Dull wood floors

Jodi_SoCalJune 13, 2012

This Chilean Cherry (Coique) was installed 4.5 years ago. We've used nothing but Bona on it since day one. Recently it has started looking especially dull. Bona never gave it a real shiny look but it as least looked even. Now it looks like there is a light film on the wood. Any suggestions?

Shortly after installation.

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Try a bit of vinegar with a microfiber cloth and rub to see if you remove any buildup of anything. If you've used nothing but Bona, I suspect not, and that it's merely time for a normal screening and recoating with poly. But since you have handscraped floors, that becomes an all out pain as you can't use a machine on them. They have to be hand screened to be able to touch all of the highs and lows. That runs into some money.

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What is the Bona product that you have been using?

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Yikes, I can't image having to refinish the flooring so soon after installing it. We were told in it's lifetime it can only be refinished 2-3 times because it's engineered flooring which we were told we needed to use because we live in a slab home.

We use Bona's Hardware Floor Cleaner and the Bona washable mop system.

I'll try some vinegar this weekend.


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Screening and recoating isn't refinishing. It doesn't involve sanding down to the bare wood like refinishing does. You only rough up the dulled surface of the finish only with a sanding screen and then re-apply a top coat. It's a fairly ordinary maintenance procedure with most floors when they begin to show wear in the traffic paths. However, it does require the inconvenience to the homeowner of refinishing in that you need to move the furniture to expose the floor and you may not want to sleep in the house until it's fully cured.

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Well, hopefully our 4.5 year old flooring won't need to be recoated. It shows no wear anywhere, just a dull film.

This is the first time I've ever lived with wood floors and I love them. This particular wood is warm and soft on the feet, which really surprised me the first morning I stepped on it.

It's never had a high gloss, more like a satin finish, so I can't imagine adding a coat of anything that might add shine to it.

I'll try the vinegar this weekend.


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If you product has a pull top (Bona Shine) throw it away!!
Bona cleaner is fine. We are running into more than a few home owners who think they are doing the right thing using the Shine product but what they are doing is putting a cheap finish over their much better finish.

To get it off try washing it down with a damp terry cloth towel using a good cleaner (Bona, Woodwise, Basic Squeaky Clean or any number of the flooring manufacturers labeled,approved products. Mix in about 1 cup of household ammonia per gallon. Let it sit for a minute then gently scrub it off in the direction of the grain. You may have to repeat the process.

Some flooring professionals have special machines to do a deep cleaning of wood flooring and will be happy to take care of your problem for you.

Orange Glow will cause the same issue as Bona Shine. Never use a product that says it renews the shine.

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The only Bona product we've used is the Hardwood Floor Cleaner shown at the link below.

We'll first try vinegar and if that doesn't work, the cleaner/ammonia combo.

Is Murphy Oil Soap acceptable to use as the cleaner?


Here is a link that might be useful: Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner

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NOOOO! Death to murphys oil soap. Lol.

Forget most of the commerical cleaners. They are okay for once in awhile cleaner but 80% of the time just use warm water and a small amount of vinegar.

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If the dulling film is even under your furniture, where you don't usually clean, then it is a product problem and no the cleaner you are using. I never had anyone report a problem with the Bona product.

Are you cleaning the floors yourself or do you (wait for it...) employ a house cleaner?

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Are your floors oil rubbed with no poly? They look similar in finish to mine and I am wondering what the best way to clean them is also (without going straight to rubbing tung oil on them all the time). I am scared to DEATH of using water anything because it's wood without any poly to protect it....but I love the finish - no gloss or shine at all. It's holding up great with our 2 boys and 70# dog. So far I have used a very damp cloth on my hands and knees to clean high traffice areas or clean those puppy paw prints that show up.

I haven't tried Bona. I did try to 'damp mop' it with a cloth but that didn't go very well. It definitely didn't glide across the floor more like studdered over it if that makes sense and didn't seem to really do anything. Does Bona help it to glide?

By the way - I am totally in LOVE with your backsplash - clipped your kitchen posts a long while back. :)

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