Does you Grandchild and it's parent live with you?

pjgolden1October 3, 2004

I'd like to find out if there are any others on this forum that have their grandchildren and it's parent living with them. I'd love to learn some tips and traps to avoid.

I have my 6 week old granddaughter and her 24 year old mother with me. So far I am loving every minute of it.

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My daughter and granddaughter don't live with me but they are only about 30 minutes away. That works just fine. We do keep the baby a lot while the kids work.

Is your grandbabies Mother your daughter or daughter-in-law? I'm glad mine don't live in the house with me but it's very nice being so close.

Does the baby's Mother work?


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It's my daughter. And she does work, although it is a low paying job, she enjoys it.

We lived just one street over from my mom, so my kids were used to having a grandma so very close. It was nice when they got mad and would leave me to go to grandma's house. All they had to do was take a hike...

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That's good it's your daughter. *G* You can pretty much say what you want to with your own daughter. My daughter-in-law and son have never lived close so I never got to interact with the kids when they were small. And too I worked a very stressful job and didn't have the time or energy to enjoy my grandkids like I do now. I've been retired for four years. It's totally great!!
My kids always lived very close to one of their grandmothers and that was nice. I think grandparenting is such a job and so important for the kids.


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