daughter pregnant at 39

daisy62November 3, 2008

Hi everyone

Just need to offload my anxieties for my 39 year old daughter who is pregnant for the first time after going through five ivf programmes - three in Scotland where we live, 1 in Spain and the last in Prague. The latest one has worked and she is now 8 weeks pregnant. She is so scared about hanging on to this pregnaqncy and has already had 3 scans done which all show a healthy embryo. I already have 3 grandchildren from my two sons with another one due in March who we both love dearly. My husband has major heart problems and I try to keep him fee from stress as much as possible. He is so thrilled with her pregnancy and I can only hope nothing goes wrong. We have all waited for this for so long and my husband and I have supported them mentally and financially during this time. Sorry to have gone on to much but I just need someone to confide in. I have to be strong for Caroline and in front of my husband and it is very hard at times.

Daisy62 from Scotland.

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What wonderful news. We wish her all the best throughout her pregnancy. The anxiety must be hard now, but every week is a blessing and, hopefully, soon enough, you can all start to relax.

You'll do fine, mothers always do, especially where their kids are concerned. I'm sure your daughter will do fine too, with such a caring mother.

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Dear Momj47

Thank you for your kind wishes. She had a slight spotting last night and managed to get an emergency appt. at the hospital this morning. As her husband couldn't get time off work I said I would go with her. Thankfully everything ok and baby still there. They say she could have this each month. I will be totally white haired by the time her due date comes. I have tried to tell her not to panic each time this happens, but ofcourse this is not easy. Roll on 7 months time.

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Congratulations! That is such exciting news that you are having a new little grandbaby. I wish your daughter all the best. She must be so excited, thrilled, nervous and scared all at the same time!

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Congratulations! Such wonderful news! I had my last child about her age. It is so important to eat a good diet and get her rest. This long awaited baby will be wonderful!

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Congratulations! Please try not to worry about the pregnancy. These days there are lots of women who have late babies. And it's not just these days either. My husband's mother was 44 when he was born and 46 when his brother was born and that was a long, long time ago.

We can't wait to hear news of a healthy birth!

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Is there any support system for your daughter? I've always found self-help groups best. No 'professional' understands angst like someone who has been through it.

While we hope all goes well, would it take some pressure off to have a plan for the future, just in case? (More IVF; no more IVF; adoption; 'favorite aunt' role; volunteering with children; etc.)

I spent years trying to conceive, long before IVF was an option. It was ruining my life and my marriage until my husband and I decided to say no to any further medical procedures.

Once we made the decision to put the impossible (for us) dream behind us, we were able to refocus and move ahead. We mourned the never-to-be baby first, then considered our options. It was a great relief. We were able to adopt within a few years. We are proud and happy parents -- and grandparents now.

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Hello Daisy62,

My daughter is 39 and also pregnant for the first time. I am also very concerned and hope that everything goes well. She has tried for a long time to get pregnant and finally was successful after seeing a fertility specialist. She is due June 8, 2009 so we have much in common with our daughters. Keep me posted as your daughter's pregnancy progresses and I will do the same for you. I will keep you in my prayers.

Best wishes,

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Hello everyone
Thanks for all your kind support. Gayle610 - it is great to have someone else going through the same anxieties as myself. Caroline is due on June 14th so that will be around the same time as your daughter. She is now 10 weeks gone and thank goodness the past 2 weeks have been problem free. Her sickness has now stopped and she is feeling better apart from pains in her hip joints. She is 5ft 2ins and small made so this will be her pelvis loosening. She starts to reduce her hormone medication next week so that will be the worrying time. How is your daughter keeping.

Best wishes

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Caroline is so lucky to have such a caring and supportive mother! I wish her well, and soon you'll have a new grandchild to love. Best wishes.

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Ah, good news here too. Our daughter is expecting her second child in the fall. She is in the very early stages and experiencing morning sickness for the first time--all day long. We hope that stops quickly. Her child is our only grandchild, so another will make for busy, happy times.

Hope all is going well with all the other mothers-to-be.

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Daisy, how is your daughter doing?

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Hi,Daisy, I just wanted to check with you on how your daughter was doing? I hope everything is ok. Please keep us posted. Thanks,grammah

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Well, Daisy ought to be a grandmother by now.

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Sure hope all is well.

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