Marmoleum vs VCT

upstaterenoJune 19, 2014

We're renovating the kitchen in our very old house. We'd really love a Marmoleum floor, but with everything else we have to do (removing several layers of flooring, entire ceiling, etc etc), the MCT tiles are a bit of a budget stretch. Considering Armstrong VCT, instead: also fun colors, fairly easy install.

Thoughts on these two types of flooring? Thanks!

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We installed Marmoleum Click in our old house kitchen and really like it. It is quiet, and has a softness about it that feels good to stand on. I would say that you need to have level floors for this product though. I looked at Armstrong but wanted the "greenness" of Marmoleum.

We did the kitchen completely DIY, which included removing a wall and pulling up the layers of flooring, building an island, installing all the new appliances, electrical, plumbing, etc. We spent about $16,000. It is just a perfect kitchen in our opinion.

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Thanks for the response. I've heard Click isn't so good for kitchens--what's your thought on that? Considering the amount of prep for the tiles, we're thinking Click might actually be the less expensive option. Glad to hear your kitchen reno was completely DIY! And that you survived (five days into demo...and I want to scream!).

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The older version of Click was not sealed enough for kitchens. The new version not only has a sealer on it, but has a very tight fit. We have had no problems.

Five days into our reno I thought that we had made a BIG mistake starting it! Hang in there - it will get better.

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Marmoleum Click makes a great floor. I just did this install. You do need a stable and flat underlayment. There is a product called revolution ply that runs about $15.00 a 4x8 sheet that might serve your purpose.

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We have sheet Marmoleum in our kitchen and downstairs bath, but they were not DIY. I love the stuff, though. We have VCT in our laundry room and are putting it in an art studio. For my kitchen, I'd definitely spring for the Marmoleum, though! It feels so nice underfoot and cleans up easily.

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