I think this is just not right horrid

gardenandcatsNovember 9, 2009

My son and daughter in law and 2.5 year old grand daughter live with me. My Daughter in law loves to watch these horrid horror type gory killing movies.rated R killing, blood ect .She turns them on in the living room and grand daughter sees them and is scared. I have said something about it and she says she doesn't have to watch them Right like a 2 1/2 year old knows enough to go in the other room by herself and not watch them. I do not know what to do. But this is just not right to let a little girl see this type of stuff on tv. what doIi do with out causing hard feelings. She just tells Grand daugher go in your room and watch your cartoons which she has turned on for her. Lay night she had one of these movies playing and granddaughter started crying,so she did shut it off but was mad cause she had.

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I used to date a guy like that.

Craig took "us" (me & his 2 little sons,ages 7 & 3) to the movies once, he was so excited, had wanted to see this movie for a long time, blah blah blah.

It was "Dune".

The very first scene is horrifying & disgusting & very long & drawn-out & it lingers on blood & other bodily fluids & on bondage & needles.

The little guy was sleepy, but the older son (gifted child with ADHD! can you imagine the nightmares that were brewing in that brain??) was terrified.

no way would my date leave.

so I told him to give me the keys, & I took the little boys to the mall & we looked at breakable objects in the stores.

It was an educational experience.

What was the question?

Oh, yeah.

I think you're going to have to do the same thing;
take your grandchild by the hand & go do something else.

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Yes I think thats all I can do take her into another room and entertain her when these movies are played. It makes me mad Its my house and I watch my grandaughter 40 plus hours a week while her parents work. so I need my down time also. But this is the only solution get her out of the room.You'd think her mom would play thes movies in her bedroom not out in the living room.I don't care for them either Oh well

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Would you tolerate her watching porn in your home, of course not. Don't tolerate this either. Tell her you don't like horror shows and have her watch it in the bedroom with the door shut.

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My DD had to deal with this. My grandson was captivated with dinosaurs and saw a clip from Jurassic Park and loved it, but after a few months, when he was close to two years old, he started having nightmares. She stopped immediately, and she and her husband make sure they NEVER, EVER watch anything scary or violent, even nature shows, when the kids are up. Your daughter is being very irresponsible. I agree, it is your home and your rules, if she wants to watch that crap, she has to do it in her room with the door shut.

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Your daughter-in-law is an idiot. Please do intervene! Your house. Your rules. Of course she'll hate you and do what she wants later. Encouraging you to do what you can while you can.

Makes my wonder why some women even want children. Watching TV and essentially ignoring the kid? I'd be in her face.

Where's the husband -- your son -- in this. That's his child!

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When my boys were little I let them watch monster shows and it never bothered them. I could explain it was just mechanical things/robots. I never let them watch things like The Exorcists, I could not explain that. The shows weren't as violent as they are today. I watched Saving Private Ryan and The Windtalkers and would never let a kid watch something like that. I turned the Windtalkers off a third of the way through the film. Horrible stuff, body parts flying every where.

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I shared at work that I didn't like watching UFC fighting as it is barbaric. Two of my co-workers, both women, said they enjoyed watching it with their children. Both women are church-going married women with "stable" families.
I was shocked!
Our society is getting more and more violent and TV and movies IS a cause.

I would NEVER allow my grandkids to watch any violent or scary movie.

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It is your house. Just because you don't like these movies and you do not like the atmosphere it creates in your house, you should explain that in your house these movies will not be played. Now you have grandchildren there, and the NO should be doubly loud and enforced. You are the home owner, and she is imposing on your hospitality. Tell her no more.

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Everyone else is right, of course.

& if you ignore this, you'll have set a bad precedent for the next conflict.

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