is there grandma heaven?

dcrowexOctober 3, 2003

I am in grandma heaven. I have 3 grandsons, one who is 4 and the other two who are both 18 months old and a day apart. They are all visiting this weekend and tonight while I was rocking the two babies as we watched an Elmo baby video, I was thinking of how blessed I am.

My mother in law always told me that your children are your children and they will always be special, but it is the grandchildren who hold your heart in their tiny little hands.

Would love to hear from other grandmas who enjoy these little people as much as me.

Just wanted to share this.


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My DGD is 18 month old. She is just adorable, and how her smile lights up the room when she sees me is unbeieveable. We almost lost her at 2 months to Bacterial Menengitis (she made a complete recovery), so I don't know if that makes her more special or if all are that special (I think all will be that special). She's just learnign to say Gramma and Pappa, soo sweet!


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Vickey, your email made me shiver....I cannot even imagine what that must have been like to be so close to losing someone so tiny. And I think you are made her even more special....being so close to losing her must make every day with her now even more special. You are blessed to have that sweet baby still with you.

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I found Grandma heaven and I don't ever want to leave. I have 4 grandchildren,3 girls and a boy. 2 girls in one family and the boy and other girl in the other. My daughter-in-law (boy 3 and girl 6) has just been diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor that is unoperable. She is only 25 and all information that I have found leads to believe she "may" have 2-3 years at most. Hopefully there is always hope that they may find new treatment for her soon. We can only pray. Because in my opinion Grandmas need Heaven before Mothers do. Please say a prayer for her and the rest of the family. I still consider her my daughter even though my son and her never married and we love her so very much.

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Perk, i am SO sorry......i cant even imagine how very very hard and devastating this must be. this family will need you so very much as they go thru the coming months. i cant even think of the right words to say that would be of any source of comfort to you. i am so very sorry and you and your family will be in my prayers.

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Thank you so VERY VERY MUCH for prayers for our Melissa. She needs them as well as the rest of the family. All I can do is cry it is just too unbelievable. She had no symptoms other than a stiff neck on a Monday went to the doctor on Tuesday (ordered x-rays) was waiting for the x-rays on Wednesday when she had a seizure in the ER did a cat scan, found a tumor, did a biopsy on Friday and was diagnosed the tumor as an astrocynoma (grade 3). All this info in less than a week. Please keep her in your prayers. THANKS I edited my profile so now my email shows up. I seen the comments on the KT. Thanks again.

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Coming over from the KT to give you another hug and let you know that I am sending up special thoughts for your Melissa. ((((((((((( Pam )))))))))))))))

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I've been in grandma heaven all week.I've had my beautiful 4 yr old granddaughter visiting.I have 7 wonderfull grandchildren,but this little one I bonded with from day one.Her parents lived with us for her first two years and we're as much her parents as her real parents.I just tucked her into bed and kissed her soft little cheek.That's comming very close to heaven for me.I just love her soooooooo much.Isn't this feeling wonderfull!

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There is, and I am enjoying it at this very moment! I am SO BLESSED to live 20 minutes away from my one and only granddaughter, Emerson. She is 9 months old and the love of my life. She is at my feet, playing with her giant sized leggos and we are singing B-I-N-G-O along with her Silly Songs CD. I know that the real heaven will be even better, but sometimes it is hard to imagine that.


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I don't know, but I won't be in it unless the grandkids have the authority to put me there. I didn't baby sit/raise them, I chose to run around with my husband instead of being tied down at home with babies AGAIN!

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I love my children, but I love being a Grandma. I can give the grandsons all the fun and food I want, then return them to their parents for the homework, baths and training. It's wonderful - like Heaven.

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I am totally in GrandMa Heaven now that I'm retired!! Our youngest grandbaby is a girl, Aeryn, and she is 18 mos. old. We keep her part time for the kids while they work. She is the 'apple of our eye'. ;) I love every minute of it. She is such a delight! We love our children and our older grandchildren too but this baby girl has really tugged at our heartstrings! We live in the country and Aeryn already knows all about cows and gardening. She loves to see all the flowers and take a 'sniff' of them.


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