Subfloor Thickness w/ 3/4' Hardwood (white Oak)

toddimtJune 27, 2011

I am planning on getting 5" Quartersawn 3/4" thick hardwood flooring installed in my home.

The subfloor in the house is currently 1/2" Plywood Sheets. I though I read that 5/8" or 3/4" plywood subfloor was recommended for hardwood. If that is the case I could add another layer as underlayment. Obviously want to keep the height to a min so not sure if 1/4" or 1/2" would be suitable.

Also, I can either add more nails or screw down the existing 1/2" subfloor to the joists. Is screwing preferred over the spiral flooring nails? Want to make sure the floor is as solid and sound as possible.

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Either fastening method is fine. If you screw it down use construction screws NOT drywall screws.

Although 5/8" or 3/4" is preferred as a subfloor, I have seen many hardwood floors that went over 1/2" plywood that are just fine. I doubt that a 1/4" overlay is going to do much of anything for you, except maybe prevent the fasteners from blowing though the 1/2" subfloor. Is this a new house? And...or...what is the joist spacing and do you have any sag 'between' the joists?

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Some of the old timers used to lay out chalk lines on the paper over the joists and nail into the joists as well as in between. This allows the 2" cleats extra holding power.

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Nailed down flooring sub-floor thickness is mostly to make sure there is adequate holding power in the nails.

Screws are not nearly as much of a problem, but screwed and plugged can lead to splits form drying of the wood between the screws since there will be very little movement of the screws.

Nailed down T&G flooring is only actually fastened on one edge to allow for movement on the otter edge.

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