Does Vanguard Furniture make a quality sectional

maggiewpNovember 13, 2012

Hello. I am agonizing over finding the right sectional for the family room in our new house. The room is a bit awkward and not all that large, so a sectional is the best way to make use of the space we have and maximize seatinh, and I need one end of the L to be shorter than the other. I believe in buying quality, but we don't have a lot of local dealers where I live carrying quality that I can look at and sit on. I have found a Vanguard sectional from their American Bungalow collection that I can customize to fit, but I'm concerned about the loose back cushions. Do they look sloppy with time? The company claims not to do semi-attached because they claim there are tears with time. I also saw some negative postings about Vanguard. Can anyone comment? I read good things about Huntingdon House but I'll have to drive 2 hours just to test one out. I am interested in a classic (but slightly contemporary with clean lines so it takes up less space). This couch will get a lot of use but my kids are older (and past the jumping on cushions and making forts stage). Any advice?

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Maggiewp. I don't who would write a negative review about Vanguard they make an excellent product.

I suppose you if you had a thousand customers and 998 of them were happy and two were unhappy. The unhappy ones would tend to post their feelings and I suppose rightfully so.

They are right about semi attached cushions. They do tend to rip along the seams.

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A lot depends on the fabric, as usually the fabric is the most costly part of most sofas, and usually is the first to go on a well constructed frame, so you should pick a fabric accordingly.
Their isnt that much difference in quality of Vanguard and Huntington House. Both are good quality upholstery; real hardwood frame construction, 8-way handtied coil springs, HR foam cushions. Loose backs require turning and fluffing on a regular basics. Feathers or fiber filled. They should be channeled a minimum of 3.

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Thank you for your responses. What does "channeled a minimum of 3" mean though?

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Maybe a better layman's terms would be dividers. The feathers and/or feather fiber mixture should be incased in a sewn pillow made with a down-proof ticking. And this pillow should have at least 3 individual horizontal channels or dividers. Top - center - bottom. This keeps the filling in place so that the pillow will provide support in all areas and maintain its shape.

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I agree that Vanguard makes a quality product... but comparing them to Huntington House? Reallly?

Huntington House is not in the same ballpark as Vanguard.

If I were purchasing a sectional.. and wanted a quality product... I would be looking into Kreiss, Swaim, RC Furniture, Hendredon, Hickory Chair, Marge Carson, EJ Victor, A Rudin.

That is the top tier

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Interesting comment "richardwrx". Exactly where do you see a difference in quality now?
Just to add, that I have personally been on the production floor of both Vanguard and Huntington House, seeing it being manufactured and understanding their quality control. Huntington House has increased their quality quite a bit recently, so maybe your thinking of some past years.

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I have actually had first hand experience with both manufacturers. I do have a to the trade showroom and small upholstery factory.

I am very familiar with the manufacturing process and all of the little tricks that can be done to make a piece of furniture cheaper.

Huntington House is not a quality conscientious company... its very simple... take a look at the detailing in their products, it is terrible.

I would not say the same about Vanguard.

If I were however looking to purchase some upholstery, they would not be on the radar of companies I would purchase from.

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Richardwrx, your answer is still quit vague, in comparison. As I posted their isnt that much a difference in quality when you compare the price points. I will try to explain to you the details of the difference, as Vanguard; upholstery operations are hourly paid, where Huntington House the all upholstery operations are hourly paid with the exception of spring-up and upholstery. And this will play some difference in quality. But for the actual quality of materials that go into either product, I challenge you to find a difference.

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