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mazleoneDecember 7, 2006

I will be delivering within a couple weeks, my first, and I would love to surprise my mother with a grandparent present at the hospital. This is very special for her as I am an only child and we are very close. Any suggestions from you veteran grandparents?

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Do you have access to pictures of when you were born? If so, get a picture of the first time you mom held you after your birth and then take a picture of the first time your mom holds YOUR baby. Have the pictures made into 5 X 7"s and put into a side-by-side frane. Priceless! Get the frame ahead of time, get your baby picture with your mom and then take the picture of the new grandma. This gift can be done withing hours after the birth.
As for the hospital are already giving her the best gift in the world! Believe me, there is NO other gift like a grandchild. A big hug and a healthy birth is all your mom wants and prays for.

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Believe me, having her first grandchild will be gift enough. Allow your mother to part of your child's life. Whatever material thing you might give her won't compare.
There are always interesting and helpful articles in the 'Kids & Grandkids' section of

Here is a link that might be useful: Let Life In

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Don't forget, your Mom may not be the only grandparent. Don't single her out as if she's the only important one and leave out others if this applys.

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my Daughter gave me a book called " Grandma's Special Memories" by Linda Spivey and I love that . Its a book that you write all about "you the "Grandma" in it has spaces for pictures and recipes , I just love it .
She got it in a Bob Evans her in palm Coast , Florida and she said it cost 15.00

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I'm a new grandfather and my wife has taken a lot of family pictures over the years, many of which have been turned into paintings to hang in the home or office, or to give as gifts. I'm sure your mother would enjoy a painting made from a special photo that has a lot of meaning and memories for you both. Or wait until the grandchild is a month or two old and have a photo made that can become a painting. You can see a no-obligation proof in advance of placing your order and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Here is a link that might be useful: Your Photo To Painting

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You are going to have enough on your mind delivering a baby. Don't complicate your life with trying to make anybody else happy, except your husband who has gone through this 9 months, and has months of little sleep ahead. As fatquarters pointed out she may not be the only grandparent. I suppose a book would be okay, but you may be only in the hospital overnight and lucky to get any sleep. Enjoy letting people send flowers and fuss over you.

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