pets and leather furniture

lachaseNovember 17, 2009

Just wanted to pass on what someone in the business told me today and that was to NOT buy a leather sofa if I have pets because it will end up being scratched up. I was impressed that they actually told me their honest opinion instead of going for the sell. I've been wavering back and forth on what to do being a multiple pet owner. I guess, back to looking at fabric....

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I have a leather couch and I won't be getting another one. Unless you never allow pets on the furniture (and know they don't climb on the minute you leave!) you will get scratches.
Personally I would go back to that store for a cloth sofa, if you can. Someone honest, especially in this economy, is worth patronizing!

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my cat loves to bury her claws in a good leather chair.

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They can ruin fabric too. My dog loves to jettison herself off our couch.

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I was impressed by her candor as well, but alas, the store is going out of business, which may be why she was so forthright. My instincts have been telling me the same all along. Sadly, the remaining stock in the store isn't anything that appeals to me. I wanted to pass along the info here to help out others who want a professional opinion on what we probably knew anyhow. Leather is beautiful but just not appropriate for us "furkid" lovers.

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I have a RH Maxwell sofa and the leather is sort of scratchy and worn when you get it. I haven't flipped out about any scratches since they look as though they're part of the finish.

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lisaj1354, that's the way to go with pets....or kids! I bought an "antiqued" computer desk because I knew it was only a matter of time before the scratches set in! Sadly enough, I was the first to scratch it!

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I've ordered a leather sectional online, sight unseen, because of my dogs. I have a nice couch now, but I have to keep it covered because it has become my two dog's bed. I researched this a lot and many said their leather did great with their pets. I'm counting on those statements! I can hopefully wipe off any doggy hair and/or drool, etc. and be able to sit on the sectional myself!

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Different strokes for different pets, I guess. Leather is the only furniture my several dogs and cats over the years have not scratched or damaged in any way.

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I agree with jansue. I'd never buy another fabric sofa. High quality leather is so much better with pets. No scratches, no smells, and hair and saliva wipes right off.

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I would go with nothing BUT leather for my 3 large dogs (approx 100 lbs each). I went with a tobacco colored "distressed" leather. The nail marks only ENHANCE the look -- it just makes it look better and better.

There is no way to get all that accumulated dog hair off a fabric sofa, and I don't have to worry about having to constantly shoo them off of it. It works fantastically. They usually lay on the love seat, or the heated tile beneath it, and I get the big sofa (same setting).

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Honestly, I'm surprised as the previous inquiries. In general leather is a solid surface. Therefore, for an animal to pierce the leather it must first be stretched. Second, compared to a cloth couch leather is the definite better choice. Leather does not retain pet dander and hair like a cloth couch does and if your pet scratches the cloth furniture, it is much more noticeable and to a certain extent almost unrepairable. A leather couch would only need some buffing and a guest would never notice.

My advice is to purchase a leather sofa if any.

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My leather chair finally came in and I've had it for almost a week. My dog Porkchop has yet to sit in it, she refuses!

CindyandMocha, that's the best picture!

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Cindyand mocha love the pics of the dogs.

Leather is the way to go with dogs. Just make sure you get a good one and a leather that doesn't scratch.

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Our boxer, who died last year, was trained not to get on furniture, so we never had a problem with our leather couches.

However, we got two cats since, and the couches were destroyed quickly! We've since gotten them declawed, so no further problem, but the damage is done.

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I bought a leather couch from the Room Store in AZ (horrible store). No scratches from my dogs, but their saliva is eating away at the dye in the leather. Now my couch is all spotted... not sure if it's the quality of the leather, or the quality of the store I purchased it from...

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Even high quality leather varies in its ability to be scratched or wetted. Depends on how it was finished. Best to check samples.

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For me, the plus of leather is the ease in which you can wipe off dirt/hair, but even one scratch really stands out if it's a smooth/sleek/shinny surface (aka-roche bobois). My cats have ruined ours by just running across it, not from scratching it. a rough distressed leather would probably be more forgiving (cindy and mocha's looks perfect for that).

I much prefer fabric. I like a textured durable fabric that can be cleaned and will hide dirt. for me, unless the cat makes a hole, fabric is sooo much more forgiving. if there are some snags the threads can be cut. but, nothing is perfect.

most importantly, for all of us who have pets, it's definitely best to embrace imperfection and realize it's only stuff. for most of us, we would rather have some flaws in our homes instead of surgically altering our pets with the goal of perfect belonging. Maybe we can make some posts about creative ideas to hide the damage. Faux fur throws go a long way and look great too! A long time ago I bought a denim sofa so when my cats used it as a scratching post, I could use cute patches as if it were jeans.

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Marcia Thornley

I will never buy a fabric sofa again. I spent years with duct tape, roller brushes etc. trying to remove dog hair and the fabric always pilled where the dog sat.
Our new leather furniture has liberated me! A quick dusting and that's all I need do.

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People who have pets are often worried about purchasing leather furniture, concerned that the pets will damage the leather. While no fabric is indestructible, the level of quality and proper prevention methods will help minimize damage.

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I just recently purchased a leather couch and loveseat. I have two bichons who are couch potatoes. I was scared of the leather getting ripped, but my groomer dremmeled their toenails, so they are not sharp at all. I'm very happy and my puppers have their couches back.

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