Do you believe in the afterlife?

Sad-33February 9, 2013

I never gave much thought to death before... but now my mom has passed, I'm left thinking about whether she's still somewhere even if I can't see her or not. I want to believe she's in Heaven, away from all suffering, with her own mom. I want to believe that I'll see her again when my life is over.

Now, I'm not sure if I make myself believe this because otherwise it would be unbearable. Some people say they have gotten signs from their loved ones that mean they are still with us, in spirit. But I've never really been the most spiritual person and I don't think it would be my mom's style to be sending me signs lol.

What do you believe?

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If you have been saved and believe in the Lord Jesus you will see heaven, if not..... you will not be very happy with the end result.

I have not really gotten any signs from anyone that has passed. Maybe I will one day.

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I do. Not sure if it's Heaven as Joann fla envisages it, and not convinced you have to be "saved" to be there in peace, if you have been a good person.

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Sorry colleen, but if you read your bible at all, you can not enter in unless you are born again. The bible say in Romans 10:9

That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

Can't get any plainer than that.

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But joann, you're assuming I believe in the Bible. Believe it or not, there are millions of people out there who do not accept as you do that the Bible is the absolute truth and the end of the matter.

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But joann, you're assuming I believe in the Bible. Believe it or not, there are millions of people out there who do not accept as you do that the Bible is the absolute truth and the end of the matter.
And I don't think it's helpful, or kind, to tell someone (who may not be of the same faith as you are) that the loved one who she is grieving for may be in a bad place.

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Yes I believe in the Bible. You can find peace with The Lord Jesus Christ. All you have to do is believe He died for you and accept Him as your Savior. He gives you free will. You can decide. Why anyone would reject the blessings He has for them is beyond me. Ask Him, He will answer. And read your Bible for yourself. People don't always get it right, it's written down! It's a lot kinder to direct others toward The Lord than to let them go through life (and death) without Him. May you find Hope in Jesus.

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The bible was written long ago when most humans living on earth were illiterate,..also, allot of stories have been handed down by word of mouth and when written, allot was made up and falsified, in a way so that the currant inhabitant on earth could understand it.
It's not right, someone telling you that my religion is the one and only to believe in,.. I still remember this in Sunday school from my teacher,....HOW DARE YOU!

Most of you don't know this, we have currently a new Prophet, Billy Meier, getting older now, living in Switzerland and has been visited hundreds of time over the last 60 years or so from, you call God, in reality, ET's, humans like us from another world, teaching him the real truth, allot about creation and where it all started. Allot you can read on the web, only makes sense, allot in our bible doesn't.
Yes, God,.. as we used to call them thousands of years ago came back and most of us don't even know.

I'm not here to tell you to believe in all this, everyone has to find it him/herself the truth.

Billy Meier, [Prophet] not a fraudster, he's a humble guy who is not here for the money, he leaves very modest, doesn't drive a car etc. There are over 100 witnesses to back up he's stories, including the Swiss army, picture from the ship and fighter jet together,.. the pilot was talking.

Many have tried to debunk him over the years without success, at the end of the day,
Truth Will Always Prevail

Here is a link that might be useful: Introduction to the Spiritual Teaching from ET Semjase

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I'm a Buddhist and my husband is a Taoist. To us the Afterlife IS everything.

Grief is for the living. Death is the release from the physical clay into the truly spiritual. Jelaluddin Rumi, the 13th century mystic poet, has a wonderful passage in his Mahnavi 1/109 work:

"The outer sun is our daily miracle in timely
Birth and death, the inner sun
Dazzles the inner eye in a timeless space.
Our daily sun is but a working star in a galaxy of stars,
Our inner sun is One, the dancing nuance of eternal light.
You must be set alight by the inner sun.
You have to live your Love or else
You'll end only in words."
-- translated by Raficq Abdulla

May time bring your heart peacefulness, and a measure of acceptance that life means change. It's what gives us the ability to grow and adapt, to learn and become wise, to treat others with the compassion we want to be treated with.

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Death, Afterlife and Rebirth

Here is a link that might be useful: Death, Afterlife and Rebirth

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Billy with Asket...

Asket, the extraterrestrial human woman from our sister DAL universe, in a Jordanian desert, on February 3rd, 1953. She speaks of many topics some of which are:

her home system and universe
our ancestors and their original homeworld
Billy's difficult mission on Earth
the future of mankind
the materialism of man
the near-destruction of another extraterrestrial race due to religion
the truth behind the Tunguska explosion

[Here, some copied & pasted [English] only.]

246. But if you want to fulfill your mission, then you must first still learn very much more, you must recognize and acknowledge the actual truth, and for you that means still very great studies in many things.

