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Barbara_MNovember 12, 2001

I have a very sweet 3 year old grandson. He has speech problems due to water retention on the brain caused by birth damage. We were visiting over the weekend and my son-in-law, with whome I have a very good relationship so far, was very verbally abusaive to this little boy. He made fun of his speech and was just mean to him. He has a 10 month old da. and he told me he loves them both but the little girl is his favorite. There were times he would play with the little guy and then just push him away and tell him to get out of his way. I really think he loves him but I wonder if he just don't know how to deal with his son's problems. I am sure my daughter is aware of this but doesn't know what to say since in so many was he is a great husband and father. How can we help him, he was abused the same way as a child.

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I would talk to the parents, suggest they get into some sort of speach thearpy program, that would most likely include some counseling as to how a parent should work with the handicap the child has.

Your son in law's behavior will not benefit the child in any way, and it should be stopped.

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I would strongly suggest a support group for your SIL as this is verbal abuse, and he could loose his son if a social worker gets involved. The wife must insist her husband stop this immediatly because the daughter will start doing the same. They both need some sort of counseling and you should support this.

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