Need some advice buying leather sofa

gondalguruNovember 13, 2007

I have been reading all these posts on this forum for quite some time.

I am in market for two leather sofa (I prefer two sofa rather than sofa-loveseat combo). My budget is around 2500 - 3500 dollars. I know these money will not get me Hancook and Moore or similar high end sofas. I live in south texas and there are not many furniture stores here which carry different leather brands. Most of the retailers sell cheap imported stuff.

Please recommend me some brands which will be the best value for the money in my budget. At one thread I read some body recommended the How is there stuff? Anyone got first hand experience with seat company leather sofa?

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Hi, I've had good luck with the Flexsteel brand. I've had a leather couch and recliner since 1990 or so. The recliner is pretty beat up but still so comfy. I really don't remember what I paid so I can't speak to whether it's in your price range but I've been very satisfied with the quality of the furniture.

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Thanks Lamalu. I will look at Flexsteel brand.

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We had to do a LOT of looking to find a well-made leather sofa and loveseat for our budget. The tag said Worldwide Designs by Charles Schneider.
The suggested retail on our set was around 3200 but they had it on sale for 2200. They were also available separately where we purchased ours.
I will link to their website so you can see if they have any retailers in your area. I'm in Missouri. hmmm I don't see a feature on their website to search for retailers. You may have to email them.

Here's the set I bought. If you click on construction, it shows how they are put together. If weight means anything, ours is a good set. It's very heavy. Also very comfortable. : )

Here is a link that might be useful: Charles Schneider leather sofa and loveseat

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I looked at the website and emailed them regarding nearby dealer. Their sofa / construction looks very solid and also nice designs too. Thanks for suggestion.

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Charles Schneider Furniture is one of the last great American furniture brands left. I do not know why they are not better known, but they should be. They are now making American made leather with memory foam cushions, it is so comfortable to sit and lay on.

They still bench make each sofa by hand and to order. Are you are person who would ever reupholster a sofa to save it from a landfill? If so Charles Schneider furniture makes the only frame and cushion cores that are truly capable of being reupholster.

Make the upgrade to the blue gel foam cushion it is not that much more for a sofa that will last 20 years.

I don't know if the links below will help. You cant buy from their website and it doesn't have dealer locator for some stupid reason(might be why no one on the east coast has heard of them) so I attach a FB page that does.

Here is a link that might be useful: store locator

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