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leslieh71June 16, 2011

I haven't posted in the flooring forum (or many of the other forums for that matter)...I've been a lurker...or maybe a sponge - absorbing all the wonderful information you folks provide here in these forums. I'm undertaking a whole-house renovation and need all the help I can get.

I'd like to share my recent experience with an online tile source and give a little information back.

I live in NJ and was interested in purchasing Porcellana di Rocco tile - Jillian in Noce. My local store here wanted between $9 and $10 a sq ft depending on the tile size I picked. With a little help from Google, I was able to find the exact same tile for $4 a sq ft online. There were two places that came up over and over again when searching for the best price on several of the other tiles we were looking at.

One of the locations was Value Floors Direct. When I called, they were helpful but couldn't get me what I needed.

The other location was ArtWalk tile in Rochester, NY. I was hoping that they could get everything we needed because I would need to have it shipped to NJ and would have loved to have a one-stop shopping experience. I ordered 3 tile samples and I received them within a week.

Unfortunately, I needed to attend a funeral about 45 minutes outside of Rochester. My husband and I decided to make the most of our trip up there and popped into the showroom on Saturday morning.

It turned out to be a great decision. The owner was there and jumped in to help us out as did one of the sales associates. We were able to shop, put things together and ask questions. I can't say enough about the help there...their advice was invaluable and I was able to pick all the tile for my project (kitchen, laundry room, pantry, powder room, master bathroom and a full upstairs bath). I haven't placed my order yet so I can't attest to that end...once my contractor gives me the square footage of what we are doing, I will get final pricing, delivery costs and have it shipped. I will check back in and update as we progress.

For those of you that might be tentative about using an online source - I totally understand - but my experience with ArtWalk so far has been great. Hope this helps.

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Long Live Local Business. I'm happy to here they had a store front rather than just an 800#. There is something to said for have the person you buy the tile from also be the ones to install it. This way if anything unfortunate does happen then they can't play the finger pointing game.

News Feed: Bleachable Carpet makes a come back!

Here is a link that might be useful: carpet and tile tucson

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Well, the process is now complete. I just wanted to complete my update regarding my experience with purchasing tiles online.

Brian, one of the representatives at ArtWalk was so helpful throughout the entire process. He was attentive and responsive to all my inquiries.

Once we made our final decisions and gave Brian our numbers, he helped us determine exactly how much tile we needed. I gave the go ahead, he placed our order and our tile arrived within a few days. The pallet of tile was wrapped securely and the delivery company loaded it right into our garage.

ArtWalk couldn't get the tile we wanted for our master bath so we had to get that locally. Based on my experience buying tile online and locally, I will say that I would not hesitate to buy online in the future. I would go one step further and say I would not hesitate to use ArtWalk tile again.

Hope this helps anyone on the fence about buying online.

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You sound like a lovely person and i respect your sincerity. I must say that for every happy ending with an online purchase, there are equally unhappy experiences. When everything goes well it's great...but if flooring arrives broken, or if you are out of the area and have a claim of're in trouble. I sell on line occasionally and if a claim comes in when it is out of the area, it is about impossible to get representation and there is nothing that can be done about it. What I have found is if I am high with an in store quote compared to online, as long as the buyer lets me know where the number should be....I never ever ever lose the deal unless it is Somerset Wood Flooring. There is one I just can not get down to some of the numbers that are issued online. Distributors do not want to lose business to online companies. And if that store has a brick and mortar storefront, he is not buying any cheaper and why would the retailer not want to sell it to you? I am simply pointing out some facts in a very demanding competitive business. When a product is cash and carry, there is no such thing as a bad profit. Now occasionally i get someone into my store that says give me that best cash and carry price...match that online price...and I beat it....then they say how much now to install it. Woah now...if I am going to assume risk of pleasing you, I just cant get involved with installation because with installation there is always risk. With a good flooring company..even tile....i have to make sure proper thin sets are calipered backer board is used, the right grouts, sealers, haze removers, you name it and i am on the hook. I have to charge a higher premium for the material as I am at risk. There can be no finger pointing when that tile begins to vibrate loose after 6 months because of improper thin set or the thin set was nut placed under backer board. I have seen it all. An online experience is great when everything goes perfect....but when it can get brutal. I once bid a church for commercial carpet. They went online and purchased 1/2 of a tractor trailer of it. When the carpet came, the rows were not straight making for an impossible seam quality. it had to be double cut to install it. 6 Month later they called me and said rip it out and give us new from a real manufacturer. The original vendor would do nothing for them. The installer said it will be OK. The church ended up paying over double what I could have done it for. So there is an unhappy online buyer. I sell online occasionally and let me tell you once that leaves the responsibility is so much different than if I am loading it into the back of a pick up truck for that customer. Many builders I deal with will not even consider an online purchase because they want someone on the hook that they can stare in the face. They want that service. They want to be assured that it will come to them undamaged. But when things go well and a person does not buy locally or give the local merchant an opportunity to match...and everything goes great for them..well you'll possibly save. i am not being argumentative and I am sure you had a wonderful experience....but I have to spell out the other side of the world too because it's not always a bed of roses. i have people call us with an online purchase and want us to come and look at their wood to see if it looks right or to come and make sure it is acclimated properly. What? i cant do they are unsure and gambling..and if everything goes OK they will maybe have saved. Just my 2 cents and these statements are facts....but you can save money if everything goes just right. Have fun and good Luck

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I have new floor tile (Casa Dolce Casa Le Argille Terra Gialla, 290 sq. ft.) I just bought that is the wrong color, and I can't return nor exchange it. Any ideas about what to do with it?

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