Belligerence Stopped, Thanks!

BinkieNovember 21, 2001

Thank you all for your thoughtful concerns regarding my grandson pointing in my face angrily. I took someones advice and pushed his hand down saying,"I don't like that." He was kind of stunned. Plus, I made up a story that something bad might happen to that finger since God is watching or some such awful thing and it worked!! Thanks again, binkie

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Just read your previous post, and the replies. All good answers. My 2 1/2 yr old grandson does the same thing. Boy was I surprised when we watched TOY STORY (the original) and saw one of the main characters do the same thing. Can't remember if it was the cowboy guy, or Buzz Lightyear. Grandson shouts the lines along with the movie. It's like attending a live performance of Rocky Horror Picture Show, where the entire audience says & acts the lines along with the people onstage, with the movie playing in the background.

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