Great ideas for children

cherry_kinsOctober 10, 2007


I am a proud parent of five and a granparent of 6 and it soo amazing how the grandkids are such full of energy. It was a good thing that while browsing the internet I saw this site,, giving tips and good ides of outdoor activites for me and the little ones. Through them I got to get loads of ideas and even great suggestions for presents..(it's hard keeping track to what they love these days...can't all kids just love Spiderman? :)) Well here are some sites I found useful:,

Have you heard about them? Hope they are helpful to you as they were to me.

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Haven't heard of these...I'll have to go browsing. Thanks for sharing! Enjoy those littl'uns.

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Thanks! I'm looking through the sites now and really like what I see!

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