Grandson's Potty Habits

KellieNovember 26, 2001

Hello! My 5 year old grandson constantly poops in his pants. My daughter has tried everything to get him to go to the bathroom the right way--even the school has tried to help. I feel bad for him because he always stinks! Is there anyone out there who has had this problem and can help us? My grandson is in Kindergarten this year and I hate to think of the kids making fun of him. Thanks in advance. Kellie

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I'd guess it's time for a good physical and a trip to a child psychologist. My four-year-old grandson will only poop in a pull-up but he controls it the same as his older brother controls his bowels. I'm optimistic a year will help him but if it doesn't I hope he gets a little bit of psychological help.

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I think a physical is in order, if nothing is found to be wrong, then consider talking to the doctor about getting him some additional help.

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That is getting to be a little too old for that. I've always believed that they will do it when they are ready but 5 is pushing it. My DS is very stubborn and always did things at his own pace. He was completely potty training by 3 1/2 to 4 even though he was quite capable of doing it earlier. He even pooped his pants a couple of times in Kindergarten or 1st grade and tried to act like nothing happened! But, he didn't constantly do it and I think that's where the problem is with your grandson. There must be a physical or psychological issue and I agree that a doctor or psychologist is the best bet! Good luck and keep us posted.

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