Long distance grandparents

DonnaOctober 24, 2001

My daughter & son-in-law just blessed us with our first grandchild. Unfortunately, they live half a continent away. We've been to see them twice but can't just jump up & go there all the time; neither can they come here. This is killing us not being able to see our precious granddaughter & watch her grow up. How do you other long distance grandparents handle this? Are there some tips you can share?

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If they have a video camera they could film a few minutes each day and by the end of the tape the child would be a little older. (They could mail it to you.) They could get pics of: waking up, bath time, feeding, sleeping, those random cute smiles, getting dressed, etc. Then, learning to lift up head, rolling over, sitting up, crawling, etc. I wish I could have done this when my kids were young.

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My friend and her DD use the video camera idea. My friend also sends casette tapes of her reading books so her GD gets to hear her grandmother reading her a story every night before she goes to bed.

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We have a video camera and a digital camera. The digital is great, you take a picture, pop the floppy disc out of the camera and put it into the computer. I can have a picture emailed to my parents in less than 2 minutes after taking it! The great thing about the digital camera is you don't have to wait for pictures to come back and the discs are cheaper than film, and you don't even have to print them, you can just email them! Yes, digitals are pricy but those prices are coming down fast, and they are really easy to use. You might consider one as a holiday gift and suggest they send frequent updates. We also keep the video cam loaded and ready to use. I keep both cameras out (up high out of a 2 year olds reach!) and use them almost daily. I love the idea of taping them reading stories, I want to have my folks "recite" some family stories and history too. Good luck!

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One is--you could move to be closer to them. It's a big step but could be the thrill of a lifetime to watch your grandchild grow up. Another is to buy the babe a tape-recorder with tapes and self-addressed envelopes. Then ask the parents to record the baby babbles, first words, sentence etc and send you the tapes. No music will be sweeter to your ears.

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My heart breaks for you. Pictures are o.k., but nothing beats holding those squirmy little bundles in your arms. DH and I lived in California when our first grandson was born in Kansas City. Airline prices there weren't prohibitive, so we'd fly to see them when we could get away from work. When we couldn't, we had an "I buy, you fly" agreement with my step-daughter and she'd bring our grandson out to see us. By the time our twin grand-daughters were born, they were living in Alabama, even further from us. Luckily for us, my company was downsizing and I was given a generous severance package and my husband was close enough to retirement to pull the plug, so we sold our house, moved into an RV, and have never looked back. We now spend several months at a time near the grand-kids, and then travel for several months. Now that our grandson is reading age, he loves getting postcards addressed to him. Our 3-year old granddaughters miss us, but when we come back, it only takes them about 30 seconds to remember which pocket grandpa keeps the candy in. RVing is also a perfect solution if you have kids scattered around the country. The other plus is that when you do go to see them, you aren't in the same house with them 24/7. We go and visit for a few hours, and then go back to our cozy little home to recuperate. (There is nothing quite so shrill as a 3-year old girls scream, and try multiplying that by two, lol).

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When my sons were babies, I (who can't sing at all!) would sing "I love you a bushel and a peck, a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck; you bet your pretty neck I do" ... my 3 grandchildren live with their parents 2000 miles away from me, and each time I talk to them on the phone I have always sung "I love you ..." they're 8,7, and 4 now and when I speak to them on the phone I say, "do you know how much I love you??" they sing the song back to me. It adds continuity in their lives - and they've remembered who I am, even as "wee ones" thanks to the familiar song. Little things really DO mean a lot.

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We gave our grandchildren disposable cameras at Christmas with 24 pictures on them. Each month one of the parents would take a picture of the grandchild and then give the camera to the grandchild to take a picture of anything that he thought we might like to see. At the next Christmas they would bring the camera and we would get it developed and get double prints, one for us and one for the grandchild.

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For DH and me, it's about 775 miles to where our first grandbaby lives (he's almost 10 months). We've been there three times (for 3 to 5 days) and they came to us for a week in the summer. We are going for grandbaby's first christmas, and DH will be installing a webcam for them so that we can see the little guy by computer.

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My grandchildren live in Tokyo and we live in California.
My son has some "issues" from his childhood which he refused to discuss so will not get a webcam.
My grandson was two in August and our granddaughter was born at the end of October.....it is breaking my heart.
We visited in May and it was a very uncomfortable time for all.

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