Abusive stepgrandmother

SAG1October 14, 2002

My niece is twelve and her stepfather's mother is rude to her, sometimes abusive. Both parents work and the stepgrandmother lives next door. My niece has to watch her younger halfsister, which the stepgrandmother favors. Apparently one day the stepgrandmother came over and accued my niece of hitting he sister, then slapped her and threw a CD at her, then stepped on it. the stepgrandmother calls her names and makes comments about her weight and says she is a stupid idiot. The stepgrandmother does some weird things once in a while, like mowing the lawn at midnigth and spraying air freshener outside. My niece confided in me, and I dont know if I should say something. My sister has noticed her MIL favors the other child and tries to make up for it with extra gifts. The husband works alot and is never home (they are welloff because of his job).

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How old is the grandmother? You might consider sitting down with your sister and the niece to see how "bad" this situation is. The grandmother may not realize she could go to jail, depending on where you live, if this continues. If the husband is gone all day, then it is up to the sister to take control of the situation, unless you feel the nieces life is in dangerous, and then I would let ALL parties know, including the husband, a report could be made with the correct law enforcment.

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