The Unthinkable: I Broke My Other Hand!

lynninnewmexicoJune 11, 2014

Can you believe it?!? I am so frustrated with myself!
I tripped over my little 12-lb Tibetan Spaniel the night before last and grabbed a door handle to catch myself so that I wouldn't fall and reinjure my right hand. My left hand twisted and I felt a bone snap in it. BIG ouch!!! Sooooo, now I'm in another cast for the next 6 weeks as the spiral fracture in my 5th metacarpal (long bone in hand below little finger) heals. How ironic, as I'm still in physical therapy for my right hand, which I had surgery on in mid-February!

2014 has been such a negatively eventful year for us thus far. First DD's sorority house burns two nights after they get back from Winter Break. Then she develops an ulcer as a result of all that stress. Next, I injure my right hand, have surgery to repair it and am in a cast with pins through my hand for 6 weeks (extremely painful!!). Three weeks after my surgery, DH has to have emergency surgery for a spontaneous tear in his retina . . . the morning DD was flying home for her Spring Break. Poor thing had to play nursemaid to her two gimpy parents (her words) the entire time! DH's surgery also necessitated him having to cancel 2 weeks of patients while he was home recuperating face down. Finally, I get the pins out and the cast off . . . and DH needs a second eye surgery (2 weeks ago) for a large cataract that formed as a result of the eye trauma from the first surgery.

After his short recuperation from that, we thought that we were finally good to go. We were catching up on our neglected gardens (we have just under three acres) and DD & I were planning on heading to the nursery this morning for another load of plants. DD and I also just bought all the paint and supplies to redo her (new used) desk, chair, headboard and 2 tables before we drive her (and all that furniture) back to college at the end of July. We also have a vacation planned for next month.

And, so here I am, gimped up again in another cast (LOL)! I just really have to keep my sense of humor about the whole thing. I'm going to get a LOT of books read this Summer and get waited on a whole lot, too.

I'm not looking for sympathy. I'm well aware that things could be a whole lot worse. It's just kind of funny and ironic how a chain of events can throw your world upside down. So, I'm going to take it easy and try to find the bright spots in all this.
#1 I didn't have to have surgery or those awful pins this time
#2 I'm not allowed to even attempt any housework for an entire week
#3 DD gets to chauffer me everywhere for at least the next week
#4 I'm going to read my latest book, "Beneath a Marble Sky", in utter peace out here on my shady front portal all day today.
Well, it's a start anyway (LOL)!

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Oh, Lynnâ¦.so, so sorry for your broken hand & for all the rest of it, too. I'm glad your daughter is there to help you. My DD has played nursemaid to me several timesâ¦those DD are the best!

Take care & enjoy that book today! Liz

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Gosh what a run of bad luck for you guys. Maybe you should buy a lottery ticket - your luck has to change at some point!

As an aside - have you had your bone density checked lately? I don't know if there's anything that can be done about it but I'd be worrying.

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I am so sorry to hear this news. How incredibly frustrating! How is your bone density?

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Annie Deighnaugh

Oh wow! Did you break a mirror?

I took a lava rock off the big island of Hawaii and ran into a string of problems including major medical issues for my parents, in laws and DH. I never did send the rock back but remember Pele on the first day of every month. T least I had something to blame for it!

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Oh my goodness, Lynn. I was just thinking about you (and kswl with her shoulder surgery) a few days ago and have been meaning to ask about both of you! So sorry you and your DH have had such things happening. Hope your bad luck has had it's run and things will start to improve! And your hand(s) too!

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I'm sorry too. I know what it's like to break one (not two!). If I never hear "statue of liberty position" again it will be too soon.

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Yikes, that IS unbelievable. So sorry, but you've got a great attitude and some positives all lined up. On the "it could be worse" side...when I had an appt with an ortho surgeon for my own broken ankle, a man came in who had his upper body casted so his arms were raised over his head with a bar between. I think he'd broken both of his shoulders - the only clothing he could wear were overalls with straps that fastened in the front. All the things I thought of that one couldn't do in that position. I hope you are right handed and that it's sufficiently healed that you can at least do a few things with it.

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sorry, double posted.

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Oh, you poor thing. You need some chocolate.

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So sorry to hear this! Why does it seem sometimes that it is one thing after the other?!! Still, your outlook is sooo true. It could be so much worse. Thankfully, the three of you still have your health and all these things that have happened are things that can be taken care of. I like your list of things to do (and not do). Try to enjoy some (more) down time and let others wait on you. And do enjoy the time with your daughter - at least this happened while she is there to help out and to keep you company.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.

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Oh, dear! What are the odds of all that happening within such a short span of time? Thank goodness your DD is there.

Not to make this about me (:)) but a couple of weeks ago, within 36 hours of returning home from the Galapagos, DH and I got sick on the same day at the same time but different illnesses. I was too sick to take him to the ER but fortunately DD happened to be here and took him in where he had an emergency appendectomy. We were SO grateful she could stay and play nursemaid for a few days. But, really, what are the odds??

Wishing you a speedy, uneventful recovery and lots of DD/Mom bonding time:) At least you now know some tricks of dealing with life one-handed:)

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So very sorry to hear about your poor hands -- and your poor DH's eye too! Sheesh!

