nice for people to be able to read these comments & stories.

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Today my husband called me and said I think I'm loosing my mind. He said he stopped at a store and need to go to the bathroom. He said he walked in and turned on the light and his grandfather was starring at him in the mirror. After he looked at him for a few seconds he was looking at himself. He said it made him think about his grandpa all day and missed him even more. His grandpa had passed over more than 20 years ago. Why do you think this happened??

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Lost my dad about five months ago, totally unexpected. I have been grieving hard but starting to go on and accept it. I had a dream about a week ago and there he was standing in the kitchen of our family home, with a long ago boyfriend of mine who died well over a decade ago. They were smiling at me and talking, both men looked so happy and healthy. I can think of no reason I would dream of them together, except they are in the same place now.

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My granddaughter was 6 when her Poppi (my husband) died. When she was 11 she had a nasty fall and was taken to the hospital with her face covered in blood, the doctor cleaned her up and there wasn't even a scratch on her face, the blood was from her nose. My daughter told her she was so lucky not to have anything to scar her face and she said "It is OK mommy because at the last minute Poppi put his hand out". I believe her because her grandfather wouldn't have tolerated anything to scar his princess's beautiful face.

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Hello, my son passed away 3 weeks ago he was 28 years old. Extremely tragic for me & my family as well so painful. He had a drug addiction & would run out in the middle of the night one of the worst neighborhoods to do so Newark, NJ. He died by a hit & run driver it is now under investigation. About 2 weeks after his death I saw his image in my room for just a few seconds. He looked much better & younger. I know exactly what he was wearing although he did not look at me. My mom also saw him too in her home for just a couple seconds. I believe it was for us to observe only, a gift from God & Jesus to ease our pain. I am totally devoted to church, grief groups & a counselor to continue with my life. My thoughts & blessings go to anyone out here who has lost a child!

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I will tell you of my sister's experience.

Our dad passed away in March of last year. My sister and her husband were on their way home from somewhere that evening (Dad had died in the morning) and dropped into some place for something to eat - just at a club or somewhere cheap. They weren't in the mood for eating but they needed something.

And they were sitting at the table, the two of them, just talking quietly, with the plates and the knives and the forks where plates and knives and forks always are when you sit down and have not yet started to eat.

My sister was talking.

Her husband, Phil, looked down because the movement of something had caught his eye. It was the fork in front of my sister. It moved down the table, off the table, and fell into her lap. Nothing was touching it. The table was flat. The club was on dry land (not on some tub on a turbulent sea) and there had been no earthquake.

My sister looked at her husband. "How can that happen?" she said.

"It can't," he said.

They ate their dinner and afterwards, my sister - who wanted to keep that fork - put it to one side, hoping that when the waitress came to fetch their plates, that she would somehow forget to pick up the fork.

The waitress came and stood at my sister's right side, where her plate and knife lay. For a moment it looked as though the waitress would not go for the fork but then she moved behind my sister and picked it up.

"Er... I'm rather attached to that fork..." said my sister, to the waitress.

And the waitress put it down. (She is probably used to meeting all types of people. Maybe my sister wasn't as weird as some.) And she said, "I didn't see a thing!" And left the fork for Roz.

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dispicable spam.
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I'm glad it was removed. It was painful reading that tripe.

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For those thinking tete-a-tete & I have lost our minds, the moderators removed the post to which we were responding;
it was a piece of spam for a "psychic" who preys on grieving people.
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