Damage to finish on solid oak dining table -- HELP

shelly_kNovember 21, 2010

I have a brand new dining table that I had made by an Amish furniture place in Ohio. It is white oak and from what I can tell has a conversion varnish finish (satin) on it. It is also distressed.

My daughter took a sharpie to it. Without thinking, I used a magic eraser on it. The eraser took the marker right out, but now the finish appears to be damaged. Specifically, the places where I used the eraser look smoother and feel smoother than the rest of the table. I can really see it and I'm kicking myself for using that eraser! Obviously, I didn't know it would do that!

Is there anything I can do? I know nothing about furniture. It's one of those things that I can see clearly when the light shines just right on it and it's driving me nuts! I assume it's the finish that is damaged, right?

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Magic Erasers are a matrix of melamine and act like a light abrasive. You have simply rubbed the finish to a higher sheen. That sheen no longer matches the "off the (spray) gun" finish.

Matching sheens can be difficult. If the finish is a conversion finish, then it may be one of those that will not accept any top coat. So you are stuck with having to match the sheen by rubbing out the whole top (including any leaves).

Or you can not let it bother you and just leave it.

For future reference, or for anyone else listening in, the main solvent in all colors of Sharpie is alcohol. I have successfully removed lots of Sharpie marks by simply dampening a soft cloth with denatured alcohol and lightly padded the area. A sweeping motion like a plane doing a touch-and-go landing. Generally, it comes out in just a few seconds. It's a little more difficult on white lacquered surfaces and for those, I can get 90% of it out with alcohol, then I apply new white lacquer to match.

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