My aunt passed.....

chris61February 22, 2008

My elderly aunt passed away a couple of weeks ago at 91. She had been suffering from dimentia for more than a year and was in a nursing home. The saddest part was she was the one in the family that everyone disliked because she had such a negative personality and died essentially alone. No funeral was held because she outlived her husband and only child as well as most of her brothers and sisters.

One of my cousins was made her trustee in her last year of life. I was about the only relative to keep in touch to hear how she was doing.

Just seems such a sad way to end one's life. I hope that is not me in another forty years or so.

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My condolences for your loss.

Maybe there was a reason your aunt was the way she was:

I always knew my father to be bitter & cynical.

Nearly 20 years after his death my cousins told me about how he was before he went off to war & how he had changed when he came back;
I was born several years after he returned;
I never knew the happy, carefree Uncle Buddy that my cousins had adored.

But, barring catastrophic accident or some such life-altering experience...

if you aren't like your aunt today, you won't be like her in 40 years.

Unless there's some major trauma or misfortune, people don't change as they get older;
they just become more the way they already are.

If you're a grouch today, you'll be an unbearable pill at 80!

& if you're a happy, generous, warm person today, you'll be having the time of your life when you're 80, & all the "kids", zero to 60, will want to be around you.

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