247. You must learn to find the truth within yourself and to evaluate it, whereby your future life will be extraordinarily difficult and full of need.

248. Often you will wish not to live, and to linger in the realm of death.

249. However, consider in these times that you, as a life-form, have your obligations to fulfill, and you are not permitted to break off your mission because it is of worldwide significance and importance, and makes waves even far out into space.

250. Yet various things should be provided to you to help you, which impart to you extraordinary knowledge and ability in respect of the creational-spiritual matters and their laws and directives through which you may recognize the truth.

251. Our technology allows us very many things, thus even journeys into the future and into the past.

252. These possibilities should now be used for you to impart to you things of great significance from which you may recognize the truth, which will be of extraordinary importance for you.

253. It has been decided to lead you into the past in order to provide to you the possibility of an examination of all things.

254. First, you will travel back into the year 32 in your time-reckoning, if it is corrected through your statements at a later time, because your present reckoning of time differs by some years compared to reality.

255. However this is not very important for Earth humanity, rather only for us if you shortly go into the past with me.

256. The sense behind this first trip is that you can convince yourself of the truth in that place and position, and will be able to recognise the falseness of those things that are still weakly anchored within you as "belief".

257. You will therefore attain the proof that, that which is known to you as the New Testament is exactly as much a malicious falsification as all the other religious books which exist on this world.

258. These were not only maliciously falsified by Earth humans themselves, rather also often with the help of the malicious extraterrestrial life-forms who steered many events of this kind from the pyramids of Giza.

259. You will learn the truth about Jmmanuel, who you wrongly call Jesus Christ.

260. You will recognise the truth regarding his prophecies that he pronounced less than two thousand years ago because he spoke of metal machines which would move in water and on land and in the air.

261. To you, still very many other things will likewise testify to the truth which you should later submit to the Earth people.

262. These are the things that I had to explain to you today.

Source: see link

Here is a link that might be useful: Billy's Contact notes from Asket

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Just found this,.. in relation to the contact notes from Asket above, about the Scientology sect.

Here is a link that might be useful: Scientology Busted Before It Existed by Extraterrestrial…in 1953

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Two thirds of the world is not Christian, so I won't get into the religious aspect. However:

September 17th my friend Paul (in Azusa, CA) died suddenly of a heart attack. He was 62. I’d known Paul for about 37 years. Although we didn’t see each other often, we kept in contact. I last saw him ten years ago, and we planned to get together this May.

One morning he failed to show up for work and his boss phoned a neighbor of Paul’s and asked her to check on him. The neighbor found Paul dead, of an apparent heart attack.

About ten days later I was writing an email to someone, telling them of Paul’s death. Suddenly something caught my attention out of the corner of my right eye. I turned to look, and saw a flashlight to my right atop the desk (sitting upright on its lens) was wobbling around and around.

Nothing else on my desk moved. There was no traffic outside. The building wasn’t shaking. Nothing. Just that flashlight wobbling on its lens.
Surprisingly I wasn’t ‘freaked out’ but felt quite calm. I just reached over and stopped the flashlight’s motion and said something like:
“Now, cut that crap out !”

I assumed it was Paul, saying hello.

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The other day I watched a similar story on TV, [Paranormal]
Perhaps you can sell your story?
Oh..another story, think on the same show,..UFO, with the 5 boys in the truck, one was abducted and set back on the road 5 day's later,..that was in 1975.

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Bob's story reminds me that electrical energy often plays a role in visitations (or whatever you want to call the experiences that people sometimes have after the death of a loved one).

One idea is that the spirit is somehow electrical in nature, which makes the spirit choose things like radios & flashlights & such to "say hello".

Many years ago, I lost someone, & that night I heard music.
I had received a musical Christmas card, the kind that plays music when you open it.
The card was closed.
The music was playing.

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I've worked hospice facilities and hospice home health for a number of years. Without going into a lengthy post, I have seen/heard and been told things which convince me of an existence after 'death'.....of some type. I believe that the 'spark of life' in each of us, that makes us alive, continues into another existence.

Perhaps another dimension. Another level of consciousness. We have just not yet attained that knowledge which awaits us. If it comforts you to believe in Christianity, Buddhism, etc ~ there's nothing wrong with that. But please accept that others may have their beliefs, and are as devoted to their faith, or lack there of, as you are to yours. Respect one another.

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>>We have just not yet attained that knowledge which awaits usIt's all here but not many of us want to believe in Billy, he's the smartest man on earth.

Sfath said..
82. Eduard, it will be your task to awaken the human beings of Earth out of their sleep of untruth and unknowledge.

When Billy was 8 years old in1945, he's first contact..

