Reddish teak

CEFreemanNovember 25, 2012

Hello all!

I have some nice teak outdoor pieces that were stained by the maker with something dark reddish. Not sure what it was supposed to be, but after 4-5 years it's just butt ugly red/brown.

I've not done anything to this furniture, ever, hoping it would gray with age. I've stopped holding my breath.

Any suggestions on how to change this stain color to a more gray color? I'm afraid if I use a gray wash of some sort, it'll just look pink. OMG would I hate that.

As far as restoring it, I've read tons about it and am ready once I can get the color to something more appealing to me.

Thanks for your ideas!


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Teak is rather unique and expensive wood, so I would leave this to a professional stripper. After stripping you can apply a conditioner and preservative formulated for teak.

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Thank you, but it doesn't need stripping.
After all this time, the wood is weathered and rather raw. It's a reddish stain that I'd like to tone.


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Real Teak would should not be stained and/or any toners applied. So im not sure why the maker stained it in the first place, because adhesion will be a problem. Most teak is sourced from SE Asia, and from my experience working their, I have yet to see anyone stain teak with good results. Now I have seen acacia stained to look like teak and rubberwood being tried to passed on as teak. So im not sure exactly what type of wood you actually have, just can go by what your describing in your posting. Thats why I recommended it to be look at by a professional as these people see raw wood everyday and give you their professional advice. But its your furniture and you can try anything you like and only you have to live with the results. So I wish you the best of luck with this.

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You had mentioned stripping the piece, which isn't necessary.

When I bought this, it definitely said "teak" on it. From where, I don't recall.

Being B.J.'s, it's totally possible it's acacia or rubberwood. That would explain the reddish hue. It's been on the porch for quite some time, and although it's weathered, the wood remains smooth and nice. Which is a plus.

So, what I'm gathering here, is that if it is teak, even if I wanted to put something on it to tone down the red, it probably wouldn't adhere!

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