BrycesmommyFebruary 27, 2006

Hi Everyone. It's been a while since I've posted. Been quite busy lately. Our twins were born on Feb 14 (6 weeks early). Besides being pretty tiny, they are strong & healthy. We ended up naming them Aiden Zachary & Breea Hayley. They're absolutely beautiful! I know Bryce is here with us & his brother & sister. I know he's happy, I just wish he was here to share this gift with us. Not a day goes by that I don't think of him. He's the first thing I think of when I wake up in the morning & go to sleep at night. Just hoping he's here. I would attach a picture here but I forget how since it's been a while. Take care everyone & keep in touch!

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Wonderful news!! I love the names. Please read up on posting photos...we'd love to see your beautiful twins!


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Congratulations, I'm sure Bryce is looking down at them and smiling!


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Congratulations! What wonderful valentine presents! Enjoy your precious gifts, babies are so wonderful and here you have two to hold. Make sure to get your sleep too.

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Drats!! I just posted and accidentally erased it.
Anyway, congratulations!! I love the names and I know that Bryce is smiling down on all of you and I believe that he knew the babies before they were conceived.
Please try to send us a picture if you can and keep us updated.

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Brycesmommy, WOW, congratulations, fantastic! Glad everything is going well and you are happy. Hope you have help with those beautiful twins, and thanks for staying in touch with those of us here on the Forum. Everyone is so happy for you.


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Congratulations on your happy news! I've thought so much about you...thanks for keeping all of us posted. We're so glad for you. Hugs to you and those precious babies.

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I remember when you posted about being pregnant, and how happy I was to know you were expecting. But when did you find out you were having twins? I must have missed that post. Anyway, congratulations!!! I hope you can post pictures soon. Nikoleta

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Thanks Nikoleta...I think i posted the news of twins right after i found out..I have pictures but no clue how to post them on here...When i figure it out i will...Hope everyone is doing well..

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