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shadeyNovember 12, 2010


My couch is pleasing to the eye and comfortable for me, but my husband finds that the back is too straight (goes straight up -- almost 90 degree angle on the back) and the cusions stick out a bit far so he can't really sink in.

It was pricey and I like it ... but I gotta make it work for hubby. Can I have the cusions remade in a wedge form or something to make it more comfy? Would I talk to an upholster about this?



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Shadey, I have a sofa with sort of a similar back. It came with pretty large 26 x 26 (Euro) style loose cushions. They overlapped each other a bit. What I did was to order 20x20 softer cushions with zip-off covers so that the back was softer.

I think a wedge shape would be firmer and not give the kind of look YOU like, nor would it give the comfortable sink-into feeling that your DH is looking for. Here is a shot of the sofa we have, sort of a British West Indies style. I like it because I can whip off those covers and wash them, and I can also make easy slip covers for myself.

In this pic, I had a blanket on the bottom cushion because of our two small dogs. That bench style cushion also zips off for washing, and is the same fabric as the back cushions.

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