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heydeborahFebruary 23, 2009

well todaay it has been 2 years since we lost Al. i keep on reliving that day, daily. how could he do this too us when we loved him so much. i think i was a good wife and caregiver, he was bedridden for 10 years and we kept him at home instead of putting him long term care (as we call it here). i learnt how to get groceries really fast, and the kids (ok they are now adults) looked up to him and we never found him embarassing (we always said why would you want to let people know that you're married to someone with no legs and in a wheelchair). gee i'd tell him, i know you didnt marry me for my good looks! we always joked around, and people couldn't believe that we were married for 25 years (apparently, we looked like we were so much in love with other). so today, like anyother day i went to the cemetary, with our son (daughter has not gotten out of car when we go there, would probably be a good idea for her to see the wonderful monument we ordered (she helped) and also have a good cry too). and we left a dozen yellow roses, Al was a romantic and always bought me yellow roses. so Mr. Husband (I was Mrs. Wife), i miss you so much, more so every day!

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Deborah, the love you too shared will never die. Just remember that. Love is the energy God gave us to endure all of time. It's not easy to keep going but somehow we do. Your Al lives on in both your heart and in your wonderful children. Take care of yourself.

Your friend,


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