need help securing caster stems in my ottoman

careercounselorNovember 26, 2011

Hi Everyone:

I need your help. I have a wonderful ottoman as part of a chair that I inherited and have loved. My problem is that two of the caster stems no longer stay in the bottom and are always falling out -- can you help me come up with a solution to eliminate this problem. My handyman is not terribly reliable and has ignored my pleas for help with this problem so what can I do on my end.

Kind thanks,


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If this are ball casters then are not repairable, will need to replace. The stems are usually fit into a socket inside the frame, with a little bit of persuasion they will pull out. Take to a hardware store, upholstery shop or go online to find replacements. Sometimes the stems mount to a plate that is held on by 4 screws on the bottom of the frame.

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There are two common types of caster sockets, metal and plastic.

The plastic can crack and break inside. They are extremely hard to find as repair parts. They are usually stapled in place with upholstery or narrow crown staples. You can usually substitute with a metal type, but you may need to drill a smaller hole nearby.

The metal type has a collar that snaps onto the caster's stem. You can find these easily (see link below). But before you go out and buy them, try prying them out and crimping the top with a pair of pliers. Often that will work. If not, they are simply pull out and hammer in the new ones.

If the caster socket itself is falling out, it has usually worn an oversize hole in the wood frame. The easiest solution is to drill a new hole nearby and reinsert the socket. An alternative is to use an epoxy paste around the socket stem.

Here is a link that might be useful: caster stem replacements

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A local furniture repair service can probably resolve this issue. Be sure to contact one that specializes in upholstery.

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