Remembrance Tree

jacksmumJanuary 2, 2005

At a craft forum I belong to a lady wanted to set up little Christmas trees that could be used all year around with photos and mementos of lost loved one. She asked if anyone could write a poem to go with the trees that she was giving to friends. I thought it was a lovely idea - similar to Lulie's Christmas tree for Christin but on a smaller scale.

Anyway I'd like to share my poem here in the hope someone can use it.

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What a neat idea! Just the poem itself was enough to make me have the photos "flash" in my head of loved ones no longer with me. For those not wishing to put the traditional tree up at Christmas time, this could be one made of memories, and maybe even kept up all year. Thanks!
Emma in PA

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I like your poem and see how it will be helpful. I still have a lot of crying I Need to do so maybe later....

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Very nice idea. Sue, your poem is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

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Thank You.
Carol I sometimes wonder if the tears ever do stop. Even 5 years down the track I still sometimes just burst into tears for no other reason than I'm missing my Dad.
Sue :)

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No, I don't think the tears will ever stop....but hopefully I won't have to cry so much every day.... I started back to work along ok....and cried all the way home. Today it snowed and that reminds me of Aaron. I can't bear to think of him under the snow instead of skiing......

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