Novalis peel-and-stick vinyl planks -- feedback? (Cont)

LuGal78June 22, 2011

Hi Folks!

I wanted to follow up with this topic as I think there is many expressed pros and cons regarding Novalis peel and stick planks. I can only advise with my experience with these planks and I can say that I have not had one plank lift after I put them in two months ago. Here is the pictures of the work in progress when I laid the planks from beginning to end of installation....

Please be aware of your floor surface. I can't say this enough... I read that there are different remedies when handling the many different surfaces when laying these down (do not assume the self stick glue will be strong enough).

In my case, I only had to deal with old vinyl flooring. I still swept, mopped and made sure that the floor was clean before applying Henry's tile primer which I totally suggest as it makes the tiles stick real good. A pain if you have to pick the tiles up for adjustments though!


My hands and body hurt for two days after I installed the floor but the pain was welcomed.

For those who are worried about dog's nails scratching the vinyl planks. Let me tell you, I have two Black Labrador girls (BIG dogs) and the floor is withstanding their nails, my heels and me being clumsy and dropping things on it! The dogs do slip and slide but other than that, the tiles are handling the abuse. LOL I actually installed these on the steps down to the basement (where my girls stay during the day) and there has been no lifting nor scratches. The girls go up and down those steps daily!

I can say that the floor when laid properly does last and withstands a lot. Of course, don't go scratching it with sand paper or stabbing it with a knife because I can guarantee that no vinyl will outlast that kind of torture!!! =)

But if you are looking for a inexpensive upgrade... I totally suggest this flooring.

Here's what my kitchen looks like now!

I hope this helps anyone out there with questions!!! =)

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I love a detailed post with pictures. Thanks, and your kitchen looks great.
We put the Novalis Gunstock in our Master as a quick-fix last year and have LOVED it, too. It has not scratched or peeled up at all. We are in Texas and it's over a slab foundation, if that helps anyone. We also used the Henry's primer.
I want to put it in all the other bedrooms, but my husband is worried about resale. I've been house hunting recently and I can't tell you how many houses on the market have old builder-grade soiled carpet! Is THAT good for resale? Ew. I think Novalis would be so much better!
He's afraid people are "vinyl snobs". I don't see how this would be any less attractive than laminate. We'll see....

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Your floor looks great! Thanks for sharing.

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Your kitchen looks great! I am considering using vinyl plank for my kitchen and possibly my dining and living rooms as well. Does the vinyl feel more cushy underfoot than ceramic tile? And do your dog's nails make as much noise on it as they would on laminate? Thanks again for sharing your pics.

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so I have read multiple forums on this flooring and no one has said what they did to go over particle board sub flooring. anyone who did this what did you use? Henrys floor leveler or primer? I really dont want to re-do the sub floor with plywood.

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Novalis says, "Particleboard, Strand board (OSB) or flake board are not suitable. For best results, use plywood sub-floors"

It sounds like there would be a need for 1/4" plywood underlayment to go down before the tiles. It would be placed on top of whatever you have now.

Here is a link that might be useful: Novalis Installation

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Also...should have said this sooner...
Your kitchen floor looks GREAT!!!! Thank you for posting pictures, they are an inspiration!

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Thank you for the replies! I'm glad I've inspired and hopefully helped anyone whom are considering the use of these planks as they are inexpensive but look so much more once laid down!

@ art_teacher_mom: Thanks for the reply and looking at my house, I would agree that the laminate tiles will most definitely add value vs stained carpet. Anyone I've shown the floor to have asked if it's real wood and their jaws drop when I simply say: Nope, it's vinyl. LOL

@ changa: The cushy underfoot could be questionable but I find it comfortable to walk in barefoot. I've also stood for hours preparing meals and the floor is not uncomfortable. My dogs nails make as much "click, click, click" noises as they made with the old vinyl that was there. Don't know how to answer that one! =)

@ athomesewing: Thank you for the additional 411!!!

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I've installed the Novalis gunstock in two bedrooms so far and planning to the do the third. So far, we have just installed directly on the existing concrete. The hallway has ceramic tile which sits about 1/4" higher than the Novalis. I am planning to put in a wooden reducer moulding in the doorways to join the two floors.

My question is this... I have a large area in my living room that also has the old, nasty carpet, and I would like to put the Novalis in there, too. Two sides go up to the wall, but two sides go up against the tile, and I have the same uneven floor height problem. I would really prefer that the two floors were the same height in this area. Not only for looks, but practicality... there is a lot of foot traffic and dog traffic here (including a 100-lb Doberman) and I think any sort of floor transition moulding would get ruined pretty fast. It also causes problems with the baseboards meeting together properly at corners, where one side would have tile and the other would have the Novalis.

So, the question is, can anyone recommend an underlayment that would go over the concrete, be easy to install, and work with the Novalis? I've thought about plywood, but the plywood at Lowe's/Home Depot doesn't seem to be very flat, it's kind of wavy looking and I don't think it would be very good for the flexible vinyl.

Is it possible to use cork underlayment? Or is it too squishy for vinyl planks? Also, if it would work, do you still put primer on it? I've used Henry's primer on the concrete, which works great, but cork is probably too porous for that.

Any suggestions for underlayment would be greatly appreciated!

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Just a heads up...
Our local Lowes has Novalis planks on clearance - as in close out. According to the salesperson they will no longer carry this flooring. So if your local Lowes has these, grab them up.

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Just wanted to follow up to anyone still undecided about this type of flooring.... It has been a year and NOT ONE plank has lifted. I did make the mistake of buying a swiffer wet and if you let the liquid pool on the tyle I have noticed that it eats thru the laminate top layer. Soooo, no biggie, no more leaving puddles or swiffers! I bought a mop and bucket and replaced the 4 tiles that I messed up. Other than that my floors are still going strong and I even did the entrance foyer so it could match!!! I am a totally satisfied customer!!!!

BTW, the planks are still available at Lowes. They just changed the look of the box and they also have a bigger size plank too.

So if you don't have lots of mula and want to refresh and old look. Do it, you won't regret it!!! I lifted my mom's carpet on her house.... did a small office, hallway and living room. Man was it tiresome but her house looks AWESOME and she loves it!!! :)

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i was looking at the reviews for the peel and stick planks on your website. my boyfriend and i are wanting to put these down on our floor. we live in an old mill house in NC, and by old i mean over 130 years old. needless to say the floors are all but level. we are currently renting but are in negotiation to purchase this house. we have already spoken with our land lady about doing upgrades to it and she is fine with whatever we decide to do. not sure how long ago, she put the 12X12 peel and stick squares down, but she also used glue to help them adhere longer. she used what she had on hand, which are white. needless to say with a 15 year old, a 9 year old who goes in and out, 2 cats, and 4 dogs, it's impossible to keep it clean. all that being said here's my question: if we use these planks, would it be best to use the glue? with the floors being uneven, what is the likely hood of there being gaps? i expect some but don't want to spend this money on something that will have to be replaced within a year or two. your feedback is appreciated.

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