Gift ideas?

dancingOctober 28, 2002

Our grandson will soon be 5 and we want to give him a gift that he can enjoy over and over again. He loves to take things apart and reassemble them (not always ending up the way the item started). He is gregarious and enthusiastic about most things and we want to foster his curiosity and problem solving tendencies. We appreciate all ideas and suggestions. Thanks!

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Look for toys appropiate to his age. At that age, my GK's liked floor puzzles. Books, puzzles, duplos (like lego), poster paints. If he likes reading etc, I gave my GK's a subscription to Big Back yard and then Ranger Rick. (from National Wildlife ( You can go to a library to see what kind of children's magazines are avaiable. this is something he can receive each month and they really look forward to this.

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Our grandson is now 9 but he was introduced to K'Nex at a family wedding - a small kit to build a truck in his treat bag (all the kiddies got a treat bag to see them through the long and boring speeches). Well he built that kit quickly with the really excellent directions - pictures & little text. And since then he has devoured the new kits - bigger and better - as they come out. Last years kit was the screaming roller coaster complete with action parts. Start small and if he does not like it - not a great loss.

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Leapfrog makes wonderful interactive toys that both teach and entertain, and they are for all age groups. You can get a good idea of what they have at this site.

Here is a link that might be useful: Leapfrog toys

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Thank you all for the ideas - some are already well used and others are new. I am going to start looking/shopping as soon as I end this message. End!!!!

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