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gildaDecember 3, 2002

Hi everyone, I'm Gilda from Alabama and I just came across this forum. I am a new grandmother to a beautiful 2 month old boy, Luke. Luke's mom suffered from post partum depression the first 6 weeks and was hospitilized a while and I was the main caretaker for the little one while she was ill. Now she is doing fine, with meds and therapy and a lot of love and understanding. However, i am going through a little withdrawal, I'd guess you can call it.

Ashley's mom passed away 2 years ago and I am the only grand so I can use as much advice as I can get.

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Hi, Gilda. Congratulations on the almost new grandson. They are sooooo much fun. Yes, it's hard when you cannot see them all the time, but the new moms & dads need to learn how to make their own mistakes, just like we did. Otherwise they'll never get the confidence they need to survive the teenage years. Luke is lucky to have such a loving grandma. Hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas. Monica inTX

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Welcome Gilda, and congratulations! From what it sounds like, you are not only a wonderful, loving, grandmom, but also a wonderful mom and mother-in-law. I know how you must feel about having withdrawals. I have two darling grandsons and after I have been around them, I miss them so much after not seeing them for just a few days. Just try to see Luke as often as possible without smothering Ashley and offer to babysit not only to help yourself, but also to allow her to get out some and keep her emotional state as it should be. Good luck to you and Merry Christmas!!
Lulie Cosby

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