Did anyone see Susan St. James on Oprah?

alisandeFebruary 3, 2006

Listening to her, I sometimes felt as though I were listening to myself. I thought the family was so impressive, particularly in the way the brothers comforted one another.


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Yes, Susan, I did see them on Oprah. While I am not a regular Oprah watcher, I catch her once in a while. I thought the same thing about the family, and can well share in their loss. What struck me was when Susan was talking about the kids listening to music when she took them to school...she liked the Doobie Brothers (like myself), and my now-deceased daughter loved Eminem like her boys did. Now that youngest Teddy was gone, she cannot bring herself to listen to his music. I also, have been unable to bring myself to listen to my Erica's music. So much the family said or did while on the show, I could well identify with. I missed the last 20 minutes or so on the show, but it left an impression on me. Thanks for bringing this up.
Emma in PA

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I hope they'll rerun it. I didn't get home from work in time to see it. The music comment is interesting. My granddaughter, although only six, loved the things her parents listened to on the radio, so she loved the GooGoo Dolls, Pearl Jam, REM, and so forth. One time, when she came to visit, she brought along a CD that her daddy had made for her, so we could play "her music" in the car. It has everything on it from "Take Me Out to the Ballgame", which we had taught her, to "Fast Cars", "Under Pressure", "Shiny Happy People" and the Wiggles! Interestingly enough, this CD is so much her and her daddy, and it brings me great joy to listen to it. I can't bear to go through many photos of them or watch them on video, but the music makes me happy.

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My daughter was a musician (a performance clarinet major in college), and music was an integral part of our lives. I hugely regret the fact that I have no recordings of her playing clarinet or guitar, other than a CD her friends made for me of their rehearsals at home. Jill and I always talked about recording the two of us singing together, but we thought we had all the time in the world. It would be so wonderful just to hear her practice scales again...

I do have her CD collection, and I usually have a couple in my car CD playerÂPink Floyd; Crosby, Stills; Eric Clapton, etc. I like to listen to it, and sing along with some of it, and imagine how she sang along, too.


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Susan, I didn't see it, but my DH told me all about it and I read a lot of it online. I could also relate to much of what she said.

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I watched it, and sat and cried like a baby all the way thru it. It really touched me, the way the family is so close and loving to each other, and aren't afraid to show it. Such a heart breaking story.

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