Martha Stewart Laurelton Hall II carpet

mantismanJune 6, 2011

We're considering buying this carpet from Home Depot. Does anyone have any information on this carpet? Thanks in advance

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No expert on here will know anything about HD Carpet as it is all private labeled specifically for them so you can not shop it!

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We just ordered this carpet from HD. We don't know much about it, but it seemed like great carpeting for the price with a 20yr warranty.

We asked the HD sales person who makes the Martha Stewart carpeting, and we were told it was made by Shaw Carpet.

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No info but I heard that HD is offering free installation on Martha carpets. (At least in Calif. market)

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It is a Shaw Anso product...but I can never endorse HD they just are not carpet experts by any stretch of the imagination. But if you do, i wish you the best!!

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i am installing the same carpet right now. i let you know. so far so good.

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Any updates on this from anyone? It looks like a good price for the specs, but I do have the usual HD concerns. Thanks!

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Well, the Martha Stewart Laurelton Hall carpet is in, and it's wonderful!!!

To save money we went with the Laurelton Hall I instead of the II. But, we upgraded the padding - it is very soft underfoot. I believe we made the right choice. (The cost for upgraded padding is a lot less than the upgraded carpet.)

The Home Depot carpet installers were great! The lead guy reviewed the cut plans with us before installing, and told us we could save 4 seams in one of the bedrooms (3 of which were in a walk-in closet & 1 in a bay window area) if we went with his suggestion - which we gladly did. The installer also notified us of pressure marks in the carpet at the end of the roll - because it was so tightly compressed around a cardboard tube. He said they should go away, but if they do not, he made a note of it and to call HD and they will reinstall new carpet in that area - they all went disappeared after 1 week. He also went over a couple options where the carpet butts up to tile & hardwood. We didn't use a transition strip, we just had them butt the carpet right up to the other surfaces - it looks great.

Spills just bead up on the carpet and are very easy to clean up. You can notice very slight patterns in the carpet after our large dogs have walked on it for awhile. But, I emphasize 'slight' - nothing that doesn't immediately disappear after you run a vacuum over it.

My ONLY complaint with HD (not the installers) is minor, but still something we did not expect. We ordered extra yards of carpeting (extra $$$ of course) to avoid having a couple extra seams in the living room, dining room & hallway - it was a very long continuous run of carpet. But to our surprise, when the carpet installers came out, he said that amount of carpet was extremely heavy, and it was questionable if they could carry it in the house all in one piece. He said he would try, but needed to contact HD first. We also talked to HD, and they notified us that were would be a "Heavy Haul" charge (or some term like that). It ended up being an additional $85 charge - which we were not expecting. In the grand scheme of things, it was a minor charge, but something we wish we were aware of beforehand by HD.

Other than that $85 extra charge .... we are completely happy with the carpet and would not hesitate to do it again.

We still need to carpet the walk-out basement area, but need to make a couple changes first, but we will gladly use HD again for that.

For anyone who is currently living in your house and has not installed new carpet before, fyi ... it will turn your life upside down as you basically have to move everything out of your house prior to the install. We knew it to be a hassle, but didn't realize exactly how much. The carpet was installed 3 weeks ago, and we are still trying to put the house back in order - it's a slow process. Basically our garage was completely filled. During the install our kitchen and bathrooms were also filled with furniture, and some furniture was outside.

OH ... and those 'Moving Men' furinture glides (or any brand) you can buy at HD, WalMart etc are a huge life saver. Heavy furntiure easily glides across any surface. We bought a ton of them ... could not have done it ourselves without them!

Good Luck!!!

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I just hired a girl who is starting tomorrow from a box store. She is a respected citizen in our community. She has stated the problem that exists within the floor department is communication. Occasionally they get it right but normally the department is a disaster and always from lack of communication between the installer, the department head and the associate and then back to the customer. She states they have no consistency in the employee schedules and there is little concern amongst the employees to get it right as they are not commissioned and it doesn't affect pays regardless. So, it just appears that you had a great experience and good for you. They are not flooring experts by any means but hey...a blind squirrel finds an acorn sometimes and when the squirrel finds it, he is happy. i just know there are gigantic box store complaints and it is 99% lack of commitment and communication. They have the ability to satisfy when they want to. We did two of their managers flooring this year....that tell me all I have to know. But I am really happy for you and you got good carpet.

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