Deeply concerned for my preschool age grandson

grandmaRosebudNovember 25, 2011

I live in southern California, my grandson (nearly 3), lives in Washington state with his mother, her boyfriend, his maternal grandma and her boyfriend.

Recently I was talking on the phone with my grandson when I heard his mothers boyfriend scream at him. My grandson began to cry, he said "Josh is mean, he scares me" and then his mother took the phone from him.

His mother said she is trying to teach Josh (36 years old) how to communicate with a child. She and Josh have a 2 month old baby together. Josh has 8 other children with 8 other women. He doesn't see any of them, I don't know why.

My only son died 6 months before my grandson was born. His mother is a very sweet and loving young woman and my grandson was happy before Josh came into the picture. I don't know what to do and "B" says she wants Josh out but he won't go.

Thank you for any suggestions.

Annie (Dans mom)

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Sounds like this guy is a real loser!!! He has 8 other kids plus a new one with your DIL? Wow I sure hope she gets him out quickly!! You really need to have a heart to heart talk with her and tell her this guy sounds like hes not for her. Next it will probably get physical hitting ect....
If he won't go she can call the police to remove him and have a restraining order put on in. I hope all turns out well I would be very worried about your grandsons safety.
Theres a reason why 8 other women do not allow him near his 8 kids..And I'm sure its not good...

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Have you talked with the other grandmother about this? I would do so ASAP because she could give you another, hopefully helpful, perspective on what's going on and what needs to be done. I suspect it's her house they're all living in, and, if so, it's up to her, not your DIL, to evict Josh from the house if your mutual grandson is indeed in danger.

Another suggestion would be to pay them all a visit. There's nothing like being on the scene and I'm sure your GS would love to see you.

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