Asbestos floor tiles?

ChristopherDuValJune 1, 2011

My office has asbestos floor tiles (9x9) which contain I'm told 5-10% asbestos. I've had a rolling chair in there for two years. When I first moved my office in, the tiles had a layer of protective wax. My wife recently noticed that the tiles under the rolling chair have had the wax rubbed off. The tiles are certainly not crumbling away, but probably for the last 6 months to a year, they have not had the wax coating on - it's been rubbed off by the chair. I can take a finger and - drawing it across the tiles - can pick up the tile residue. How much of a health concern is this? I have started the testing for air quality in that room, but it's fairly disconcerting. As I said, the condition has probably been that way for about 6 months or so. Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.

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Add more floor dressing to the tiles. Most likely what you are seeing on your finger is the floor dressing (wax) residue. Have the floor periodically 'rewaxed'...that should set your mind at ease. However, do not let anyone use a burnisher on the thing (high speed buffer).

Here's a discomforting thought for you...there is a background level of suspended asbestos particles in every cubic meter of air on the planet...some readings higher in certain places. Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral fiber.

If you smoke, quit now.

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The only time this might be an issue would be if you were removing it with a grinder or anything that would release clouds of the fiber into the air. It could actually be broken and chipped up safely in pieces.

Just wax and buff it..........

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