furniture that was delivered is damaged

jmurph31November 2, 2009

I just had a bedroom set delivered. The dresser that was delivered had damage to the top. It looks like two gouges about 1/2 inch long and they are about as wide as a fingertip that have gone thru the finish into the wood. It looks like the furniture company may have used a crayon to cover it up but you can still tell it is there. The delivery person noted it on the invoice and is sending a service rep. Do you think I am entitled to a replacement or should I expect more of the crayon. The chips are not huge but they are there and I think if they try to use the crayon again well the result will be the same and the crayon cover up is not a permanent fix. I think to fix it right the would have to refinish the whole top.

What is the normal procedure to expect. I personally feel I paid $1900 for it and was thinking I was getting a perfect piece so that is what I want. I don't want a cover up fix that looks... well like a coverup gouge especially paying full price for it. Is this unreasonable or am I being unrealistic? I almost forgot the furniture company's own people delivered the set not a third party shipping company.


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A lot of furniture gets repaired (touched up or deluxed) before the consumer gets it. Few of it is "perfect." It does not matter if it is high end furniture or low end (though low end is often just discarded rather than repaired). The people that trained me worked their way through a high-end manufacturer's finish room and are masters at touch up. Low end furniture is often sub-standard workmanship or transit-damaged when it reaches the last mile.

Rubbing a crayon in the top is not a professional-level repair. It can be well-repaired. You may always see it because you know where to look for it and what it looks like. The casual observer at 5' may not notice that it has been repaired.

I would give them a chance to repair it. You may be surprised. If it's still pretty obvious, you might ask for an allowance.

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My thoughts are if you bought a piece that was not repaired you are due just that....unless they offer an adjustment that makes it OK in your eyes.
But if you are always going to see that repair....send it back.
You bought showroom perfect and that's what you should have.

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You should make things sure first before you have it delivered. and after it has arrived you check it again or else you will have a hard time, there are business men who only goes for money and not thinking about their clients.

Here is a link that might be useful: furniture

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If it was me I would request a new one. Some do fix it so you will never be able to tell and others don't. Been there.

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Never, and I mean Never accept a piece of Furniture that comes with damage....Don't Sign For it. The Shipping companies and the Manufacturers have agreements regarding shipping damage. If you sign they'll treat you like an untouchable, and it will take a tremendous amount of work, and emotion to get your money back.

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toronado3800 Zone 6 StLouis


How did it go?

I'm always curious. Even when I refinish pieces nothing comes out perfect. Naturally a big dent on the corner or scratch in the middle is unacceptable though.

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Well this has not been resolved yet. I am pretty confident it will be resolved shortly. The company sent a repair tech to look at the damage. He was pretty nice and said he would make it look just like new so I let him give it a go. He sanded and used some wood filler and toner and from the top it looked like new. But he was looking at it and said "you know...sometimes you just can't get thing perfect...I can still see the dents when the light hits it just right...I am sure you will see them..I don't like it..I am ordering you a new one." His repair was pretty good...yes I could still see it but it was way better than the crayon repair the driver must have tried. The repairman chatted with me a bit and said the there is no way the piece left the store like that because they look over the pieces with a fine tooth comb. He said the driver's are supposed to inspect the pieces before they leave and do a good job at that because they lose their bonus if they deliver damaged goods. So he was sure the driver must have dinged it taking it off the truck. So I will have to wait a bit for the new one to come in but so far I am happy with how they have handled things. I didn't even have to say I was unhappy with it the way it was or push for a new piece. He seemed to look at it like if it were him and he bought something new it should look new not repaired.

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Glad you are getting a good out come even tho you will have to wait for the new one. Now that is a good repairman, wish they were all like that.

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This type of thing is very common in the UK, I should know I have been assembling furniture for people for ten years now. Basically if there is damage, it is not fit for purpose and you are entitled to get it sorted out or your money back.

As I say I see it a lot, so much so that I have started selling furniture myself, but with a difference. I deliver it, I assemble it and remove the waste packaging, so if there is a problem I can deal with it face to face, and it is going well so far. Also because I deliver it, I take good care of it, because I do not want to give refunds for damage, unlike a courier who will toss it about or drop it because it is too heavy for him, or he has simply too many jobs to squeeze in and is in a rush.

I am not allowed to advertise m business here, but my point is that this is common and people like me are trying to do something about it to give the consumer a better experience.

Edwin Cooke

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you should have refused to take delivery.

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toronado3800 Zone 6 StLouis

By taking delivery the OP had a dresser they could use while waiting for the repair tech and then the new one.

Sure it would have been an issue if the retailer was shady.
Also the tech could have done a substandard job and said it was great.

But in the end this sounds like it turned out fine.

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