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pabrocbJune 3, 2012

My son has a condo in Jersey City that will be going on the market this summer. The developer never sanded the floors and they look OK, but old and worn. They don't look great.

Is there a product we can use to make them look better without sanding them down? I don't honestly know how it will sand. The building has to be 100 years old, and this is worn soft wood. I've even considered painting the guest room floor.

I wondered if it would be better just to put a large area rug down in each room, letting a bit of floor peek through, and let the next owners deal with it. The kids are going to lose money on the apartment as it is.

Thanks for the help,

Carol B.

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You could use a wax based rejuvinator but its not going to solve the problem. Will it make it look better? A little but i dont think enough to make the difference you hope for.

Paint is a good option if you dont want to sand. A qualified professional can sand it no problem. But its expensive.

If you are planning on taking the loss i would not do anything or at most paint it. Bite the bullet.

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