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pjgolden1October 3, 2004

I think I know why this forum doesn't get used much. I know I'm way too busy with the grandbaby to use the computer!!

My grandbaby's 6 weeks old today. And I'm proud to say that I've only changed her diaper twice. I've pulled the "I'm the grandma" to my daughter and handed the baby back to her. The people at work can't believe that I do that. But remember, she lives with me. I don't want the handing off of the baby to grandma to deal with to be habit forming!

Life is good...

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Congratulations on your new grandbaby! I have a little granddaughter that is now 19 mos. old. ;)


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I know it's not very busy here but I love to come here when I get the chance and talk about 'grandbabies'. I do love to brag on mine!!!!


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I find myself looking at other toddlers and trying to decide how old they are and how much longer it will be until she's sitting up, holding her bottle, etc...

Not that I don't enjoy each stage, and am rushing anything at all. I just can't remember how old my kids were when they did things. Other than walk. I know that by the time they were a year old, they could run down the hallway. Not that slow hobble hobble, but they could run. No one could believe it. Now stopping was another problem...

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Each stage is such a joy! Our baby is 19 months old now and growing up too fast to suit us. lol I am glad that she is able to tell us what she wants and doesn't want now. She can tell us if something is hurting her. I hope to have new pictures to post here soon. Her latest pictures are so very cute. Aeryn walked at 11 mos. Now she's really running!

Tell us about your little girl. What color her eyes and hair are. What's her name?

Our Aeryn has dark brown curly hair and blue eyes. She's tiny for her age. She's very alert and doesn't miss a thing. She totally loves to be outside looking at all the flowers and plants. She helps me water the flowers on the deck.

You have sooooo many happy times ahead with yours! :)


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I think having grandbabies is such a blessing! And if they live close it's even better. Luckly mine are all near me and I get to see them a lot. I'm raising (adopted) one (Dessie, age 3) and have another one (Cameron, just 7 months younger) that lives just 2 blocks down the street, so for them to be able to grow up together is great. I also have a 6 yr. old grandson (Tristen) that I see on weekends.

It's funny when they argue over why one calls me mommy & the other calls me "Dramall" Or they fight over who gets to sit in my lap, then amazed when they find out there's room for

It's great to be loved so much and the best part for me is the blown kisses & velcro hugs from a child....

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I wish all of my grandchildren could be close. My only other granddaughter lives in Galveston, Tx. That's where my son and family live. That's about a 3 hr. drive from our house. Maybe a little further. Between dh and I we have six children. He has 2 boys and a girl and I have 2 girls and a boy. In all we have 9 grandchildren. My two older grandsons are grown. One just graduated college and is coaching high school football. The other is in his first yr. of college. I go to a lot of football games. *G* It's so nice to be retired and have more time to spend with the grandkids. I love every minute of it. ;)
Dramall! That's cute! How did they come about that name? I am MeeMaw to mine. *G* Dh is GrandPa. It's so nice that your Dessie and Cameron live so close and can grow up together. They will enjoy one another so much.


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I enjoyed mine the most when they were old enough to talk to me. They really enjoyed our home because we garage saled and always had new things for them to play with. I also had lots of time to play with them, unlike their parents. I liked to have them one at a time, so I had their full attention. We got to know each other as indiviuals that way. They liked to challenge me with the Nintendo, until I got better than they were. LOL

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Jonesy it's such a delight to have Aeryn able to talk to us now!!! She says lots of words and puts short sentences together now. She lets us know what she wants. She loves to be outside. That's her favorite thing to do. Go outside with the dogs and play. She's having fun right now picking up all the acorns in our yard and putting them in her bucket.


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