Yep -- chocolate and wine therapy is needed! :)

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I see a bad moon arisin'! BTW, this Friday the 13th will be a full moon.

I want to know whatever happened to things coming in 3's? Now it's 4, 5, 6, and so on.

I am so sorry this happened to you. Since you're basically the caregiver to everyone, I hope they're stepping up to the plate!

Good idea about stocking up on books. Buy some cute housedresses that you can just slip on and off.

The thing is, you can't predict when you're going to trip over a dog. I tripped over one 3 weeks ago, barely got my footing and tripped over the second one standing next to it. Slight turned ankle was all.

REST! As if you have any choice! :)

I agree about the bone density test.

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Sending healing thoughts to you and your family.

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Oh, Lynn! You need to do something to cleanse all the bad luck out of your lives! I'm not really all woo woo, spiritual but I'd be burning sage like a mad woman after all that!! And throwing salt, spitting or anything else I could think of! Yes, of course it can always be worse (ptoo ptoo ptoo!) but geesh you need a break - no wait - not a break, don't do that again. Wow. I'm going now. ;-)

Hope you heal fast.

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oh my, how unfortunate !!! I can almost not believe it, lol...
keep us posted on your progress and take it easy !!

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You didn't ask for sympathy, but you earned it! My what a PITA! I hope you are all on the mend soon and that 2014 was just a bundling up of minor misfortunes, that will clear the way for like, a 10yr reprieve on bad news!

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Glad you have a good attitude! Sorry about your hand, but if you had carpal tunnel problems, they would all be cured, too!!!


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Oh no!!!
What an unfortunate series of's hoping things look up for you all soon!!

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Well, that just stinks! No fun. Guess you will be forced to take it easy-lie back, read that book, and ring the bell when you desire anything! Someone should come running to refill that glass.

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Lynn, I am so sorry you are "gimped up" again! I wish you a speedy recovery, and am glad to see you've kept your sense of humor and gracious acceptance of the curveballs life throws at us.

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You poor thing! I have a small dog now and try to be aware of where she is. In our old neighborhood we used to feed/play with a friend's cats when they were gone ... I swear those cats were trying to kill me on the stairs!!

Hire a company to come and get the gardens ready, so you can sit outside and enjoy the results.

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Oh my goodness! I am so sorry to hear this news, and after everything else you have been through. I am glad that your daughter is there to help you out, and you do have a great attitude. Rest, enjoy your reading and I hope you have a speedy and uneventful recovery!


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Oh jeez! I sure hope that's the last of the "unthinkables" for a good long time!!!

Feel better soon!

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Ouch! I am sorry you & your family are having such a difficult time. Speedy recovery to all!

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tishtoshnm Zone 6/NM

Oh my, your family has certainly been through the wringer. I do wish you a speedy recovery and admire your pluck!

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Good golly! Hugs to you, Lynn!

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Wow, that's crazy! Wishing you a speedy recovery.

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Thanks for all of your kind words. I'm trying to keep a positive approach to this latest unfortunate accident of mine.

For those who asked, yes, my bone density is very good. My right hand was injured when the ligament tore while I was trying to open a jar. I had surgery in mid-February to reattach it. With this last injury, as I tripped on my little dog, I grabbed into the D-shaped refrigerator handle of my garage fridge with my left hand. My hand snapped backwards and twisted, causing a spiral fracture of the 5th metacarpal bone.

DD is thankfully home from college for the Summer and is taking good care of me. I've already finished, "Beneath a Marble Sky", which is the (wonderful, sad, tragic, amazing, happy and romantic) story behind the building of the Taj Mahal. Loved it! I'm now reading the last Tony Hillerman novel, "The Shape Shifter". My hand is hurting more than I anticipated, but I'm taking good care of it and me.

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How awful! I can't imagine not being able to really use either hand. Just yesterday I heard of a local woman who stepped out of her pickup, missed the curb and broke both feet. That's bad, but not as bad as not being able to even pick up something. I hope you recover quickly.

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So frustrating! I am sorry. Good that you are taking a look at the bright side . . .sometimes forced time off gives us a chance for a new perspective. Sounds like you are making the most of it!

RE: Beneath a Marble Sky, how much of it is non-fiction? Sounds like a great read!

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Uh boy...I think I would spend my summer doing a Lot of reading!

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Chocolate AND wine, Lynn! How about a nice summer Sangria over ice? You poor thing!! Well at least you can still read, if you can hold a book.

I broke my arm at the elbow 6 years ago, and even with 3 Titanium rods, 16 screws, and 6 months of physical therapy, it still has a mind of it's own, doesn't 'want' to go straight and always slightly bent at the elbow. I was 65 and had never broke a bone in my body up until then!

Am sure you're feeling 'antsy', but try to make the most of it, and be thankful it wasn't an arm......or leg!

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Bad luck. Really. I know it feels to watch your parents. They used to do that to YOU. But think about it. with nothing to do, do something you put-off but swore to do later.

Here is a link that might be useful: What to do when bored

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um, wow! so sorry!

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