Billy's first face-to-face contact with a Plejaren, Sfath who explains in considerable detail the difficult life for Billy that lies in his future and the challenges he will face. Also included is the plan to expose charlatans that claim contact with "Pleiadians" who, in actual fact, do not exist.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sfath's Explanation

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Konrad, it's nice you believe in something, but not everyone does, and this is not the place to proselytise. If you don't knock it off, there may be complaints which might get you banned from the website. Your call.

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OK, I posted enough about the truth,...keep searching.

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Sad-33, you asked, so I'll tell you, I don't believe in an afterlife. But believe is the operative word here. No one can prove anything about the afterlife. If it gives you comfort to believe that you will see your loved ones, then good. You may be right. Who am I to say that you aren't? My Presbyterian friend, who was widowed at 50, believes she will see her husband again some day, and this gives her strength.

Life can be hard and full of pain, and I do not begrudge anyone anything that helps her through the most difficult of times. When I lost my newborn twins, it helped me to think about reincarnation, that maybe it all happened for a reason. I've decided I don't believe that, but I try to find meaning in my own life in simple things like family, friends, and nature. I think we each have the right to find our own way to make sense of life as long as we don't hurt others.

There is something that, I think, no one can deny. "To live in hearts that love is not to die." As long as you hold your memories of your mother in your heart, a part of her is alive for you. Small comfort, I know only too well, but it's all I really know for sure.

Please accept my sincere condolences on your loss.

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In the past few years I have lost my only son, son in law, husband, father, grandson, second husband, mother, and three of my best friends. My second husband and mother died within 10 days of each other in November.
I do NOT believe in an after life like most do. I do believe we go on as energy. My husband always said our son contacted him by causing lights to go out or blink. When my first husband died, my sister and I took a road trip. Every place we went lights went out. The first night out, all of the lights, even in the parking lot in a McDonalds went completely out for about 15 minutes. It happened every place we went and every day. Much more than coincidence.

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It is unbelievable to me that one person can believe their beliefs are the only true religion. It does not matter how I believe or how you believe. We are suppose to love and respect one another and not tell each their beliefs are wrong. It is a nonsensical discussion, nothing can be proved either way. My main belief is to believe in the Golden Rule and I live by that.

My oldest sister has lost her entire family, me included and all of her childhood friends because she tried to convince others to believe like she does. We have asked her repeatedly to STOP and she ignored us. Now she has no one. She told us our Dad is in hell, she told our youngest sister her boys are going to hell because they were baptized as babies and that doesn't count, in other words they are Catholic. Doesn't your supreme being tell you to be kind to each other.

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Here's something I posted on this forum back in 2007, edited a very small amount to clarify pronouns:

A few weeks ago, I heard this story from Beth, a young woman I met at a garden club get-together.

Beth's husband Chad's older sister Lisa had taken care of Chad his whole life, & when Chad & Beth married, Lisa "adopted" Beth too & was very close to both of them.

Lisa died in a car accident before Beth even realized that she was pregnant with her first child.

Lisa had lived in Hawaii several years before, & had become close friends with a guy named Mel.

In the crush of events, no one thought to call Mel.

Late one night when Beth's new baby Gemma was 2 weeks old, her phone rang.

It was Mel.

He said, "I'm sorry to call so late, but I've just had the oddest dream, & I can't reach Lisa; I must have an old phone number. Does Lisa have a niece named Gemma?"

After explanations & commiserations, Mel said that in this dream, Lisa had just dropped in on him at his home & visited, just like she always used to do, & told him that she was looking after her niece now & that, when the niece was older, Lisa wanted the niece to come to Hawaii & enjoy all the things that she, Lisa, had enjoyed. .

Then she said she had to go, she had to go back to Texas to look after her niece Gemma.

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I really wish I could believe in an afterlife. The thought of reuniting with friends I've had a deep connection with and miss terribly, or to live forever would be so comforting, but I'm just unable to believe in something for which there is no evidence.

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As a Buddhist, I believe in the afterlife. But no one needs to [smile]. Belief in reincarnation does NOT absolve you from your current life's responsibilities and the life lessons everyone needs to learn.

All of us are rich in some ways and poor in other areas; e.g., strong in some things, weak in others. Concentrate on the present and the future, and worry less about the past.

The past is to learn from, not to live in. I loved my sister, but she died at age 38. Do I keep mourning that she's dead? It won't bring her back, whether I believe in reincarnation or not.

We shared love; we shared laughter. We shared bad times and good times. She enriched my life by my knowing her.

I can take those memories and build upon them. I can share love and laughter and life with others that I love, knowing how precious these feelings are -- more valuable than gold (and I'm pretty sure everyone except sociopaths will agree).

Because life is uncertain, even at best. Give love, and receive it in return. No one has a monopoly on loving others, whether Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, or agnostic.

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