What are you getting your Grandbaby for Christmas?

DanceyOctober 18, 2004

We are getting Aeryn a little red wagon that is small enough for her to pull herself. She will have a good time taking her dolls and stuffed animals for a ride. ;)

Also a baby doll stroller for her baby Jane doll. That's what we have already. She will be getting a lot of Christmas presents from many family members so we don't want to go overboard.......as easy as that could be.


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I don't know what I am getting Allison. She is one month old today, and I have not even gotten her a birth present yet. I am thinking that she is going to need something practical soon, and then Grandma can step in. I'm afraid I will feel the same at Christmas, her Aunties are going to "spoil" her...LOL, so I think Grandma will wait and get what is necessary!

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Hi Sus! I'm glad to see you here! I know you are thrilled with your new granddaughter!! Dh and I bought the little white dress that dd brought Aeryn home in. My dd was 34 when she had her first baby, Aeryn. So it was very exciting for us all. It had been a while since we had a baby in the family. ;) I did like you plan to do and sort of waited to get the essentials that are needed when you have a new baby. Lots and lots of diapers!! lol

I love the name Allison! I bet she's cute as a 'bug'. ;) Do you live close to your grandbaby? Is your dd breastfeeding? My dd was able to breastfeed for five months and I was so glad.


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I'm thinking of a sleeping bag that has the air matress attached and a kids tent (all with Disney Princess design as Mommy calls her Princess), OR seeing if she's old enought for Lincoln Logs or Tinker Toys (she'll be 2 1/2). But that could change before Christmas.


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Well Vickey I bet 'little Princess' will be thrilled with a new Disney Princess tent and sleeping bag. Sounds like a very good idea. I think all kids love tents. My dd put up a homemade tent for Aeryn and she thinks it's such fun. Aeryn is 19 1/2 mos. old.

The little red wagon I ordered came in today! I'm so excited about opening it and taking a look. I'll have to hold dh back since he wants to give it to her NOW! lol It's small enough she can play with it in the house so I will talk dh into waiting till Christmas to give it to her.


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HI Vickey, nice to see you here as well as the KT,,,started to feel as tho me & Dancey were here alone.

Not much happening on the threads here, I don't understand it tho.

But to get to the post...gonna get clothes, matching card games, cootie bug game, and a pretty jewlery box. Everything else is clothes, which she will be excited about.

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Well I have 4 of the darlings so I'm not sure exactly yet. But like all grandmas I tend to go overboard (Oh well). They always get new PJ's and an outfit that's a given. The rest I just listen to what they have to say.

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I bought Aeryn a childs broom and mop. I went ahead and gave that to her now. ;) She's having fun helping MeMaw clean the floors. I think I'm going to add a 'stick horse' to her Christmas list. She uses her little broom as a stick horse. lol


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Okay you know how plans and actuals are different. Here is what 2.5 year old DGD is getting for Christmas from Nonna and Pappa...
1. Candy Land
2. Shoots and ladders
3. tent (found a cute one at IKEA for $8. What a bargan
4. Pappa found a glow bug and glow baby on e-bay that are adorable, so she's getting those (the newer ones talk..that would wake up an almost sleeping child we felt)
5. Auntie got her a little people house, so we got her a "playground" and more little people.

So far I think that's it..oh yes each year each kid gets an ornament of something they liked/did that year. She is getting a "NELNO" ornament (Elmo from Sesame street)


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