No grand parents for my children

karinDecember 17, 2001

Both my parent died and my first daughter was only 10 when my mother died. My 3 other children never knew her and I can see how much they miss not having a grandmother. Children at school speak a lot about granmothers and grandfathers and I feel they are missing an important part of their families. As for my husband's parents they always refused to know the children. My husband's first wife left him for another man but as far as they were concerned she remained their daughter in law. If you feel that grandparents are sometimes spoiling your children, enjoy it I would have loved my children to enjoy that special love.


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I grew up with no grandparents as well, but there was an older lady in my neighborhood who served as grandmother to all the children in the area. Still remember her as a grandmother. Perhaps there are some senior citizens who might enjoy visits with yor children

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Maybe you could take your children to a nursing home. Check with the social service director for ideas. Do any of your children play instruments, or sing, or make crafts? Do you have a pet also to share. Is there a senior citizen center near? Are you active in a church, if so ask the pastor for ideas. As usual, just be careful and beaware that not all senior citizens are good around children. Ask some of your friends. I used to be Grandma to lots of neighbor kids, before I moved.
Good luck

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I was lucky enough to have grandparents, but mine all lived over 500 miles away. I only got to see them once or twice a year. I was also lucky enough to have family friends and neighbors that took the place of grandparents when mine couldn't be around. Look around your neighborhood and community. There may older folks that would love to have children around. I live in an older neighborhood. I know when I take ds walking, I meet a lot of the neighbors who have lived there for years. They all really seem to enjoy ds. Some even bring him small gifts when they go on vacation.

DS does have grandparents. He has a Papaw who comes over to see him several times a week. I really happy about it because I've lost most of my grandparents in the last couple of years and really treasure those memories. Believe me, I tolerate things from Papaw that could drive me crazy because I love knowing my ds has that grandparent bond. I hope you find someone for your children.

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Dear poster,

I know exactly what you are going through. I have 2 small children (3yrd old, and a 5 month old. My mother used to call me and ask to speak with my 3 year old, but no longer does. She is involved in a cult and per instructions thru her pastor she is not supposed to involve herself with the "ungodly". Very sad situation here, so I know what you are going through believe me. :) I am sorry that i cannot give you advice, but if you ever need someone to speak with feel free to e-mail me. I can't give advice, because I am very bitter, and I will probably give you bad advice. Anyhow, take care! :) (you are not alone)

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We seldom see a lot of our grand children and greats but we have plenty of others. when my son married a girl wit 3 kids the youngest came threw her arms around me and said "now you are my real grandma" and we are real close.First time out there she wanted to know what I brought her because Grandmas are suppose to bring you things
Then there is a family we have been real close with they have 5 kids all grown now. The oldest was 13 before she knew we weren't really her Grandparents.We are getting close to the 80 mark and it is nice to have kids that love us and we can love them. Three new kids next door and they have adopted us all ready

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I had one of those very special grandmothers and know full well what your children are missing out on. My grandmother died when I was 37 years old. I got the priviledge of having her influence my life for many years. There isn't a day that goes by that something she used to say or do doesn't somehow impact my life.
Your children don't have to be grandparentless. Try adopting a senior citizen. Go to a local senior citizens center and ask if there is anyone there who receives few visits and would be willing to talk with your children for an hour a week. Play a reverse role with your children. Allow THEM the opportunity to brighten someone elses life, as grandarents could have done for your children.

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