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Betsy LDecember 17, 2001

I thought I would come here and as some of you for some advice. This will be the first grandbaby and my parents are having a hard time coming up with names. If you could help me or them in coming up with some or some web sites that have different names from different places that would be extremely helpful. Thanks in advance-


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My DGC call me Honey and hubby is POP.

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Grandad and Nana -easy to say when young and always sounds sweet. when older teens and older they say NAN and G-dad or grandad.

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My husband and I will become first-time grandparents this July and we are VERY excited! We wanted to explore some different names for grandparents. I have decided on Marmee but my husband just doesn't seem able to find a name. Could any of you help us out with something different from Pops or Pop-Pop or Grand-dad? Thanks so much! Joan Eichhorn

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To my Granddaughter we are Nanny (sometimes Nan) and PopPop.

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How about Grammy for the grandmother? We always use popaw for the grandfather, but I don't like that too well.

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My parents have always been Grandma and Grandpa to my kids. My in-laws are Nonnie and Poppa. DH and I became new grandparents this fall. My girls started to call me Grammie and DH as Grandpa when granddaughter is around. I refer to him as Grumpa. LOL When he calls me Grandma I feel older than I usually do. Hopefully we'll get him trained.

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To our Grandkids, we used to be Grandmom and Granddad. But then DGD started calling my husband Granddude and now they all do and he likes it.

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My kids had so many grandparents they were called by their Gramma June/Gramma Mary. Gramma June is 84 and is still called Gramma June. Then we have Noni, Granny, Pops, Maw/Paw and to the Great-granddaughter, I'm Gramma Shazz. What is so cute is that you can call yourself something to the babies and when they try to say that, it sometimes comes out all different and that's what sticks! That's how Maw/Paw got started.

Ruthanna, I like Granddude!

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My DH has a Meemaw and Papa.

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Grandma is Mimi (I was told this means grandma in French. Is it true?)
Grandpa- Papa

But I love grandude! that is clever.

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My parents are referred to as Nana and Papa by my nieces and nephews.

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Poppy and Grammy to my 3 grandbabies, PawPaw and MawMaw to his 3 grandbabies -- well, actually, all 6 belong to both of us, love-wise!

Here is a link that might be useful: Welcome to Gram's Pantry

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We're Nana and Grampy. I wanted to be Grammy to go along with Grampy but my children started calling their own grandmother Gran (after many years of calling her Mommom)so my daughter thought that would be too confusing. Of course, now they call her G-G.

The in-laws last name starts with Z so they are MomZ and PopZ but my grandson just calls him Pop.

I saw the post that listed Meemaw for a grandmother. I have a shirt which lists all different names for grandmother on it and Meemaw is one of them. I've always wondered where that name originated. I had never heard of it before.

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