bathroom flooring need help with leveling post hardibacker instal

Time2recreateJune 14, 2012

I am installing 20" porcelain tile in my bathroom to a house we just moved into. The carpet was removed and the floor allowed to dry from it...yuk! I removed all the staples and cleared out the glue from padding. The floor was level. I put thinset and used 1/4" trowel at 45 degree angle. I mixed the whole bag to make sure of the proper mix I've ever had, nice and smooth. Put down the hardibacker. (day before layed out all out for proper cuts so it would be a straight layout when using thinset). After screwing it all in yesterday, today, being less exhausted, I am noticing that the sides are not level in one place on between two sheets. Can I use more thinset on top of the cement boards and work it the same as I would on a wall? Or do I have a bigger problem?

Thanks for any help anyone has to offer.

The room is a little over 100 sq feet

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How far off?

The bedding layer or the tile can take care of small errors.

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1/16-3/32 of an inch

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You skipped over the most important part. What was the subfloor and what condition was it in? How thick are the joists and what are their spacing under that subfloor? Did you calculate the deflection of what's there before just applying the backerboard? If you had water damage with the carpet, it may have damaged the joists under the subfloor and you may need to repair that before proceeding. Or, the joists may just not be supportive enough to be able to install the tile you envision without adding additional thickness and cross bracing to them.

Begin again at Point A. Assess the structural situation first.

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